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Frequent Fry HerTM
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Age: 38        MIL Age: 66


frequent fry her - 20YRhitch
Frequent Fry Her TM - 20YRhitch /Posted: 16-SEP-04
My MIL is a narcissistic monster who has had 3 different plastic surgeries.  She says, "I see," to everything, and has never given me any support as a DIL.  I sometimes think that it's because my DH is the black sheep (by the way, he is normal and makes a great living for me and my 2 daughters).  I don't understand how to get through to her that she needs to make up with her son, and respect him and what we have achieved.  Now that she and FIL have moved into the area and I have ticked them off permanently, DH will be not included during the holiday gatherings of the lemmings.  I can't write her or call.  She hangs up, erases my messages, and will not read whatever we send her.  You see, we were invited to everything before BIL #2 came along, and now we are "out" of the family.

        Signed - 20YRhitch

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frequent fry her - 20YRhitch, 4 of 4 needed
Frequent Fry Her TM - 20YRhitch, 4 of 4 needed /Posted: 15-SEP-04
MIL has decided, in their retirement years, that she and FIL should move back to our area, to a NEW condo (w/mortgage), to be with their grandchildren.  My kids are 18 and 16, so I think she means the 2 and 5 year olds from 2 of the lemming siblings.  It could be for the oldest sibling's children, because his kids are 15, 11 , and 8 years old.  The eldest is a strange, butt kissing lemming, but his wife can be cool.  Anyway, MIL asked if she could use our address to receive her pay stubs, and dumb me thought nothing of it and said ok.  We found out that it was a tax dodge, and DH told her to stop.  Drunk FIL called and yelled @ DH, and I called MIL and told her to change her address to her real one.  Otherwise, if she doesn't, I said that I will call the state where she really lives and tell them.  It's always about $$$, it's always about what the Joneses think.  Even now, her children are things to be shown and bragged about.  I feel bad, now all the lemmings won't speak to DH.  She ruins his relationships with his brothers and sister over $$$.

        Signed - 20Year Hitch

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frequent fry her - 20YRhitch, 3 of 4 needed
Frequent Fry Her TM - 20YRhitch, 3 of 4 needed /Posted: 14-SEP-04
A little story about SIL.  She is the mess up, all families have them.  When she was married, she cheated with her very old landlord and conceived a little girl.  MIL thinks that the sun rises and sets on her daughter, after all, they wore mother/daughter dresses together.  SIL was really just trying to sweeten her $$$ with the landlord.  He had much more $$$ than SIL's 1st DH (poor guy).  DH called the landlord a controller, master manipulator (the guy worked on the barter system - I do this for you, now you owe me for life system).  DH and I decided never to say anything to him.  Well, we were not invited to the wedding of SIL and the landlord.  MIL thought that that was just fine, for the new DH could take care of SIL with $$$, and then MIL and FIL wouldn't have to.  Well, DH2 died 6 months later, and DH and I had to got to the funeral.  We were invited to that, and the family was acting like a family again, until I told her where to put it.

        Signed - 20 YEAR Hitch

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frequent fry her - 20YRhitch, 2 of 4 needed
Frequent Fry Her TM - 20YRhitch, 2 of 4 needed /Posted: 13-SEP-04
MY MIL grew up wealthy and spoiled.  So, when she was raising her children in a less monetarily privileged household, she tortured them.  Everything had to be "just so", and the children were to be perfect.  She went as far as to choose their majors in college for them - talk about pushy.  She made them get GS Loans, and sent them off to college, expecting them to just do it in 4 years.  Three out of five couldn't.  Why?  Because she wasn't there to tell them what to do, feed them, or dress them.  MIL had a housekeeper when she raised them (out of character for the world in which they were living!).  Now, as adults, her children are lemmings.  They all behave and never speak up to their mother, except DH, the black sheep.  But he has mellowed over the years, and I have taken up the slack.  I've earned it after 20 years of "keeping up with the lemmings."

        Signed - 20 Year Hitch

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frequent fry her - 20YRhitch, 1 of 4 needed
Frequent Fry Her TM - 20YRhitch, 1 of 4 needed /Posted: 10-SEP-04
I married DH in 1985.  I don't know where he got his good sense from.  It's not from MIL or FIL.  It must have skipped a generation.  At that time, MIL was divorced from FIL, and he was remarried to someone (totally) unacceptable to the family.  AH, the family - apples don't fall far from the parental tree, so maybe my DH is from another orchard.  Anyway, a week after we eloped, MIL sent DH a ticket to go to Thanksgiving dinner at her house.  1 ticket.  DH went, but he came home days early.  She drives him crazy.  We had baby later the next year.  MIL came to visit.  She wasn't sure whether or not she wanted to be called "grandma".  MIL's sister clued us in that MIL didn't give "us" 5 years afterward.  It is now almost 20.  So, when we got out of the military (which DH WAS NOT supposed to join), we came back to the midwest.  SMIL (FIL's wife) died after a couple of years, and MIL remarried FIL 3 months later.  Big wedding, orient express honeymoon, and all that life insurance money down the hole.  MIL sold her paid off home, and bought a more expensive home.  Then, she lost her job ($$$$$).  She then moved to another state, where she was making $$$$ before, to live with old friends (who ignored us at the $$ wedding).  Good thing we had cushion!!!!

        Signed - 20YRhitch

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