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Frequent Fry HerTM
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Angel Face
Age: 24       MIL Age: 45
South Texas

frequent fry her - Angel Face 1 of 4 needed Frequent Fry Her TM. - Angel Face, 1 of 4 needed/Posted: 20-APR-02
About 4 months after DH and I got married, he got orders (he's in the military) for temporary duty in Saudi Arabia.  He would be gone all summer (approximately 4 months).  That, in itself, was bothersome, but we had also made plans to have his sister come stay with us for a while over the summer.  SIL missed her big brother and this was like her vacation.  So, I decided that she could come anyway, but that we needed to cut back on how long she would be here.  Originally, it was for 2 months.  I told DH to make it 2 weeks.  Apparently, they adjusted the time frame, but not enough.  I did not know until after they bought plane tickets that she was coming for 6 weeks.  Believe me, that is a LONG dang time to have a teenager, who you barely know, living in your house!  Then, MIL started calling me every other day to give me instructions about how to care for SIL when she got there.  Now, when you were 15, did you need someone to remind you to brush your teeth or take a shower?  I didn't.  Also, I was somehow designated as the shoulder to cry on, and she would literally go on for hours about how glad she was to be getting rid of SIL, how she was just gonna strangle her every day, and how glad she was to unload her on me, etc., etc.  Ok, so I was starting to get annoyed and nervous about this visit.  I wanted a nice, relaxing summer, and now MIL was sending me the teen from he!!?  AAAgh!  So, she got here with $100 spending money - for 6 weeks!!!!!!  That wouldn't even pay for a visit to a souvenir shop and an amusement park ticket, much less the movies, the miniature golf, etc., that she wanted to do.  Thankfully my family has a house on a lake, so we went up there and swam and did water stuff (for FREE!).  Then, remember that she was here for 6 weeks, and MIL never called her - SIL always called long distance, on my phone, to talk to the ILs.  And, SIL immediately pissed off my family and friends when she got here - she was not mature (or smart) enough to know when to keep her big mouth shut, and MIL was too stupid to realize that SIL would repeat her words like a parrot!!! SIL immediately started telling people, "My mother said you ----," and saying very rude things to people.  She told my sister (who was a teen mom), "My mom says you are to have absolutely no influence on me while I am here."  Then, she hit my mother up for wedding pictures, "My mother says that she hasn't gotten any wedding pictures yet, and I am supposed to get them from you and take them home."  Remember, the whole "no contribution to the wedding thing"?  My mother was pissed!!!!  She was just saying and doing rude things.  And, she had no clue about what was appropriate to talk about.  She was telling one of my cousins about her grandfather who died of a heart attack while having sex with her grandmother.  Would you tell that to people you had just met????  And, this girl was obviously not much of a thinker.  You could tell that she was just spouting what she heard at home.  It REALLY pissed me off.  How DARE that woman say such things about me or my family????  I forgave SIL because of age and stupidity, but MIL got no such waiver.  By the time I got rid of SIL, I had hives from her 3 times, had nipped several fights with my sister in the bud, and was ready to blow up my MIL!  Plus, the ILs did not (at that time) know that DH and I smoked.  I was gonna quit while SIL was here, but that plan flew right out the window once she got here!  J  So, once she went home, I got this irate call from my MIL, chewing me out for not taking better care of her "baby" (remember, before she was the devil's child?), and for exposing her to horrible things like my family (the teenagers are all allowed to drink - supervised, but underage), and smoking (my sister and I), and sex (don't know where that one came from), etc., etc., etc.  Then, she was gonna lecture me on smoking - which I just cut off right there.  Then, she started chewing me out, because DH hasn't called her enough from Saudi.  Like that's my fault!!!  He gets one call a week for about 15 minutes.  And, sorry, but he wants to call his wife, not his mother.  I was even telling him to call his mother, and he refused!  What else can I do?  She wouldn't accept that he has new priorities, and that I am now more important than she is!  Anyway, after that blow up, we did not speak until after DH got home.  Thank GOD!!!!

        Signed - She Thinks She Should Still Be #1!!!!

( I want my own Frequent Fry Her TM Page )

RESPONSE:  She Thinks She Should Still Be #1!!!!
Oh boy!  I have a 16 year old niece who is also so annoying.  She goes on and on about herself.  The world revolves around her!  She is so annoying.  Her brother (14 years old) is so bossy.  Meanwhile, my MIL always favors those snobby brats!  Anyway, my husband is just starting to dislike them.  Yahoooo!  Finally, he realized how rude and f-stupid his family could be.

frequent fry her - Angel Face 2 of 4 needed Frequent Fry Her TM. - Angel Face, 2 of 4 needed/Posted: 20-APR-02
OK, so the ILs showed up for the wedding, and we had the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner.  All went pretty well.  Of course, my mom got extremely ill at rehearsal.  It turned out she had the flu, and they had to take her to the emergency room instead of the rehearsal dinner.  Now, MIL had never met my mom, and so this wasn't the greatest first meeting.  My mom was deathly ill, and MIL deathly rude.  So, I was supposed to be spending the night at my mother's house, and DH, the IL's, and some of his friends from out of town, were all at my house.  So, MIL and SIL were supposed to come, the morning of the wedding, to the hall and help us decorate.  I showed up, at the butt crack of dawn, at my house (after going to bed at, like, 3 am, and sleeping for a total of 3 hours, maybe) to pick up MIL and SIL.  And, MIL had just decided to not go, without informing me.  SO, I had gotten up extra early, and driven across town to get them, and they weren't even going!!!!  So, later in the day, when we got to the church, and we're all (bridesmaids, mom, MIL, etc.) in the bridal room adding finishing touches, I noticed that SIL (then 15) was not ready.  She didn't have her dress on, and her hair was not finished.  I was in a fog.  I looked at my maid of honor, and she just shrugged.  I looked back, and MIL was standing in front of the mirror (refusing to share) doing her hair.  Now, my mom had ALWAYS made sure her daughters were ready to go before she got ready, so I thought that was really rude.  Then, the photographer took me outside to do some pictures, and so my maid of honor said (nicely) to MIL (who has absolutely refused to speak to any of them), "We are so happy for S and DIL - they are going to be so happy together!"  MIL replied, "Ha!  I give it a year," and turned her back on my maid of honor.  Of course, I didn't hear about this until later.

        Signed - Made 2 Years So Far, You B!tch!!!!

( I want my own Frequent Fry Her TM Page )

RESPONSE:  Made 2 Years So Far, You B!tch!!!!
Good for you.  That's the best thing you could have done - waiting all this time, and now rubbing it in her face!!

frequent fry her - Angel Face 3 of 4 needed Frequent Fry Her TM. - Angel Face, 3 of 4 needed/Posted: 20-APR-02
When my DH and I found out we were pregnant, we excitedly called his parents to tell them the great news!  His dad couldn't wait to be a grandpa.  Well, MIL didn't even stay on the phone to hear the news.  As soon as she spilled all her "news" (church gossip, her part time job gossip, and her school gossip), she said good-bye and hung up the phone.  Then, we told FIL, and he yelled at her to get back on the phone and hear our news - she couldn't.  She was too busy dust busting the front entryway!!!  Geez!  Now, of course, she calls me periodically, on the pretense of asking me how I am, and how my doctor's appointments have been going.  What she really wants to do is to lecture me on how I should do everything - from eating - to delivery - to breastfeeding "advice".  She recently informed me that real women (like her) have drug-free labor, and that if I do have drugs, it will damage the baby, and I will be a bad mother <sigh> .  Gimme a break!!!!  Plus, she goes on and on about how she breastfed each of her 3 kids until they wanted to stop - the youngest until he was 4!!!  Now, everyone is different, but I, personally, am not going to breastfeed that long!!!!  She just drives me crazy, and she has seriously brainwashed DH.  I am having to constantly change his mind on things, because he thinks we should do it that way because MIL did <sigh> .  I wish aliens would kidnap this woman!!!!  But, I swear they would toss her back 2.5 seconds after they picked her up!!!

        Signed - Even Aliens Wouldn't Want Her!!!

( I want my own Frequent Fry Her TM Page )

RESPONSE:  Even Aliens Wouldn't Want Her!!!
Your MIL should not interfere.  But, for your information, there is nothing wrong with breastfeeding a baby till he is four!  Nursing reduces juvenile diabetes, childhood cancer, breast-cancer, and a lot more.  You should consider breast-feeding.  You will bond to your baby, and it is so healthy for baby (and the mommy).

RESPONSE:  Even Aliens Wouldn't Want Her!!!
Tell MIL that you and your Dr. have it covered.  You don't need her advice while you're pregnant, because your Dr. is handling everything just fine.  That "might" shut her up.  If you have not picked a pediatrician, I am assuming you are planning to interview them?  I interviewed 3.  I liked all 3, but then I chose one because I just thought that Dr. was wonderful.  I brought a list of questions, asked them, and discussed my views with the Dr., etc., etc.  It was a great time for my DH to learn a lot by just listening.  And, it stopped MIL from convincing DH to do it "her" way,  since he was involved with the pediatrician along with me.  In fact, he had a couple concerns, like how often the Dr. gives antibiotics.  He asked his questions, was satisfied with the Dr.'s answers, and he felt like he, I, and the Pediatrician had it under control.  DH just ignored Mommy Dearest from that point on.  You might try that.

frequent fry her - Angel Face 4 of 4 needed Frequent Fry Her TM. - Angel Face, 4 of 4 needed/Posted: 20-APR-02
OK, MIL is obsessive-compulsive!!!  And, a clean FREAK.  And I mean a freak.  Here's the story:  Last April, we went to visit the IL's on the west coast.  We were staying for 2 weeks (you never realize how long that is until you are away from your home that long!!).  We got there about 4 a.m., after driving straight through - about an 18 hour drive.  I was exhausted.  The whole family woke up to welcome us, and herded us into the kitchen, where MIL sat us down and proceeded to cook breakfast!  At 4 a.m.!!!!  I was soooo tired, I couldn't even see.  So, I went to bed.  Of course I couldn't sleep, because MIL was vacuuming!!!  Here's the deal: The ILs have a tree in the front yard that was starting to bud.  This tree shed little white papery-looking shells (that the bud had been in until they sprouted).  Well, apparently DH and I (or rather ME, since DH knew to wipe his feet thoroughly before going in the house) had tracked these little white things into the house.  MIL couldn't wait till the real morning - she had to clean them up right then!  Of course, they remarked the next day that I was so rude and went to bed when they haven't seen us in so long, and that I needed to wipe my feet before coming into the house.  Whatever.  Also, I learned quickly that there is a method to showering in their house - it's a box shower.  You take the extra floor mat and drape it so that it catches all the water from the door of the shower.  Then, you shower.  Then, you squeegee the door (both sides) before getting out, and then you pick up the wet mat and hang it up on the bar above the toilet to dry <sigh> .  The next day was warm, and the whole family decided that we should get in the hot tub.  Of course, the one thing I had not brought with us was a bathing suit.  So, I was talking to DH about how he should go to Wal-Mart and buy me one.  But, oh no, MIL has one I can borrow.  Oh, God.  So, we went to her room, and she eyed me up and down.  And, then she said, "Hhmmmm.  I hope I have something that will fit you." (she mistakenly thinks she is 19 years old - not a forty-something mother and soon to be grandma!).  Then, she got all of her suits out and started sorting them.  She'd look at a suit, then look at me and say, "Don't think so."  She picked up a 2 piece, looked at me, and kind of giggled and threw it back in the drawer.  I was so pissed by that time that I finally just grabbed a suit.  Now, she is not some tiny little thing.  She's about 5'7" and she's slender, but in no way is she thin.  I am about 5'5" and athletic looking - not fat, but with muscle and a bigger butt and thighs.  So, of course, then she commented on my body shape, etc., to DH while I was standing there.  Now, he, of course, loves my body.  So, he defended me, but still!  And, of course, she "didn't mean it that way".  She was just making a harmless comment.  Harmless, my a$$!!  Anyway, so the week went by.  She annoyed me pretty much every day just by being her - she would go into our room while I was showering and "tidy up" (read:  snoop), and she kept complaining because we didn't unpack our suitcases and put every thing in drawers and on hangers.  She did not feed her family salt, processed sugar, soda, or anything "harmful" like that.  So,, 2 days into this, I was dying for a coke.  SO, DH and I went to the gas station and bought a 6 pack, and took it home and put it in the fridge.  I had to take it out, because it was offensive to her.  Ridiculous cr@p.  Also, they do not eat white bread - they only eat organic vegetables, and don't take acetaminophen or any medicine.  They take all natural medicines like St. John's wort, etc.  This is all fine, except I eat white bread and soda, and I like salt on my food.  But, I couldn't have that stuff, because then BIL and SIL would want it too.  And that was a no-no.  So, I was telling DH, one day, that I really wanted an ice cream.  I just had a craving.  I like sweets, and am used to having something sweet pretty much every day.  So, DH was telling me that we don't need to go to an ice cream shop, and we were debating it.  Of course, MIL butted in and asked what we were talking about.  I dropped it and said nothing.  DH proceeded to tell her that I am addicted to sugar, and that I was gonna blow up like a balloon with all the sweets I eat.  I was gonna kill him!!!!  So, then she started telling him that I have a thyroid disorder - that is why I have to eat sweets all the time.  And, she said that I should start taking some vitamin every day, and then I wouldn't want to eat sweets anymore.  I was trying to explain that I just like sweets, but she was on a roll.  She took me into the kitchen, gave me a vitamin, and stood there watching me until I swallowed it!!!!!!  AAAGH!!!!!!!  And, of course, I was still smoking at this time.  I did not smoke at the ILs house, because I did not want to hear it.  Of course, at every opportunity MIL got, she started lecturing me and DH.  I finally learned to just get up and leave the room when she started.  Finally, a couple days before we left, the ILs were going to take all of us to an amusement park for the day to have fun.  We all voted on where we wanted to go - Magic Mountain or Disneyland.  The majority vote was Magic Mountain, but MIL decided that, since she doesn't ride roller coasters, we'd go to Disneyland.  AAGH!!  It's her way, or no way.  What a freak!!

        Signed - What A Freak!!!

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