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Frequent Fry HerTM
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frequent fry her - CrazyWoman Frequent Fry Her TM - CrazyWoman/Posted: 26-NOV-05
I think that my MIL wants me dead.  A few weeks ago, I went to do this really cool driving thing.  I was going to be driving a racecar around a race track at high speeds.  My kids were going to be at a sitter's.  My DH works nights, so he would be sleeping when I went.  That was so fine with me, it was going to be a great Mommy Day.  I was telling this to my MIL, and I told her that I was glad that no one was coming, because if I crashed and burned, no one would be there to laugh at me.  I said it in a joking way, and I meant (every one else whom I said it to got it) that if I were to really screw up, not really crash and burn.  She responded to me without missing a beat, "Well, no one would be there to cry if you died."  WHAT!!??  No one else thought that.  I really don't think that she would be crying if I died.

        Signed - My MIL Death Wish
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frequent fry her - CrazyWoman Frequent Fry Her TM - CrazyWoman/Posted: 18-JUN-05
When my DH and I were dating, my MIL loved me.  We got along great.  She gave me really nice things for my birthday and Christmas.  She even gave me nice "just because" gifts.  I was happy.  I thought that she was the nicest person on earth.  WRONG!  When we got engaged, she kept telling me how much she had wanted a girl at her office to marry her DS.  The lady is married, and has been for some time.  She said that when DH was available, the lady was not, and when she was available, DH was not.  The lady got married, and I think that my MIL is still mad at that.  DH would have never dated this woman.  She is not his type at all.  Every time that we were all together in the car, she would go on about how her office-mate was the first choice for her son.  It is so rude.  We have been married for 2 years, and she still mentions it!  My DH and I are more in love each day!  I wonder if she is waiting for the lady and my DH to divorce our spouses, and then get together.  I do know that when the lady and her husband argue, MIL is over taking the lady's side, and she always mentions that she would have a place to stay if she left.

        Signed - Second, Or Maybe LAST Choice

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frequent fry her - CrazyWoman Frequent Fry Her TM - CrazyWoman/Posted: 11-MAY-05
My MIL flirts with my dad.  My dad is a nice looking man, and has been married to my mom for over 30 years.  We went to a restaurant for my DH's birthday.  My parents came in from out of town for both DH and DS's birthdays.  They are a week apart.  MIL sat next to my dad, and said (while patting his knee), "Boy, you look GREAT!  It is so nice to see you!"  She sat right next to him and didn't move for the rest of the dinner.  My dad is coming into to town for a couple of nights.  Then, dad, the kids, and I are going to their house for an early Christmas with my parents and my sisters.  I don't fly, and he is worried about me driving.  Even though my parents and my ILs do not talk (and don't even see each other - my MIL's choice), she offered to have my dad spend the night at her house.  We have room for my dad, and he would rather spend it with us than with her.  He loves my DH and likes spending time with us.  My MIL is CRAZY!

        Signed - Confused

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frequent fry her - CrazyWoman, 1 of 4 needed
Frequent Fry Her TM - CrazyWoman, 1 of 4 needed/Posted: 15-DEC-04
I am so done!  We went over to my ILs for Thanksgiving.  The whole time she and her DH only played with the baby, and completely ignored our 4 year old son.  This will be the third time that we will have to speak with her regarding this.  This is their first grandbaby, because I had the four year old before my DH and I met.  My DH has adopted our son and does not play favorites.  She didn't even check on him when he was in a room by himself.  I went in, and he said that he was lonely, so I sat and played with him.  It is so frustrating, because he is a very smart boy, and we can tell that it bothers him.  He tries so hard to get their attention, to no avail.  They may say a couple of words, but that is it.  FIL never had an interest in the four year old, but as soon as he came in on Thanksgiving, he went over and picked the baby up.  Then, he and MIL went into another room and just sat with the baby.  I am so hurt.  I am angry, but mostly hurting for our other son.  MIL did the same thing at church on Sunday.  She was there for the baby dedication.  The whole time that she had the baby, our other son was calling for her, and she didn't answer him.  I told my DH that I am not setting foot anywhere near them until he and I speak with them.

        Signed - At Wits End

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frequent fry her - CrazyWoman, 2 of 4 needed Frequent Fry Her TM - CrazyWoman, 2 of 4 needed/Posted: 18-DEC-04
This is just short and sweet, but I have to get this off my chest.  I am trying so hard to be pleasant with my MIL.  I am only doing it because I love my DH.  She came to pick up our 4 year old (my DH was working) and I was trying to tell her all about my new cookbook and how we are eating healthier.  I asked her something and I received no response.  I asked again, and she still said nothing, so I just stopped talking.  I got my son ready to go (if I hadn't, she would have stayed and played with the baby all night), and away they went.  It was like I wasn't even there.

        Signed - Irritated and Ignored

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frequent fry her - CrazyWoman, 3 of 4 needed
Frequent Fry Her TM - CrazyWoman, 3 of 4 needed/Posted: 4-JAN-05
Worst gift:  My MIL is such a witch.  She told me what she got my DH for Christmas this year.  I had to call and ask her so that I didn't buy him the same thing.  Well, what she got is the total opposite of what he wants.  It is this really ugly picture/mirror that lights up.  DH is into cars and motorcycles, not light up art.  I have gotten him a couple of pictures, but they were meaningful.  My DH has told her several things that he wanted, and this was not one of them.  This is just ugly.  I am afraid of what she got me, because if she loves her son and she didn't even think about what she got him, I am really afraid of what I am getting.  She just doesn't listen.  I would rather not get anything at all if thought is not put into it.  Last year, she got me 3 used (dusty and cracked) ornaments for the tree, used lotion, and body wash.

        Signed - I'd Rather Not Get A Thing!

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frequent fry her - CrazyWoman, 4 of 4 needed Frequent Fry Her TM - CrazyWoman, 4 of 4 needed/Posted: 26-APR-05
My MIL has decided not to listen to my DH and me when it comes to the kids.  I told her that our four year old was only to watch good shows.  He came home one day and said that he watched a movie that he shouldn't have.  He is 4, and the movie was rated PG-13.  Then, one afternoon he asked MIL to take him to a movie.  I said that this was fine, but he was not allowed to see a certain movie until I saw it first, because I was unsure of it.  We went to go pick him up, and he came bounding into the room to tell me that he had seen the exact movie that I'd told her not to take him to.  Just recently, when we picked him up from a sleep-over at MIL's house, he said that he had a bad secret and MIL told him not to tell us.  It took 5 minutes to convince him to tell, and that he would not get punished - bad secrets are not to be kept from mom and dad.  He told us that MIL put on bad cartoons.  He told her that mom doesn't let him watch these.  She told him, "You don't have to tell your mom, it will be our secret."  I was furious.  DH and I decided that she will not get to see the kids alone for a long, long time.  We are trying to teach our children to tell the truth, no matter what.  It is like she is trying to undo everything that we have taught him.  We are telling her next week, since we have to see her for a holiday.  That will be another entry.

        Signed - Wit's End

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