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Frequent Fry HerTM
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F MI Life!
Age: 28       MIL Age: 64

frequent fry her - FMIL Frequent Fry Her TM. - FMIL, 1 of 4 needed/Posted: 17-OCT-15
We were invited over for a "home cooked meal" (*twitch* - you know what they're getting at) with DD (she was about 3 months old at the time). We had a couple of "hiccups" while there (like grabbing, which I calmly deflected, and singing WAY TOO UPBEAT right before baby's bedtime, but I switched to a gentler activity). Other than that, it was going well. No major issues.

MIL said dinner was about ready, and asked DH if we wanted to put DD's bouncy chair ON TOP of an armless wooden chair. He said no (good job, DH). She came to me anyway to ask the SAME QUESTION. WTF? Hearing it's a dangerous idea from your son once wasn't enough? You go behind one parent's back to suggest it again to the other so you can look at her angrily all throughout dinner time? How in the world did your children survive? And . . .

        Signed - I'm Supposed To Trust You To Babysit?!
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frequent fry her - FMIL Frequent Fry Her TM. - FMIL, 2 of 4 needed/Posted: 17-OCT-15
Not her worst offense, but I need to vent. Every time we visit, she crowds in closer and closer as we leave. When it was just DH and me, they said goodbye inside, and we had the walk to the car to decompress. On our first visit with DD, they came to the driveway and stood behind us as I loaded the car with DD watching them the whole time, looking over my shoulder. The next time, MIL was breathing down my neck as I strapped DD int her car seat. Most recently (I kid you not), she was banging on DD's window as we drove away. It was like DD was a fish in a tank and MIL was . . .

        Signed - The Kid Who Can't Read The Sign
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frequent fry her - FMIL Frequent Fry Her TM. - FMIL, 3 of 4 needed/Posted: 17-OCT-15
MIL was always on our case about baby names and gender. She did this incessantly, in spite of the fact that we told her, every single time, that we weren't going to be letting anybody know in advance. I did not want the "what'll it be" cake for the baby shower. It was not going to be a gender reveal. So, of course while I am at the party MIL said, "So, boy or girl?"

I kept my last name, and we gave it to our daughter. Unconventional yes. But, we used MILs middle name as DD's middle name, as a nod to their family. DH had already told MIL that. But, when we were alone, she had to hear it again I guess? "SOOO tell me DD's middle name . . . ???" I wanted to tell her it was the name of a nice homeless lady we met at the soup kitchen. Actually, now I wish that instead of picking MIL's middle name after MIL, we really had named her after . . .

        Signed - Vagabond Kate
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frequent fry her - FMIL Frequent Fry Her TM. - FMIL, 4 of 4 needed/Posted: 17-OCT-15
Not five days after my daughter was born, MIL HAD to come over. I had just kicked my mom and grandmother out, after a five minute visit, for being too grabby and entitled. (I had "mama bear syndrome" BAD). So DH spoke with her. She said she'd be fine with just coming over, whether she helped with baby or not. "It's ok if your house is a mess! I don't mind!" (*twitch* - calm down hormones).

I was thankful for the opportunity to get a little help, due to my dislocated hip. So, I agreed. I planned to save bath time for her as a thank you. Grandparents love that sh!t. MIL arrived, and I said, "Ok, DD just went down for a nap. That gives us about 10 minutes to set up." (oh, the early days!). MIL ignored me and got up reaaaal close to DD's face and started talking baby talk with googly eyes (*twitch*). I set up by myself.

MIL got to hold DD for the whole bath. My mother and grandmother had not yet had a chance to hold DD. When the bath was done, DD peed a little. But I had wipes, so I went to put her in her diaper. MIL said, "Rinse her off again, now that she's peed!" (*twitch* - chill out momma).

When the bath was done, MIL left the restroom first. She turned around and blocked my path, saying, "So??" Then, she tried to grab DD out of my arms! (*panic/step back*). At that moment, DH and FIL walked in. I had never heard anything like the shrieking tone that left MIL's lips just then. "She won't let me hold her!!" (*panicpanicpanic*). FIL saved the day temporarily, saying, "That's ok." (*relief* breaaaathe momma).

When MIL left, though, she came over to me while I was seated. She got right in my face, grabbed my knees, and shook them side to side while she growled, "Next. Time. You. Need. To. Let. Me. Hold. Her." Helloooo??

        Signed - Breaaaathe Momma
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