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Frequent Fry HerTM
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MIL Age: 38

frequent fry her - SEA_2,  1 of 4 needed Frequent Fry Her TM. - SEA_2, 1 of 4 needed/Posted: 19-SEP-06
DH and I were still dating at this time and he was learning how to drive.  DH was a little late in getting his permit, but that wasn't a big deal.  Since he lived with MIL, she was the one to teach him how to drive.  They would make the 30 minute drive to my house to pick me up every weekend.  It was one such weekend and I was sitting quietly in the back seat, because MIL had said that I had to be really quiet so DH could concentrate.  I began to notice that MIL would tell DH what things to do as he needed to do them, which caused him a great deal of stress because she would usually tell him in quick little bursts.  He was already afraid of driving because of all the wrecks he had been in with MIL in the past.  We were going over an overpass and MIL wanted DH to switch lanes.  She directed him to check the rearview mirror and then each side view mirror and when to turn the blinker on.  We had been trying to change lanes for well over 3 minutes and DH was becoming annoyed that each time he was told to change, MIL would change her mind and tell him not to.  Eventually he took it upon himself figure out when to change lanes.  He checked everything and even his blind spot, and then started to change lanes.  He was doing it just fine when suddenly MIL started screaming and grabbing the dashboard, yelling at him to stop and get back in his lane.  This caused quite a mess.  DH started asking why she did that and she yelled at him to not raise his voice, when he hadn't.  She was screaming at him that he should NEVER change lanes on an overpass.  DH and I wondered where on earth she got this little bit of information.  Because of that little outburst DH was even more scared of driving because his getting back into his lane so quickly almost caused us to hit another car that had sped up in our place.  That's not the end of it.  As DH continued his driving education the car they drove had gotten worse.  The brakes didn't always work correctly, so one would have to pump them and give plenty of time to make the stop.  MIL still told DH what to do as he needed to do it, and now that the brakes were messed up, every time DH had to slow down MIL would chant, "break, break, break, break," letting him know each time that DH should push the brakes.  All of this was becoming ridiculous since DH was a perfectly good driver.  He could have taken the test any time, but MIL insisted that he didn't know how to drive until she told him that he knew, and that's a direct quote.  Thanks to MIL's bad teaching, which was only a distraction to DH as he drove, he was distracted at a crucial moment one day as another car decided to run a stop sign after only looking one way.  The car was wrecked and DH is too terrified to even start learning how to drive again.

        Signed - Quietly Waiting In The Back Seat
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frequent fry her - SEA_2 of 4 needed Frequent Fry Her TM. - SEA_2, 2 of 4 needed/Posted: 19-SEP-06
Back when I was still dating my DH, my DM let it be known to me that she would not take me all the way up the hill just to spend a few hours with my DH.  I told him this and it wasn't long before he accepted MIL's proposal for him to move in with her.  I felt awful.  DH told me that he swore to himself long ago that he would never live with her again.  I knew how much he disliked her, and yet he was still doing this just to be closer to me.  DH and MIL moved into an old one room cabin with a basement in a central part of town.  DH would stay in the basement and MIL would be upstairs.  Things seemed to go fine at first.  Then, as MIL became more settled with everything, she began to ask DH to wake her up in the morning.  MIL had a problem of going to bed late and sleeping all day if left alone.  In the mornings I would take my DM to work and then go visit my DH.  He would quietly let me in and then proceed to wake MIL up, since it was time.  By the time he started asking her to get up, I would be downstairs waiting for him.  I'd hear MIL groan and tell DH that she was getting up.  In fact, many times she would sit up and have whole conversations with DH and even get up and walk around.  DH would then come downstairs and we would watch something together.  Hours would pass and it would now be almost noon, and suddenly we'd hear the bed upstairs move around and then a gasp.  A banging noise would then follow, followed by hurried heavy footsteps.  MIL was supposed to have been at work at 9 am.  I constantly felt sorry for the little old disabled woman whom she took care of.  Instead of immediately getting ready and leaving, MIL would pull open the trap door and yell down to DH, "Why didn't you wake me up?" in a very whiny voice.  DH would tell her that he had, and that she even got up out of bed for a while.  She would then proceed to yell at him that he needed to make sure that she was awake and not leave her alone until she was.  Then a small argument would start because DH would ask her how he was supposed to know that she was not fully awake when she was up and walking around.  It would be another 30 minutes of MIL yelling at DH and the whole time she would say, over and over again, that she didn't have time for this.  DH and I would shake our heads a lot and say to each other, "If she didn't have time to argue, why would she start?"  These little morning escapades grew increasingly worse.  It got to the point that MIL would make DH go upstairs where she would continue yelling and cursing at him about how he had to make sure that she was awake.  I once I heard him shout.  It shocked me because DH is calm to the point of almost being inhuman.  After a while MIL started to learn that when she woke up late, it was her own fault.  So she would stomp around upstairs crying out, "I don't have time for this!" or cursing as loud as she could and stomping her foot on the floor.  It didn't take long before DH told her that he would never wake her up again.

        Signed - Not A Morning Person
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frequent fry her - SEA_2,  3 of 4 needed Frequent Fry Her TM. - SEA_2, 3 of 4 needed/Posted: 19-SEP-06
As I was growing up my DM made sure to teach all her children good manners, table and social.  We use them all the time, especially when meeting new people.  A year after I started dating my DH he suddenly told me that his DM was in town.  This sent me on red alert because of the horror stories that he's told me about her.  DM wanted to meet him for Easter and I don't want him to go alone.  We agreed to meet her at a local ice cream shop's parking lot just down the road from where we'd be that day.  As my DH and I were walking up, MIL got out of the truck and came towards us, arms out and crying.  She said that she was so happy to see us together.  After introductions were finished, we got into the truck and she took us to a run down motel where she was staying.  As DH and I were sitting on the bed, she was pulling out cold ham that she had bought from the store and she was putting already made rolls in the oven.  It wasn't long before they started burning.  The meal wasn't bad.  It was small and I knew that she didn't have much money at the time.  She was horribly nice to me and laughed a lot.  She didn't seem at all like my DH had described.  But he also told me that she always appeared nice to everyone at first.  MIL had talked DH into staying the night with her, so she took only me back to my house.  The very next day I was with DH again and he told me that as soon as I had gotten out of the car, MIL started complaining about me.  She went on and on about how I was disrespectful and rude.  I never thanked her for anything she did or said, and I never said please.  That made me angry.  I took every precaution to be as nice and polite as I could be.  She hadn't shown a mean side, so why should I not be polite?  It was evident from the start that she didn't want me in DH's life.

        Signed - Miss Manners
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frequent fry her - SEA_2,  4 of 4 needed Frequent Fry Her TM. - SEA_2, 4 of 4 needed/Posted: 22-SEP-06
Once, when my DH and I were dating, I stayed over at his house for the weekend.  During that time I was sitting on the couch looking out the window, and I happened to see the dog doing something ridiculous.  I commented lightly about what he was doing, and MIL stopped what she was doing at the stove and looked at me.  She then said, "Why do you not like (the dog's name)?"  I replied, "Because he always acts stupid."  It was true.  The poor dog had been raised improperly, and so he thought that he could do whatever he wanted.  If you tried to call him to you, he ran away as if it was one big game, and it got worse if you tried to catch him.  MIL exercises him by letting him run next to the car as she drives down a mostly quiet road.  So, of course, it wasn't her fault when she couldn't get him to get in the car almost every time and he only chased after it or ran next to it if she used it to try and catch him.  Anyway, when I made the comment about the dog, she flipped out!  I have no idea why.  She just started yelling and screaming at me.  My then BF was in the bathroom trying to get ready for work, so he heard everything.  She walked over to me and started getting in my face, calling me a little snot and a b!tch.  It's hard to remember what exactly she said because of the trauma that I suffered from it all.  She was mentioning how I called one of the cats a priss (which the cat was, because she acted all aloof - but I didn't mean it in a disgusted sort of way).  She was just basically yelling at me and calling me names, and saying how I'm a cold-hearted b!tch and that I don't love anyone but myself.  I just stood there glaring at her, unable to say anything because if I did, it would make matters worse.  I was even angrier when my BF came out of the bathroom and said nothing as he put on his shoes, and his mother continued to talk down to me.  When they left, I called my friend and had her come and get me.  When she got back, I was still waiting for my friend and I had my bag with me.  She looked at the bag and at me with wide, insane eyes and said, "Are you leaving?"  I told her that I was, and she said, "GOOD!  I don't want to see your face anymore.  You're such a little snot!  Only caring about yourself.  You probably don't even love my son!"  I came very close to giving her a black eye then.  I get very angry when people question my feelings for DH.  I stayed at my friend's house that night, crying most of the time.  I had so much pent up anger that it was making me go crazy.  I had so much that I wanted to tell MIL and I couldn't, because she would flip out and either attack me or call the police and say that I had threatened her.  When I got back the next day, I didn't want anything to do with her.  I stood behind my BF and his friends.  They had heard about everything, yet stood close as well (which made me really happy because they had at one time expressed their hate for me).  MIL talked to us all in a calm and very sugary sweet voice, and then had the nerve to talk to me.  She said, "You can come out from behind him honey.  I'm not going to bite.  I am so sorry for what I said last night."  I might've forgiven her if she hadn't called me names.  My dad used to yell at my sisters and me like that (without the name calling), and would apologize a day later.  I was tired of it.  For days after the incident I would sit on the computer, or read, or get into the tub and suddenly burst out into tears.  I didn't feel sad or depressed, but for some reason I was crying.  It was driving me nuts.  It started to be that it was becoming hard for me to function.  I didn't want to do anything; eat, sleep, read, etc., and I just kept crying!  It would have never happened like that if I could have just stood up to her.  But she gets really insane when she gets angry.  If it wasn't for confidentiality, I would tell you the horror stories of what she did to my DH when he was a child.

        Signed - MIL Driving Me Crazy
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