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Frequent Fry HerTM
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Age: 26    MILAge: 56

frequent fry her - doxiemom, 1 of 4 needed Frequent Fry Her TM - doxiemom, 1 of 4 needed/Posted: 27-APR-06
My MIL started a trend on my birthday.  She has started giving me gifts that are not at all geared for me-they are geared for the day that she has a granddaughter!  So far I've received a collectible figurine rag doll and a baby outfit with matching bib that says "I love my grandma."  Mind you, I'm not going to reproduce anytime soon!

        Signed - Why Me?
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frequent fry her - doxiemom, 2 of 4 needed Frequent Fry Her TM - doxiemom, 2 of 4 needed/Posted: 27-APR-06
Since dealing with my MIL for the past 4 years, I've yet to receive a decent gift from her.  Every Christmas I get a tacky soap set, and she clearly knows that I'm allergic to that stuff.  I've always gone above and beyond in getting her a nice gift that she can actually use!  The first Christmas I bought her a beautiful porcelain figurine from a collection that she enjoys.  I guess she felt bad that my gift was much nicer than hers, so she ran upstairs and gave me a used bracelet that was so worn out that the gold covering on it was chipped!

        Signed - I Hate Her!
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frequent fry her - doxiemom, 3 of 4 needed Frequent Fry Her TM - doxiemom, 3 of 4 needed/Posted: 28-APR-06
My SIL and I are trying to get along better (there was a family misunderstanding a few years ago).  MIL hates that.  Recently, SIL invited me to a local festival that I was dying to go to.  MIL knew this and she invited herself along.  She came along and complained the whole way there.  Within minutes of arriving she said, "We need to go.  I don't feel well."  She purposely cut our outing short because she knew that I was so happy to be there!

        Signed - Trying To Get Along
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frequent fry her - doxiemom, 4 of 4 needed Frequent Fry Her TM - doxiemom, 4 of 4 needed/Posted: 2-MAY-06
This past holiday season my MIL was very depressed.  We had been without power due to hurricanes, her brother's house was very damaged during the storm, and her sister was sick in the hospital.  As is customary, my parents and I usually celebrate Thanksgiving the Wednesday before and then I celebrate on Thursday with my ILs.  She called the Monday before Thanksgiving to "cancel" Thanksgiving dinner!  DH and I were in disbelief and said, "No, let's have Thanksgiving at our place.  We'll take care of everything, just come and relax."  Immediately after our conversation I ran to the grocery store and bought enough food for 30 people (ILs and all their relatives).  I made a baked ham, I got a huge turkey, I got everything for the sides, dessert, the works.  I called MIL to let her know that I had taken care of everything.  She said, "We're going to bring a ham."  I told her that I already had prepared a ham, not to worry.  I told her, "Bring the salad, if you'd like," as I know FIL loves to make fancy salads.  On Thanksgiving Day, after I slaved in the kitchen for 4 days, everything was just right.  The turkey was perfect, the sides were incredible, the house was pristine, candles everywhere, music, the works.  My ILs showed up at my house with a salad and A TURKEY!  AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  She knew that I had made a turkey, she knew I made ham!  She said, "We were afraid there wasn't going to be enough food."  Enough food?  She knew the entire menu!  What was worse was that FIL was in charge of "carving" the turkey, and he carved their turkey, not mine!  At the end of the night, everyone else somewhat thanked me for dinner.  Whenever anyone mentioned how good my ham was, MIL would say, "Did you like our turkey?"  People later began noticing that I made a turkey, too, and everyone asked, "Why didn't you serve it?"  All I could say was, "I wasn't in charge of carving it."  It's been well over 3 months since Thanksgiving, and I'm still waiting for a thank you for an excellent dinner and an apology for not believing in my cooking skills.

        Signed - I Hate Her!
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