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Frequent Fry HerTM
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Can't Wait Till The Big Move
Age: 22       MIL Age: 54
Can't Wait Till We Move Out West

frequent fry her - cant wait till the big move Frequent Fry Her TM - can't wait till the big move /Posted: 20-JAN-03
Leading up to our wedding, there were many stories about MIL that drove me insane!  I will stick to the things that happened at the wedding.  She complained to DH during the whole mother-son song.  First, the problem was that she didn't like the song.  She picked "Because You Loved Me", and she was trying to tell DH that I picked the song, and that it was too long.  He told her straight out that SHE picked it out, and I hated the song, but since it was special to her, I let her have it.  She then tried to backpedal, saying that she thought that they would only play 30-40 seconds of the song, not the whole thing!  During the rest of the song, she was just complaining about his family (mostly about his younger cousin being, as she calls it, inappropriate).  Later, the same cousin caught the bouquet (she is 14).  DH's best man caught the garter.  MIL was screaming in the audience, "That's illegal!  That's illegal!"  The best man got freaked, and he walked out before he put the garter on her.  He finally came back and put it on her, and MIL was complaining the whole time, to anyone who would listen, that it was inappropriate, and that she should never have caught it.  The cousin was upset and asked if she ruined the wedding.  I told her that she didn't, because weddings are supposed to be fun, and if she had fun, then she did nothing wrong.  By the way, MIL is STILL complaining about the bouquet toss almost a year later!

        Signed - Still Complaining Almost A Year Later!

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frequent fry her - cant wait till the big move Frequent Fry Her TM - can't wait till the big move /Posted: 20-JAN-03
On Thanksgiving, my DH and I went to my parent's house, after the last two years of spending each holiday with his family.  We had to call his family that morning to find out directions, and his aunt asked if we were coming by at 4 like DH's mom had said.  I told her no, because we had to stop by two of my aunt's houses to have dinner and dessert.  She said, "Ok," and I thought that that was the end of it.  Around 6 pm we were playing games with my family, and DH's cell phone started to ring.  It was his sisters calling.  He tried to pick up, but the caller hung up.  He tried to call the phone back, but it was turned off.  He tried to call his aunt's house, but no one answered.  I tried calling also, but got no answer.  Finally, an hour later, we got his mom on the phone and she started asking , "Where are you?"  I told her that we were still over my family's house, and she said, "Still?  You should have been here by now."  I told her that we had been busy visiting, and we wanted to see my family as well.  I put my DH on the phone to talk to her.  After a few minutes, he said that we had to get going as soon as possible.  We got to his aunt's house about 40 minutes later (8 PM).  The only one who greeted us was the dog!  His uncle and dad came into the room a few minutes later.  And, then, 15 minutes later, the rest of them came in.  His mother was still complaining about his 14-year-old cousin catching the bouquet at the wedding (who cares!!!!).  His uncle asked why my DH was growing out his hair.  MIL said, "Because he is too lazy to cut it."  DH said, "I want a change."  MIL sat next to DH and started playing with his hair, saying, "No, you are just too lazy to cut it."  I finally had enough (after months of her badgering him about the stupid things) and I said, "He is my husband.  I like his hair long, and I asked him to grow it out.  And, he is not going to cut it until I want him to."  That shut them all up!

        Signed - He's My Husband!

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frequent fry her - cant wait till the big move Frequent Fry Her TM - can't wait till the big move /Posted: 3-JAN-03
When my DH and I were going to be moving into a new apartment, his parents gave us items that we could paint and bring to the new house.  We had gotten everything that we needed, and when we got to their house, the paint can fell out of the car and spilled out onto the road.  My DH got annoyed and was looking for the house, and was just in a not so great mood.  I walked away so that we wouldn't get into a fight, and I made a comment to his mom (that I was making as a joke).  I said, "When he gets like this, I wish I could trade him in for a few hours."  His mom got this look on her face and said, "If you don't love him, then maybe you shouldn't be with him."  Since I realized that maybe I shouldn't have made the joke and I was getting upset with both of them, I stayed upstairs for a few hours till I calmed down.

        Signed - If You Don't Love Him

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frequent fry her - cant wait till the big move, 1 of 4 needed Frequent Fry Her TM - can't wait till the big move, 1 of 4 needed /Posted: 26-DEC-02
We went to my DH's parents house for a bar-b-que.  Everything was going fine until everyone wanted to watch TV.  His uncle was cracking jokes with us about when we would be expecting kids.  My DH and I looked at each other because we had been discussing this and it wasn't something that we were totally against.  When we didn't answer, his uncle asked again.  And, before we could say anything, his mother yelled, "They are not having children!"

        Signed - Not Having Children

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frequent fry her - cant wait till the big move, 2 of 4 needed Frequent Fry Her TM - can't wait till the big move, 2 of 4 needed /Posted: 26-DEC-02
I know that this is going to sound ungrateful, but I have to tell someone.  I was shopping with my FMIL for Christmas gifts about a month ago, when she saw a sweater that she wanted to get me.  It was a cute sweater, just not really my style (red with a big snowflake and a cowl turtleneck).  I also have really long arms, and most women's shirts do not fit my arms.  I really need to be there to try on and pick out my own clothes.  I told her this a few times.  She did not believe me.  She made me try on the sweater in the aisle.  Ok, no problem.  I did it, and she saw that the sleeves came up to my forearm.  She then said, "Oh, I guess you were right."  I figured that was the end of it.  I was wrong.  She went shopping with my DF and wanted to buy me clothes.  He told her the same thing that I had told her.  She said that she found a way around this.  Her way around this was to hold up shirts, sweaters, whatever to him, and if they looked like they would fit his arms, she would get them for me.  Argh.  I don't really know what to do.  I told him that she and I have completely different taste in clothes, and that the clothes she buys are probably going to be too short and not fit right.  I don't want to sound ungrateful, because she thinks enough about me to want to get me something I like, but it just upsets me that she didn't listen to me when I said, "It's OK, you don't have to."

        Signed - It's OK, You Don't Have To

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frequent fry her - cant wait till the big move, 3 of 4 needed Frequent Fry Her TM - can't wait till the big move, 3 of 4 needed /Posted: 28-DEC-02
Since DH's mom and dad have moved further away, they have been trying to convince us to move closer to them.  My DH does not want to do this, because of the hassle of being near them, and because of his job.  They have tried to make offers (like they will give us the down payment on a house) to us if we move into their neighborhood or if we move within a half an hour of them.  They also want us to get a duplex with his sister.  We don't want to be watched when we come and go (we did that before with my family and learned from it), which is what it would be like.  We have told them numerous times that it would not work out, since, in a few years, we will have to make at least a cross country move because of DH's job (the industry he is in has more jobs on the west coast).  His mother is now looking for a place closer to us, because she says that no one comes to visit her (my DH goes down once a week to see her, and his sister lives with them)!

        Signed - Living Closer Is Not Always Better

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frequent fry her - cant wait till the big move, 4 of 4 needed Frequent Fry Her TM - can't wait till the big move, 4 of 4 needed /Posted: 31-DEC-02
My MIL constantly makes comments about my DH.  She complains that his hair is too long, he weighs too much, I should make him join a gym, etc.  It bothers me when she makes these comments.  His grandmothers (her mom and his dad's mom) both say things like this also.  It bothers me that his family can be so rude.  If he is happy with the way he is, why can't they be?

        Signed - Why Can't They?

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