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Frequent Fry HerTM
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Blunt SIL

frequent fry her - blunt SIL Frequent Fry Her TM. - blunt_SIL, 1 of 4 needed/Posted: 4-APR-10
My MIL once flipped out because I did not get up fast enough.  I was watching the end of a baseball game.  It was the bottom of the ninth and there were two outs.  My team was at bat.  I got up as soon as she asked, and paused because a pitch was on the way.  Though I was out the door soon after, she had the audacity to say, "You shouldn't be wasting your time with sports."

        Signed - She Had The Audacity
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frequent fry her - blunt SIL Frequent Fry Her TM. - blunt_SIL, 2 of 4 needed/Posted: 29-APR-10
In the host of unwanted ILs that I have received, one is the 10 year BF of SIL.  He collects assistance, and is lucky to have recorded over one year of work while living with SIL.  She works two jobs to support him.  Now for the real story:  Five or six weeks ago, I made the discovery of warrants on the BF.  Not one, but two warrants for neighboring counties (DUI fines not paid) dating back to 2004.  Two weeks ago, SIL and BF moved down to the county with an open warrant.  I emailed the probation officer with their address, and acknowledged that he wanted to turn himself in.  When moving down, and while driving SIL's car on a suspended license, BF wreaked of alcohol.  She believed the smell was from the night before, though she'd believe anything he says.  The P.O. gave BF 4 days to turn himself in or get in contact with her.  Though to no avail, they picked him up.  I have had the support of different family members, and the truth is that what I did was legally and morally responsible.  Technically, I did not turn family in.  And, even if he was my brother, I'd have done the same.  I firmly believe in doing the time if you do the crime.  The fallout is that I am laughing because he's where he belongs.  Though, I see how the ILs operate.  As much as the family despises and flat out hates the BF, they are taking SIL's side.  MIL wants me to apologize.  Pffft.  Though she won't ask me about the situation, which appears to me as cowardly.  DW's family is a superficial facade, as they want to get along, and not cause a rift, to the point that FIL drinks 12 tall boys a night, smokes pot, and pops a handful of pills.  Nobody says anything to his face, because MIL wants the family to get along.  I will not put up with letting problems grow.  I handle them straight up, as to not let them fester.  I don't care if it causes rifts or leaves me uninvited to family functions, because I have my piece of mind and need to say and tell the truth.

        Signed - What I Did Was Legally And Morally Responsible
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frequent fry her - blunt SIL Frequent Fry Her TM. - blunt_SIL, 3 of 4 needed/Posted: 3-MAY-10
I am a little upset about Mother's Day, as I wanted to make DW's first Mother's Day really special.  The problem is that I have to work.  I was going to ask for the day off, but I am taking time off the weekend after for our anniversary.  I do not like to get to picky, as I work retail.  The ILs were going to take the family out on Sunday, though the family is in the middle of a huge spat.  They are going at a time that is inconvenient for me because SIL has work at night.  I do not feel comfortable with DW going to this function.  Lately, I feel as though the family is avoiding me.  This avoidance angers me, as I find it cowardly.  They are talking behind my back.  I get messages relayed through my DW, as they will not talk to me.  They are afraid that I will cut them off from their DD.  This might be true, if they do not respect me enough to talk to my face.  I do not want my DD to grow up in a family where avoiding a problem is the best way to deal with it.

        Signed - Avoiding Me
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frequent fry her - blunt SIL Frequent Fry Her TM. - blunt_SIL, 4 of 4 needed/Posted: 13-MAY-10
Mother's Day is truly a special time for a first time mother.  They finally get to celebrate the day with their new baby.  As for my story, I had to work on Mother's Day.  The day before Mother's Day, I gave my wife, a FTM, 2 cards (from DD and me), some chocolates, fine crackers, fine cheese, and extraordinary caramels.  I bought all the ingredients for a great dinner for the 2 of us.  I missed brunch with the ILs (THANK GOD).  DW gave MIL a card from herself and one from DD.  DW received no gifts or card from her parents, brother, or sister.  WTF?  DW did not bring up her disappointment over not even getting a card, though she did bring up the fact my dad sent her a card.  The ILs said, "That's nice."  No, it's not nice.  It's thoughtful and considerate.  That's something . . .

        Signed - My ILs Will Never Grasp
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