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Frequent Fry HerTM
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Age: 26        MIL Age: 49

frequent fry her - blondie Frequent Fry Her TM. - blondie/Posted: 1-OCT-06
Worst gift:  For our first Christmas together we went out of our way to get my FIL great presents.  I'm a huge gift giver.  We spent a lot of time and money finding the right gifts for everyone.  As we were going to be with my family on Christmas Day, we sent their gift early so that they would be sure to get them.  We waited for our gift to come in the mail.  First they put down the wrong address, and they had to mail it again.  Then the parcel got lost for a week and we didn't get it till after the holidays.  My dear honey was so excited when they finally came.  The gifts were coffee (we both hate coffee) crackers, re-gifted candles, and chocolate(my DF doesn't like chocolate).  His sister got a digital camera.  His brother got new high end ski's, as well as play station games and cds.  We got old food and candles.  I still said a big thank you.

        Signed - BTW, The ILs Are Rich
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frequent fry her - blondie 1 of 4 needed Frequent Fry Her TM. - blondie 1 of 4 needed/Posted: 20-SEP-06
DF and I were set to stay with his parents for a month while we bought a place of our own and DF found a job.  On the way to their house DF and I stopped at a mall so that I could pick up some lip gloss.  As I got out of the car I slipped on the pavement and fell down some stairs, really hurting myself.  DF took me to the hospital, where they gave me some pain killers and took x-rays.  I had sprained my leg and neck, and I was covered in black and blue bruises.  We were still 4 hours from their house.  DF called to let them know why we were going to be late.  The next day we went to the town clinic and found out that I had whiplash.  I was given a collar.  Over the next week his parents complained that I was in my room too much and that I did not do enough chores.  Now, even though I could barely move, I cleaned up after myself, cooked my own dinner and meals, and did a lot of dishes.  Also, it seems that FMIL decided that since she had tennis elbow, that meant that she couldn't do any household chores and DF and I should do all of them (I was still in a lot of real pain).  I hardly knew them and didn't feel comfortable just cleaning their house for them.  They left for a trip and we baby-sat my DF's 15 year old brother for a week.  When they returned, we got in trouble for not cooking every meal for the kid.  (Hello, he is 15.  He can make a box of mac and cheese dinner).  Also, it seems that he was supposed to take some anger medication that we were not aware of.  So, when he got suspended for fighting at school 2 days after they got back, it was our fault, not his, for the suspension.  FMIL was yelling at my DF about this matter when I'd had enough and told him to just walk away from the fight.  At that point she went after me, saying, "Get out of my house," and telling me that I was bad for her son.  We left and stayed in a hotel until we took possession of our condo.  We didn't talk to her at all for 18 months after that.

        Signed - Tennis Elbow vs. Whiplash
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frequent fry her - blondie 2 of 4 needed Frequent Fry Her TM. - blondie 2 of 4 needed/Posted: 23-SEP-06
I have been with my DF for 3 years.   The trouble started with his sister.  She had just moved back to the country after being gone for a year, so my DF brought me up to meet her.  At this point we were not telling anyone that we were in a relationship.  While we were there, his parents asked him, whenever I was out of the room, if he was sleeping with me.  They voiced how unhappy they would be with him if he was (I had been married at 21, on a whim, and it lasted 3 months - they have never approved of this).  I was getting along with his sister until she found out that we were dating.  I had bought a video camera on the trip down.  DF and I stopped at a cheap motel to have some fun on tape (and we had fun).  This brings us back to being at his parent's house 2 days later.  I left the camera out on my way to bed.  In the morning his sister and mom went through the tape in fear that we might have had sex in the house (we were 24 and 25 at the time).  Not only did they do this, but the sister made a big deal about it when we got up, saying that she didn't appreciate what she had seen on my video camera.  I couldn't believe her nerve.  Why would you keep watching a video of your brother having sex?!  I couldn't get out of there fast enough.  She also told DF's 14 year old brother about the tape, saying that we had had sex on his bed (we hadn't had sex in their house).  FMIL's excuse for going through my property was that she thought the room the camera was left in was messed up, and she was afraid that we'd had had sex in it.  She just wanted to be sure, so she had FSIL look through the tape.

        Signed - Messed Up
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frequent fry her - blondie 3 of 4 needed Frequent Fry Her TM. - blondie 3 of 4 needed/Posted: 24-SEP-06
DF and I own income property in the town where his parents live.  We had hired a property manager who did some illegal things and we had to fire her.  I have decided that I need to report her to the real estate board, and my DF agreed.  I guess the said ex-employee heard about the complaint and called FMIL and complained about it.  What did FMIL do?  She called my DF at work to ask him (tattle on me) if he knew that I was putting in this complaint?  She wanted to know why was I being so mean?  She tried to talk him out of it because of how it would reflect on them in the town.  She also said that while she and FFIL like me (we have just gotten over 18 months of not talking to them because of another fight), that I have a bad rap in town?  I don't even know anyone in that little town, so if I have a bad rap, it's her and my ex-employee talking.  She went on to tell him all the bad things that I had done to people.  When he got home from work, we got into a fight.  I thought that his mother had overstepped her bounds and was trying to cause trouble with him and me.  Regardless, it's none of her business what I do with people who work for me.  DF finally saw the light when I explained that if I had not already told him what was going on and his mother called to tattle on me, he might have been pissed off.  We emailed her and told her that it wasn't ok to call him at work or to meddle in our affairs.

        Signed - Thank God He Sees The Light Sometimes
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frequent fry her - blondie, 1 of 4 needed Frequent Fry Her TM. - blondie, 4 of 4 needed/Posted: 30-SEP-06
After not being able to drive the 7 hours on Christmas to see my DF's family, we went to spend it with mine, planning to see his the next year.  I felt guilty.  I asked him if he wanted to make the trip on New Years to see them.  I was still in suck up mode to try and get them to like me.  I decided that it would be nice to make dinner and bring it up.  I spent hours making homemade lasagna (homemade sauce, noodles, everything), as well a homemade apple pie.  DF called to give them the good news.  When we showed up, I set to work finishing cooking the dinner.  The whole time DF's younger brother complained that it was taking too long, and he wanted to eat so that he could go out.  FMIL finally decided that the dinner was finished cooking (it wasn't), and cut into it before it had time to gel.  It all fell apart.  All just to please the little brat.  No one would even try the pie, no one said thank you, or even talked to me.  FSIL invited 2 friends over and she proceeded to talk loudly through the whole dinner about herself.  She made a few put downs towards me and DF.  I am so glad that I drove the 7 hours to see these people.  The next day FMIL had me pack up the rest of the dinner for their lunch, and wouldn't even clean my pans for me.  She gave the pie to the brat (FBIL).  I love doing things for people.  It truly makes me feel good, but not when the people are not even a little grateful.

        Signed - Thank God I'm No Longer Trying To Win Them Over
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