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Frequent Fry HerTM
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Fed Up
Age: 25    MIL Age: 58

MIL Strikes Again!

frequent fry her - Fed Up Frequent Fry Her TM - Fed Up /Posted: 27-SEP-02
Recently, something happened at my MIL's that summed up my DH's relationship with her in a nutshell.  We were visiting for the day, and my DH was sitting at the counter on a barstool.  I was beside the refrigerator.  DH was maybe an arm's length away from the fridge, and he asked me to get him something to drink.  Now DH and I joke with each other a lot, and one of our running jokes is to ask the other one "AWWW, which leg did you break?", or, "AWWW, does it hurt much?"  We do this when we are "fetching" something for the other one.  It is only a joke (and a stupid one, yes), but hey, it is our thing.  My MIL heard me ask DH "Does it hurt much?"  And I swear on all that is holy, she ran (and I mean RAN) to DH's side and said, "Oh baby, are you okay?", while patting his head!!!!!!!!!  I about died!!!!!!!  I was thinking, "My god woman, get help.  He is 34 years old!!!"  But, then I looked at DH, and he was eating it up!!!!!!!!  I was amazed and started immediately searching for his umbilical cord!!!  LOL!!!!  I love him, but GEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZ!!

        Signed - Poor Little Baby!!Please!!!!

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frequent fry her - Fed Up Frequent Fry Her TM - Fed Up /Posted: 05-SEP-02
My SIL is driving me batty!! She is constantly telling me how to take care of DH, as if he were a child!!  My DH is tall and skinny, and he always has been.  But she calls me approximately once a week to tell me how much weight he has lost, and how she thinks he has cancer!!!!!!!!  Recently, he hurt his back at work and had to go the chiropractor.  She made her weekly "DH is dying" call, and I told her about him going to see the chiropractor.  She flipped out and said, "He needs to see a regular MD, not a back quack."  I simply stated that DH had pain in his back, and a chiropractor seemed the best route.  And, that DH was pleased with the care he had received so far.  She informed me that she felt that chiropractors are useless, and that a regular MD would do the same and more.  I posed to her that if this were true, then why do they have the field of chiropractic care at all??!!  She went nuts!!!!!  Basically, she said, "I am a nurse, and I know more than you.  I am looking out for my brother's welfare.  You are uncaring and b!tchy, and don't care if he works himself to death, as long as you get what you want."  She bases this on the fact that that I am a SAHM.  And, yes, DH definitely does work more now, because I no longer work full time (I clean an elderly woman's house once a week, as well as cooking her meals for three days - and she pays me).  This is something that DH and I BOTH agreed on, but she refuses to see it that way.  It is all me, and I am a whip wielding, iron fisted witch.  And, poor DH is stuck!  I try to be friendly to her because, believe it or not, I feel badly for her.  Her home life is in shambles.  I believe her oldest child is a dope addict and a drunk.  He ran away for 2 days recently.  Her middle child has anger issues, and basically can't stand her, but oddly enough adores me.  And, her youngest child is a holy terror, who has never been made to mind anyone, so he runs wild.  Her ex-husband tried to resolve all these problems and bring some order into their home, and she divorced him for it - hand to god.  And, I know that finding fault in my life somehow makes her feel better, because she can not shine that light into her own home without getting scared, but I am very sick of it and I have run out of pity!!!  What should I do????????  HELP!!!

        Signed - SIL - My Albatross!!!!!!

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frequent fry her - Fed Up Frequent Fry Her TM - Fed Up /Posted: 02-SEP-02
Well, yesterday was DD's birthday.  And, in true fashion, my MIL, who said she wasn't coming, showed up.  It really is just like her.  She loves to be the center of attention, and by saying that she is not coming, and then doing so, means that everyone is just so happy that she is there, and all of the attention gets focused on her.  Oh well, my biggest problem was BIL and SIL.  My DH is a computer aficionado, and can fix/do anything when it comes to computers.  He is always fixing both of our family's computers, but I found it rude and really thoughtless when my BIL and SIL would bring down their modem and a game because they can't get them to work.  I mean, come on people.  It was my DD's birthday party - not exactly the right time and place!!  I would not have been so upset, except that they basically shoved it into DH's hands (at the beginning of the party) and said, "We need this fixed."  This was at the time that DH was starting the grill and getting ready to put burgers and hot dogs on, and I was filling the pool up and trying to get all the other food out.  People were showing up, so we needed to get the food on.  But, they expected him to drop everything and fix their computer (on, of all days, his DD's first birthday!!!!).  I should also point out that this BIL and SIL are extremely rude to us (especially me), yet we are supposed to help them at the drop of a pin!!  DH says I am being petty.  Am I???  Help!!!!!!

        Signed - Rude or Right??

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frequent fry her - Fed Up Frequent Fry Her TM - Fed Up /Posted: 29-JUL-02
I swear, I am ready to throttle my MIL!!!  My DD's 1st birthday is in a month, and I have been planning it for three months.  I am known amongst my group of friends as an excellent party planner, and I have even been "commissioned" by many, many people to plan parties/functions in the past.  I try to follow etiquette rules for getting out invitations so that people are able to save the date and attend with plenty of notice.  I sent out the invites exactly one month before the RSVP date, which is the proper thing to do for birthday parties.  My BIL and his wife are planning a function at the end of July, and my MIL feels that I am being rude to send out my DD's party invites before their function was over.  Never mind the fact that her birthday is 10 days after their party, or that it is her first birthday I am trying to "attention seek" (her words) by doing this.  And then, after reading me the riot act for this, she informed me that she can't attend DD's birthday because she has to work.  Normally, I am understanding of a person's work schedule, but she manages to get off work/trade with people for everything else, but not for this.  This is no joke.  She actually traded a day once so that she could attend the Harry Potter movie on opening day!!!!!!!!!  But, doing it for my DD's birthday is too much!!!  Part of me is happy that she won't be there braying about all day with her loud and obnoxious voice/laughter, but the other part of me is upset because she shows no love towards my DD.  Oh, and a birthday present shouldn't be expected.  DD has too many toys, and we are getting her too much - she will end up spoiled.  That is what this beast said to me!!!  My DH is of no help.  His mommy can do no wrong in his eyes.  I swear, I really am ready to strangle her!!!!

        Signed - Going to Scream Soon!!!

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frequent fry her - Fed Up Frequent Fry Her TM - Fed Up /Posted: 16-JUL-02
My MIL's newest thing to gripe at me about is how I raise my DD.  She has told both me and my husband that she feels that I am too strict with DD.  When we asked her to explain this, she gave three examples:  1)  I wont let DD play with newspapers, magazines etc.  2)  I won't let DD play with paper towels, tissues, or toilet paper.  3)  I don't allow DD to play in the kitchen cabinets.  Now, I have a logical explanation for each of these things.  The first two are pretty reasonable.  DD tries to eats all forms of paper products.  When I catch her with these things, I take them away and tell her, "No, this is mommy's, and this is yours."  And, then I hand her an appropriate toy or book.  As far as the cabinets are concerned, I do let her play in the ones where we keep the unbreakable storage containers, but I won't let her in the others because she could hurt herself.  They contain glass and/or cleaning supplies.  Now, we told MIL all of this, yet she insists on continuing to tell me that I am mean.  And, then when my back is turned, she will give DD papers and tissue.  Also, she removed all the childproof locks that we put on the cabinets at her house, after she told us we could put them in!!!!  ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Signed - MIL Gripes About How I Raise DD

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frequent fry her - Fed Up Frequent Fry Her TM - Fed Up /Posted: 14-JUL-02
Another of my MIL favorite things to say to me and my DH is that I am an agoraphobic hermit, and that I am damaging my daughter.  She feels that I don't get out enough, even though I run all the errands for the house, do all the shopping, take my daughter to all of her appointments, and visit with friends at least once a week.  Her reasoning for saying this is unknown to me, but she never misses the opportunity to tell me.  And, when I inform her of all that I do, she says that it is not enough.  She feels that I am damaging my daughter because I am turning her into a "mama's girl".  She feels this way because I never allow anyone else to have her, which isn't true.  But I am a SAHM, and I feel it's normal for my DD to be attached to me.  She likes other people, but yes, she is definitely attached to me.  No one in DH's family has ever offered to watch her, so I have never asked.  I would allow it, but they show no in interest in it.  My mother watches DD overnight once a month, and baby-sits once a week so that DH and I can have some time alone.  I don't know where she gets this cr@p from!!!!  She annoys me so much!!!

        Signed - She Annoys Me So Much

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frequent fry her - Fed Up Frequent Fry Her TM - Fed Up /Posted: 12-JUL-02
My BIL and his present wife got engaged exactly one week after DH and I did.  Now, DH and I had been living together for years, and it was just accepted that we were going to marry eventually.  But, I had no engagement ring, as DH and I had bought a house, cars, etc., together.  Well, when we got engaged formally, I was excited, and called my mother and MIL.  MIL said, "Oh, that is nice," and that was about it.  One week later BIL got engaged, and she called me in tears to say that she is so happy.  She told me all about how he asked her, and how big her ring is.  I saw MIL the next week, and she looked at my ring (which is a very nice and beautiful 1/2 carat round diamond solitaire) and said, "Oh, SIL's ring is so much bigger.  But that is cute too."  Then, she told me how much nicer and bigger SIL's ring is.  One of her comments was, "SIL's band is much wider.  You should get a wider band, you are a big girl. " And, "SIL's ring is your ring plus two, now that is love."  And, my personal favorite, "Are you sure this is real?  I don't think so.  Let's try to cut glass with it."  I am not sure who was hurt more - me or DH.  What a witch!!!!

        Signed - What A Witch!!!!

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frequent fry her - Fed Up, 1 of 4 needed Frequent Fry Her TM - Fed Up, 1 of 4 needed /Posted: 21-JUN-02
My problems with my MIL were small in the beginning, but over the past six years with DH, I have slowly but surely grown to loathe her.  Most of the stunts that she pulls are passive-aggressive.  But, then every once in a while she just flat out floors me.  Here are a few highlights:  After the first major fight that DH and I ever had (we had been married about 6 months), he, of course, ran straight to mommy.  She grilled him about it (his words not mine), and then she questioned him about our life together.  One of her questions was, "Does she please you sexually?"  My DH told her, "Yes (serious boundary issues on both parts there)," and wanted to know why she asked.  I am overweight, and she thinks that our sex life is dull because of this!!!  When my DH relayed this story to me, I was absolutely appalled at the behavior of both of them.  I let my DH know that this was unacceptable, and he is to never ever discuss our sex life with, of all people, his mother!!!  Another of her favorites is gift giving.  As I stated before, I am overweight.  She has repeatedly gotten me clothes that are too small for me (by exactly two sizes).  The first time she did this, I said that I thought the outfit was beautiful, but too small.  And I told her what size I wear.  She still has continued to buy me things exactly two sizes too small.  When I was pregnant and starting to show big time, DH and I planned a shopping trip to buy maternity clothes.  He happened to mention this to his mother.  She said that as a gift to me, she would buy my maternity clothes for me (and that they would be down the next day at noon).  I thought that she was going shopping with us so I could pick out the clothes.  But no, she came down with the clothes - not one outfit (out of 5 shirts, 1 nightgown, and a pair of pants) was maternity.  They were all "regular" clothes, and I thought, "No big deal - as long as they are bigger, I can get a little use out of them."  I was REALLY big, and I NEEDED maternity things - and it is the thought that counts and all.  Well, when I looked at the clothes closer, they were all the size I am normally, without being pregnant.  The size that I had been telling her to buy me for years, she finally got me when I was pregnant (and too damn big to wear them!!!).  But I thanked her because I knew I could wear them after I had the baby.  Well, that did not end it.  Every time she saw me after that, she wanted to know why I didn't wear those "lovely maternity clothes" that she bought me.  I will admit that the outfits were nice, but they did not fit.  And any idiot could see that they were not going to stretch over my big belly without tearing!!!!!!!  This woman infuriates me!!!!  I will write more later.  This is my first FFH page!!!  Hopefully it will work.

        Signed - Fed Up!!!

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frequent fry her - Fed Up, 2 of 4 needed Frequent Fry Her TM - Fed Up, 2 of 4 needed/Posted: 5-JUL-02
Another big thing with my MIL is that she plays favorites amongst her grandchildren, and my DD falls at the bottom of that list.  She will drive past my house to go to my SIL's house (6 miles away), and never stop to see any of us.  And, when she actually does stop, it's is only long enough to use our house as a luxurious road side bathroom!!!  Now, I could not care any less that she doesn't see me or DH unless we go to her house, but I am angry at her because I feel that she treats my daughter coldly.  She has only held her for five or so minutes at a time, and she never buys her anything.  Yet she gets her other grandchildren presents, and takes them out for dinner and stuff.  Now, I understand that my DD is an infant and it probably isn't as easy to accommodate an infant into your plans, but what about the presents???  My DD had her first Christmas this past year, and MIL got her a couple things.  But the other kids clearly got a lot more stuff, and more $ was spent on them.  And, then she said that after this year, she will no longer be buying presents at Christmas for anyone - it is too expensive.  I feel like my DD is being cheated.  The other kids get years worth of presents, yet my DD got only one Christmas with grandma (three presents), and then never again???  I know that it isn't about the presents or $, but I just feel like she is cheating my child.  She has five children, and all of the others have had all their children.  MIL has been a super grandma to them, yet DH and I finally start having kids, and she decides to quit!!  My mother spends the same on all of her grandchildren, and treats them all the same.  She has always done that with my brothers, and with me as well, and I can see such a difference in the two.  Also, for a couple months after DD was born, MIL said to me, "I guess A and B aren't the only granddaughters anymore (out of 9 grandchildren)."  I found that weird!!!

        Signed - MIL Plays Favorites

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frequent fry her - Fed Up, 3 of 4 Needed Frequent Fry Her TM - Fed Up, 3 of 4 Needed /Posted: 7-JUL-02
Another thing my MIL does that absolutely infuriates me has to do with food.  Yes, food.  Every holiday or get together with DH's family is celebrated with a big sit down dinner or barbecue for everyone.  In total, there are usually about 20 people there.  My MIL does not cook often, for two reasons.  She does not like to, and she admits that she is not very good at it.  So, she usually provides and cooks the meat only, and then everyone else brings something.  Since the first year that DH and I were together, I have always brought desserts (and, for 20 people, you have to bring a LOT of desserts).  I try to always make sure that everyone is satisfied, so I bring a variety.  And, I usually spend one whole day doing this.  Well, after the third year, my MIL called me wanting to know exactly what I was bringing.  And, I told her - no big deal, right??  Wrong!  She went out and bought exactly what I told her I would be making!!!!  I was ticked, big time!!!  DH didn't see the big deal, of course.  But I thought it was mean.  Why would she do that?  And, to boot, no one ate the store bought desserts.  And, then, for a week and half she b!tched because she had all those pies and cakes that were going bad.  I figured that it served her right!!!

        Signed - Served Her Right!!!

( I want my own Frequent Fry Her TM Page )

frequent fry her - Fed Up, 4 of 4 Needed Frequent Fry Her TM - Fed Up, 4 of 4 Needed /Posted: 9-JUL-02
MIL tried to do something nice yesterday.  Maybe I am taking it the wrong way, but I must vent!!  She took DD and me out to breakfast.  Now, DD is almost 11 months old, and she can feed herself most things (but she needs help still with the spooning of food).  I ordered my food, and got DD a kid plate.  I gave her toast to eat while I ate a bit, then I fed her some eggs.  I kept doing this, and yes, the meal definitely took a while to finish.  But, she kept telling me, "Eat your food."  Hello????  DD's needs come first, not mine.  I guess I just feel it's another way of her showing DD's lack of importance to her.  It's almost as if she doesn't even see DD!!  It really ticks me off!!!

        Signed - It's Almost As If She Doesn't Even See DD!!

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