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Frequent Fry HerTM
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MIL From He!!
Age: 39       MIL Age: 65

frequent fry her - kamilfh Frequent Fry Her TM - kamilfh/Posted: 16-FEB-04
I have posted before, "MIL is a Witch" posted 12 October 2003.  I now have a problem with my SIL.  On Saturday night I went out for a drink with DH, and got a teenage neighbor in to baby-sit for us.  There were no problems with this baby-sitter.  She is a sensible girl - still in high school, and glad for a chance to earn herself a bit of cash.  The children usually go to MIL's and stay overnight if we want to go out.  However, DD, who is 5 ½, does not like staying there.  She is scared of the dark, and her GM always switches the hall light off, where I always leave it switched on until she goes to sleep.  DH made the mistake of telling his mother that we got a baby-sitter. in on Saturday night, and she was not happy.  She told her daughter (my SIL) about all this, and SIL came around to our house with a face like thunder, wanting to know what this baby-sitter was about.  She started saying, "What is this leading up to?  You not taking the children around on a Sunday anymore (I don't go around, I have cut ties with MIL)?"  He said no, it was just in case his mother was not able to do it.  It is none of SIL's business who we get to baby-sit our kids.  They are our kids, not hers.  Then, she said to my DH (her brother) that he better get himself around there to see his mother, as he would not be her son anymore.  My comment on that was, "Chance would be a fine thing."  SIL responded, "I knew that you would act like this."  I ran upstairs, at this point, and ignored my DH when he asked me to come back down.  He can deal with her.  I have had enough of his toxic family.  I think that I would be better off divorced, as my DH is spineless when it comes to his family.  He did go around.  And, when he came back, he told me that his mother said that she did not put SIL up to coming around.  Yeah, right.

        Signed - Had Enough of Toxic In-Laws

frequent fry her - kamilfh Frequent Fry Her TM - kamilfh/Posted: 12-OCT-03
I have a story for you.  My MIL is a witch.  It all started when I came out of the hospital after having my first child.  DH had asked his mother to clean up for him before I came home with our baby.  But, as she is a house work "fanatic", she went around the house with a fine tooth comb.  She moved beds and found a bit of dust underneath.  She later said to me, the minute I came into the house with my new baby, that my house was "mucky".  There was a bit of dust under the bed, but it was a bit much to refer to it as "muck".  Was she forgetting something:  I was working full-time, and I was also pregnant, so how was I supposed to move a bed to clean under it?  She later said that she was not sorry that she said it, but she admitted that her timing was wrong.  How I run my home is non of her business.  It was not as if I had left spillage on the floor, or let my dog do her business over my living room floor.  That's what I call "muck".  But, coming on a bit of dust is not going to do any harm.  I later had another child.  This time, I asked my mother to clean up for me before I came out of hospital, as my mother, like me, is not housework "fanatic".  The most recent incident occurred 18 months ago.  MIL and FIL insisted on doing our decorating for us.  I said no, but DH said that he did not have time, and as I could not do it myself, I very reluctantly agreed.  She took over my house.  My mother had been looking after my daughter that week, and she offered to look after her for an extra day.  I said to my MIL that my mother was looking after her an extra day this week.  As she was only supposed to have her for two days instead of three, she jumped the gun and later said to DH that I was implying that she was not doing her fair share of childcare.  DH and I had a blazing row over this, where we were on the verge of filing for divorce.  I later left a message on her voicemail saying that I was not implying what she thought I was, and if she has anything to say to me, she should say it to my face, not to DH.  This made her see red.  She came around to my house with the key that she had while she and FIL were decorating.  She started shouting and screaming at me with a voice that sounded like Satan.  She said to me, "Don't you tell me what not to say to my son.  He is my son."  I said, "Yes, he is your son, not your messenger boy."  Then she started going on, saying that I think more of my mother than I do of her.  Of course, who would not think more of their own mother than they do of their MIL?  After all, which one brought you up?  And, she said that, after all she has done and bought for us, I do not appreciate it.  She said that she does more for me than my mother does, and that my mom does not buy us as many things as she does.  My parents don't have as much money as she does.  She says that I do not keep my house "clean", which is none of her business.  I told her to, "Get out," and she later told DH that she was upset because I told her that.  It's a shame that I live in England where the law does not allow you to kill an intruder in your own home like you can in other areas.  I would have been tempted to do that.  Why did I not have the right to tell her to "get out"?  I mean, come on, who is going to put up with that kind of abuse in their own home?  I did not speak to her again until FIL died.  She wanted me to go around to her house again.  I said to DH that FIL's death does not make those words that were said to me disappear.  I did (reluctantly) go around, but I made it clear to DH that I was doing it for him, NOT for her.

        Signed - MIL IS A WITCH

frequent fry her - kamilfh Frequent Fry Her TM - kamilfh/Posted: 9-OCT-03
My MIL once accused me of ignoring her in the local supermarket, (I never saw her).  She, later, told my husband that I had deliberately ignored her.  When I called her to say that I must have missed her, she said, "Well, you looked over as if you saw me."  Then she said, "I said that you would deny it."  Just who does she think she is?  Does she not know what the benefit of the doubt means?

        Signed - Just Who Does She Think She Is?

frequent fry her - kamilfh
Frequent Fry Her TM - kamilfh/Posted: 4-AUG-03
My MIL is a housework fanatic.  And, because I'm not (I have a life), she thinks that there is something wrong with me.  The day I came out of the hospital after having my son, my DH had asked my MIL if she would clean the house for him.  But, being a housework "fanatic", she went around our house with a fine tooth comb, and complained to me that our house was "dirty" just because there was a bit of dust under our bed.  As I had been working full time prior to having my son, I did not get time to dust and vacuum every day.  Also, being pregnant prevented me from moving furniture.  This was not what I needed, as I had just come out of the hospital after having had a cesarean section.  She did eventually apologize, saying that she was not sorry that she had said it, but she admitted that her timing was wrong.  My house is not dirty at all, it's just that I'm sure MIL has OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).

        Signed - My Housework Fanatic MIL

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