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Frequent Fry HerTM
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Kay Bizarro
Mental Illness Is No Excuse For Your Abuse!

frequent fry her - KayBizarro Frequent Fry Her TM. - KayBizarro/Posted: 24-SEP-10
Free money is never free.  My ILs were lucky enough to inherit money.  They used to give it away quite generously, and even encouraged my DH to find a wife, stating, "We can give you double money once you marry."  Some of my friends are envious.  They wonder what is wrong with me that I won't just fake it, keep my mouth shut, and let the money roll in.  They remind me of our huge medical bills.  They don't understand that the money would never be free.  It would cost me my self respect and my sanity.  The ILs use it to control and manipulate people.  They want people dependent on them so that they have to ask them for more and then listen to their criticism and advice.  I have struggled to put myself through college, faced cancer, and overcome a childhood that included every kind of abuse.  I didn't get set free to give myself over to them.

        Signed - The Money Would Never Be Free
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frequent fry her - KayBizarro Frequent Fry Her TM. - KayBizarro/Posted: 10-SEP-10
I remember the Superbowl Party well.  I was cooking for all 45 people, as MIL sat at the table watching me and offering me useless pointers, but no actual help.  She decided that it was the right time to open up the Bible, for the first time in the 2 years that I had known her.  She turned to a passage about anger.  I knew she was not apologizing for her many temper tantrums.  I knew she was trying to get me on something.  I calmly responded with scripture about not provoking your children to wrath.  She had to leave.  I never yelled, cussed, or condemned her.  I simply spoke the truth.  It is right to hate child rape and abuse.  She should be angry about it, and stop lying to protect the abusers.  You enable the terror to continue.  I will be amazed if any child in her path chooses God after her warped teachings.

        Signed - Saved By Grace and Far From Perfect
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frequent fry her - KayBizarro Frequent Fry Her TM. - KayBizarro/Posted: 9-SEP-10
I want my own page to document all she has done, and why I am not the devil.  Then, I want to let it go.  If ever she tries to get custody, I want to have a record of all this.  I just don't want it to be a part of me anymore.  It is not healthy or good for me.  It makes it harder for me to even sit in a restaurant with her.  I am done trying to reason with her, to get her to face reality about abusive family members, or to get her to choose to get help.  I have wasted too much time and energy.  I am ready to LIVE LIFE instead of LIVING THROUGH LIFE.

        Signed - Done With Trying, But I Will Play Nice Because I Love Your Son
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frequent fry her - KayBizarro Frequent Fry Her TM. - KayBizarro/Posted: 9-SEP-10
She will NOT EVER get custody of my child.  First of all, DH and I are both fit parents, and we are both alive.  God forbid we die, but we are prepared.  DD's godparents could 100% financially support her, and they could give her a real family.  They would love her as their own, and we don't have to worry about them.  They know not to associate with KNOWN pedophiles, and not to take little girls around him.  They know not to let kids go out all weekend getting drunk because, "Even though the other kids may be getting drunk, getting high, and having sex, she is not."  DUH.  They will never neglect or abuse her, nor will they allow anyone else to.  They have met MIL, and they believe everything we told them.  MIL didn't even care for her own kids or grandkids right.  Why would MIL even want to be DD's caretaker?  Oh, I forgot.  It is all about you and what you want.  All about your control.  NOT.

        Signed - A Real Mother Who Wants and Does What Is Best For Her Child
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frequent fry her - KayBizarro Frequent Fry Her TM. - KayBizarro, 1 of 4 needed/Posted: 7-SEP-10
When in a church or around religious people, she puts on her Christian talk.  I am a Christian, but I feel that I must LIVE it.  She is one of the five generations of girls who got knocked up while a teen, and had to get married.  She got away with acting like she didn't, and put the others down, until I pointed out, for the first time, that it is not possible for her DD to have been a preemie, when she weighed 10 pounds!  Later, several relatives said that they always wanted someone to out her when her parents had told everyone she "had" to marry.  She did NOT want my DH to ever marry.  She especially hated me because I did not do whatever she wanted.  I refused to accept money and her control, and I quite calmly pointed out her faults, when she attacked me.  She would have never accepted a woman who had children.  People reminded her of this, but she still criticized me for being 29 and childless.  She asked me, point blank, if I had ever had children and lost custody of them, or if I had miscarried or had abortions.  When DH said that I had been raped, and probably was not sexually active, she became excited.  She asked if we'd had sex.  He said, "No."  A Christian should have been happy, right?  Not her.  She told him that he better have sex with me before we marry, so I can prove I can and will have sex.  I told her that I was going to share that with their pastor.  She was horrified.  He was embarrassed, and probably didn't believe me, but she knows I told him.  That is the same day they decided that I was not a Christian after all.  LOL.

        Signed - She Did NOT Want My DH To Ever Marry
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frequent fry her - KayBizarro Frequent Fry Her TM. - KayBizarro, 2 of 4 needed/Posted: 7-SEP-10
My morbidly obese MIL, who weighs almost 400 pounds, told me that I, at 189 pounds, needed to lose weight.  She even offered to show me how to cook healthy.  I asked her which dishes would that include.  Then, I reminded her of the meals that I have seen her cook, including cheese hot dogs, macaroni and a processed cheese food, ice cream sundaes, and nachos.  The only vegetables she serves are deep fried and covered in gravy or sauce.  You get the picture.  To her credit, she does make a good pot roast with carrots and potatoes.

        Signed - I Reminded Her
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frequent fry her - KayBizarro Frequent Fry Her TM. - KayBizarro, 3 of 4 needed/Posted: 8-SEP-10
My MIL is a hypochondriac.  I had sinus surgery, so she had it.  I had my appendix out, so she told the doctor that hers needed to come out.  But, he would not do the surgery when her condition was normal.  I had a bad asthma attack that scared everyone who saw it.  Three days later she had her first serious attack.  While eating dinner, my FIL remembered how unlucky our aunt was because she had to go to the doctor every time she went out of town.  She was stung by a group of wasps, she cut her foot in the lake, she caught swine flu, and she fell and broke her arm.  Within one minute, my MIL stopped eating and began pulling her quesadilla apart.  We all ignored her because we knew she was up to something.  We kept talking and not looking at her.  Finally, she called the waiter and told him to tell the manager to close the kitchen because there was glass or metal in her chicken!  I was shocked.  The manager, head of hotel security, and waiter got out "Do Not Cross" tape, like the police use.  They blocked our table off.  She repeated her claim.  I then looked at her food, took a slice, and ate it.  DH and FIL did the same.  We hoped to let her know that NO ONE believed her.  They thought we wanted our meal for free.  My FIL insisted that we pay.  MIL insisted they go to the hospital.  After a visit to the ER and another Urgent Care, she came back claiming they could not see it because it had already passed.  I told the hotel that she was mentally ill and we all were going to pay for our rooms.  They could relax.  The next morning, we allowed her to eat her breakfast without mentioning it.  She had hard toast and bacon.  No complaints.  No mention of a sore throat.  When the check came, I blurted out, "Wow!  If I had a cut in my throat, I could have never eaten those hard, scratchy foods."  LOL.  She never mentioned the incident to anyone.  That is strange, since every hangnail is about to cause gangrene.

        Signed - MIL Is A Hypochondriac
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frequent fry her - KayBizarro Frequent Fry Her TM. - KayBizarro, 4 of 4 needed/Posted: 8-SEP-10
I wish I had $1 for every time someone asked me if my crazy ILs really believed their lies, or if they understood the difference between right and wrong.  I finally paid hundreds of dollars to consult professionals and get the answer.  They KNOW the truth, but only care about what they want in the moment.  If, tomorrow, the truth is advantageous to tell, they will.  Five minutes later they might revert to the lie.  It depends on what they can get out of it.  I cannot stand to sit behind them in church, as . . .

        Signed - They Act All Goody Goody
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