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Frequent Fry HerTM
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Crazy Lady's DIL

frequent fry her - crazyladysdil Frequent Fry Her TM. - crazyladysdil/Posted: 7-MAR-11
MIL gave me a pamphlet to a clinic.  Inside was a highlighted section of the options for tubal ligation, and sterilization options.  Also, there were a list of local abortion clinics and adoption lawyers, in case I got tired of being a mother.  This from a woman who had just signed on to be a foster mother.  Wow!

        Signed - I Defy Anyone To Top This One!
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frequent fry her - crazyladysdil Frequent Fry Her TM. - crazyladysdil/Posted: 15-FEB-11
While I have not said anything to MIL in over a year now, and every moment is a blessed relief, I still have a few wretched memories!  For instance, after DS was born, I had written about how she had barged in and taken photos of him in a cold room.  Then, she proceeded to tell me that she had the right to do this, etc.  These photos were to be a gift from her.  It's now after the holidays, and DH and I still have not seen any pictures.

We let it go, and soon it was time for birthdays.  My oldest boy's was great.  Then, it was my turn.  I got thoughtful gifts from everyone except MIL.  In an envelope that I assumed contained a card (and hopefully a gift card), I found a bill from the photo shop where she had had MY SON'S pictures developed!  I looked at her and said, "What?"  To which she replied, "It's what you owe me for the pictures."

Not only did I not have the negatives so that I might have gotten copies, I later found out that I was not going to get any copies from her at all.  I got up and left the room.  DH followed, and wanted to know what was wrong.  I told him about the bill.  He simply took the envelope and went back to his mom and said, "Get the he!! out of here before I lose my temper.  Do not dare ask for any money for these at all!  Oh, and I want a copy of each photo of MY SON! TOMORROW!"  She left immediately.  Never did pay the bill!

        Signed - She Wanted ME To Pay For HER RUDENESS!
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frequent fry her - crazyladysdil Frequent Fry Her TM. - crazyladysdil/Posted: 4-FEB-11
Before DH and I cut all ties with MIL, she and I had somehow gotten into yet another conversation about what would happen should my DH get sick.  Keep in mind that he was about 25 or 26 at the time, and the only time he was ever sick was when he was a young child.  Now, being a very healthy adult, you would think that she would want this to continue.  But, apparently not, since during this lovely talk, she nastily informed me that, should DH get sick, married to him or not, I would have no say in his treatment.  To which I responded, "Well, since the hospital isn't going to allow you near him without my permission, that will be hard to do."

She didn't say anything for a minute, but then started up with, "Then you're going to sign a Power of Attorney giving me control."  I thought, "Like he!!, you harpy!  I'm not looking to be a widow any time soon!"  I had to fight to control my temper.  I looked her in the eye, and calmly informed her that, from that moment on, she would not be allowed within 5 miles of my DH if he was sick, and she would not be allowed to have anything to do with any treatment plans.  I then called her a ghoul for even bringing it up, and said that it sounded as though all she was worried about was trying to get her hands on the insurance money.  Don't worry, the insurance goes to our children.

        Signed - Freakin' Ghoul! He isn't Even Sick!
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frequent fry her - crazyladysdil Frequent Fry Her TM. - crazyladysdil, 1 of 4 needed/Posted: 13-NOV-10
My MIL is so flaming crazy that, to this day, I wonder how my DH is as normal as he is.  We no longer talk to her or have anything to do with her.  To some extent, we have a peaceful life.  But, her neighbors don't get to be so lucky!  The latest phone call was about how she plans to sue me for custody of our son (and any children we have together) if DH dies while in the Army.  She also plans on claiming his body and taking care of the funeral.  All the while I keep thinking, "Well, nothing like planning for the future!"  She has no legal standing for any of this, but still insists that she is going to have complete control over my life!

        Signed - Planning His Funeral And He Is Only 27 And Healthy!
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frequent fry her - crazyladysdil Frequent Fry Her TM. - crazyladysdil, 2 of 4 needed/Posted: 23-NOV-10
My MIL was on the outs with my DH, again.  When he left for boot camp, she came running to me, crying her sob story.  I, of course, wanted to be a good DIL.  So, I listened to her, and allowed her to take our then 14 month old son to her house, where she beat him, left bruises, and then tried to have me arrested for what she did.  She then told my DH that she didn't know how those bruises got there, and that they must have gotten there after she dropped our son off.  But, she didn't want to point fingers.  She tried to have me arrested by blaming me, and then tried to turn my DH against me!  And, all because I refused to let her get away with abusing my son!

        Signed - She Tried Having Me Arrested!
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frequent fry her - crazyladysdil Frequent Fry Her TM. - crazyladysdil, 3 of 4 needed/Posted: 29-DEC-10
MIL has been out of our lives for over a year now.  I, for one, was happy as all get out.  The only downside to this is that DH'S GF (MIL'S father) continues to push my DH to call his mother and talk to her.  DH has explained to GF, repeatedly, just how toxic the woman is, and that we want nothing to do with her.  GF wants to be neutral, as it is between his daughter and his GS.  DH simply says, "Okay, I will call her."  But he doesn't.

Meanwhile, we are expecting again, and while we were a little shocked and unsure if this was what we wanted, we are now happy as clams.  In the meantime, it gets back to me that MIL knows.  GF tells her the news that we refuse to share with her.  I have already told DH that, when we give his GF pictures of the children, he cannot give any copies to MIL.  I know this sounds petty, but I cannot help but feel that she has no right to anything that concerns our children.

Meanwhile, I have been getting more and more phone calls from the neighbors about her craziness.  The latest is that the neighbors banded together and filed a major complaint about the way the animals on her property are being handled.  She now faces a major fine.

Also, the bank called us to let my DH know that the house is, yet again, in danger of foreclosure.  This would make it the fourth time this year alone.

Just recently, I got a phone call from a woman who is a friend of my MIL.  The only reason I answered the call, in the first place, was because the caller ID said, "Withheld".  My mom's calls come up the same way.  This friend screamed at me that MIL just KNOWS that I was cheating on DH when he was at boot camp, and that she has pictures of a man in a white truck going into the house and staying there for hours.  I asked her to describe the truck, and it turns out that it WAS MY DAD!  Yes, the photo was of my dad's truck.  All I could say was that, if this friend called again, I would have HER arrested for harassment, and so on.

I called DH, after it happened, and all he could say was, "Don't let it bother you!"  Excuse me?!?  She threatens me, and has strangers calling me, and that's all you have to say?  I was so angry at him that I didn't talk to him for days.  When he demanded that I talk to him, I told him that, while I wasn't upset, I simply wanted him to agree with me and validate my feelings, not patronize me and dismiss what was going on!  Since then, whenever I tell him about the phone calls from the MIL'S neighbors, all he says is, "You're right, she is nuts!"  Thank you God!

        Signed - It Only Took Me Days Of Silence To Get My Point Across!
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frequent fry her - crazyladysdil Frequent Fry Her TM. - crazyladysdil, 4 of 4 needed/Posted: 16-JAN-11
This happened awhile ago, but I was talking to my DH and the memory happened to float through my mind.  DH signed up for the army.  When he went to be inducted, I thought it would be just me, since he hadn't invited his DM or her BF.  But, there they were.

To say the least, I was not happy, since deep down I knew that they would find a way to butt in.  And they did.  While being sworn in, I moved up to get a better photo.  All of a sudden I was elbowed aside by MIL and told, "Get out of the way."  I'M HIS WIFE, YOU COW!

Instead of beating her over her fat head with the camera, I simply moved in front of her and said, "Wait your turn, or move to the other side of the room!"  I mean, there are 2 sides of him, 2 views, and so on.  So it wasn't as though she couldn't have gotten a picture!  I was proud of myself for telling her where to get off!  And when it came time to introduce us to the Captain, he only introduced me!  YAY!  I felt vindicated!  He, apparently, knew what MIL was doing the whole time!

        Signed - I Felt Vindicated!
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