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Frequent Fry HerTM
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Indian Bride
Age: 27    MILAge: 50

frequent fry her - Indian Bride Frequent Fry Her TM - Indian Bride/Posted: 26-AUG-07
DH got a great opportunity abroad.  He had to report for work on very short notice.  I could not join him immediately, as I had to give 2 months notice to my employer.  Against my wishes, DH asked his mom to come and stay with me, as I would be alone (ughhhhh).  This might sound like a strange thing to most of you.  But, if in my country, it's no big deal.  I tolerated my MIL quietly for 2 months.  Finally, the day came when I had to leave to join my DH.  Now, we had been in this house for 2 whole years, so there was a LOT of stuff, which totaled about 10 boxes, 2 of which were my stuff.  DH is a hoarder, so the rest were his books, CDs, clothes, etc.  When my DH called, she was fine with taking the stuff with her.  But, in front of my parents, she said (she has very nasty facial expressions), "Well, you know it was 8 boxes of your stuff alone that I had to carry."  I know these are petty things that I should not mind and try to forget, keeping only the lesson - never take any future help from them.  But, I can't help fantasizing about the day when I have kids and MIL wants to "help" me with them.  I can refuse, citing that it will be too much for her, like the cr@ppy boxes.  Also, did I mention that when she was young, all my FIL's brothers and FIL (3 in all) stayed together.  One of her SILs (FIL's brother's wife) used to work, and she had an infant to care for.  The other SIL did not work, but had a DD of the same age.  Since they stayed together, it was kind of understood that the SAH SIL would keep an eye on the baby for 2-3 hours.  Again, it seems like imposing, but not a big deal back home.  The SAH SIL used to ill-treat the little girl, so much so that (as per her psychiatrist) she is responsible for the girl staying short (only about 4'6'' at age 16).  My MIL saw the whole thing and never said a word to support the poor child.  Her excuse???  Her son was older by then and she had "forgotten" how to take care of babies.

        Signed - Two Faced Hypocrite
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frequent fry her - Indian Bride Frequent Fry Her TM - Indian Bride, 1 of 4 needed/Posted: 21-AUG-07
MIL would tell me that DH could have been married to really rich and pretty girls.  She never said that I was not good enough.  But, when she said that he could have married a pretty girl, she meant that the current wife was not pretty enough.  I love my DH, but good-looking is not how I would describe him.  I, on the other hand, have a nice face and figure, but I am not as fair as some other girls of my nationality.  She was counting on getting her son going for an arranged match so that she could get the money in dowry and a pretty (read fairer skin tone) girl to show off to her dysfunctional relatives.

        Signed - Not Good Enough
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frequent fry her - Indian Bride Frequent Fry Her TM - Indian Bride, 2 of 4 needed/Posted: 22-AUG-07
My MIL bought my DH a leather jacket when he was 25.  We got married when he was 29, and he still had that jacket.  Although I didn't like the jacket, I never commented about it.  As fate would have it, the jacket got wet and had some mold on it, which resulted in my DH not wearing it anymore.  But, he still kept it hanging with the rest of the jackets.  I told him to either get it cleaned or remove it.  The kid that he is, he took it and just threw it in the attic.  Unfortunately, we had to move abroad on short notice, so MIL and my mom came to wrap up the rest of the packing after we had moved.  MIL saw the jacket in the attic and said, "DIL (me) didn't like it, and she put it there."  I ended up getting scolded by my mother and had to explain the entire thing to her.  The old hag never said anything directly to me, so I could explain it to her, either.  I am sure that she will tell FIL the same thing.  FIL used to mail/call me earlier, but has stopped for the past 2 or 3 months.

        Signed - Scolded
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frequent fry her - Indian Bride Frequent Fry Her TM - Indian Bride, 3 of 4 needed/Posted: 22-AUG-07
When my MIL came to stay with us 6 months after our wedding, she used to complain to DH that the wedding was a total embarrassment for her and that her relatives were not satisfied.  Anyway, we were watching the wedding video together and my DH started an argument about the wedding with me.  That was the first time that I had watched the video.  Though DH apologized later, I will never forget this incident.  To date, I cannot watch my wedding video without feeling angry.

        Signed - Wedding Video Ruined For Me
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frequent fry her - Indian Bride Frequent Fry Her TM - Indian Bride, 4 of 4 needed/Posted: 22-AUG-07
MIL and FIL came back from visiting an old friend.  DH was out of town.  I asked them how the visit went.  They told me that the friend's DIL is awesome.  She has a PhD (I have a masters), but she is so submissive and demure.  I wanted to ask them whose house was she living in.  We have paid for everything that we have right now.  Both of our parents spent their money on our wedding so that they could show the other relatives and friends how generous they are.  I had a total of 5 friends at my wedding.  My ILs don't own a house.  FIL's father built a very large house, and the entire family (FIL+2 brothers and their families ) stay together.  I would also be demure and submissive if I didn't have to work my @ss off so that I can buy my own house and then get back home and prepare a 3 course meal for 4 people.

        Signed - Great Expectations
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