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Frequent Fry HerTM
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Age: 23    MIL Age: older than dirt, it seems

What Fresh Hell Is This?

frequent fry her - klaniro, 1 of 4 needed Frequent Fry Her TM. - klaniro, 1 of 4 needed/Posted: 13-OCT-06
Good Lord, I hate my ILs, except my FIL - he's a dear.  My MIL is a spoiled little rich girl who has always ALWAYS gotten her way.  She uses money to manipulate people and expects her kids to always be at her beck and call.  When my DH and I first got together, his mother would come to town and he was expected to do nothing but what she wanted him to do for months at a time.  This included driving her EVERYWHERE, talking to her, or doing nothing that wasn't with her.  He was also expected to do EVERYTHING for his sisters just because they're flaky.  This has since stopped, but now he's being punished for it.  His mother lives in another country, but comes to visit his sister in the states for months at a time, and yet she can't find time to visit him for a weekend.  His mother is such a b!tch that she once locked herself in a bedroom at my aunt's house for hours.  She sat in there crying and demanding that first my DH come in there to console her, and then her DD, and then my DH, and over and over.  This was, of course, my fault because my GF was dying, so we couldn't take her shopping.  Dying relatives can be SUCH an inconvenience.  I still want to kill her over that.

        Signed - Such an Inconvience
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frequent fry her - klaniro, 2 of 4 needed Frequent Fry Her TM. - klaniro, 2 of 4 needed/Posted: 14-OCT-06
Worst gift:  Ilk!  This one is easy.  When my MIL comes here for a visit, she always brings a boatload of junk with her to give out as "gifts".  Usually, the majority of the "gifts" are t-shirts out of the 49 cent bin, but have included some real stinkers.  One Christmas she gave me four wooden knives.  Yep.  Four useless wooden knives.  They weren't to use, but were too ugly for decoration.  BUT, this doesn't get the worst gift award.  She once brought my DH the foot of a dead cow (leg, hoof and all) that had been hollowed out and made into a CANTEEN!  He was not only suppose to keep this piece of DEAD ANIMAL, but he was suppose to DRINK OUT OF IT!  I couldn't stand it.  We hid it under the couch (it gave me nightmares just having it in the house) until she left and then tossed it.  Oooooh, it still gives me chills thinking about that ugly thing.

        Signed - Has A Room Full Of Crappy MIL Gifts
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frequent fry her - klaniro, 3 of 4 needed Frequent Fry Her TM. - klaniro, 3 of 4 needed/Posted: 17-OCT-06
Here is a story about MIL that doesn't involve me, but it's a great example of her bossy, controlling nature.  About three months before my DH and I started dating (we were friends at the time) his middle sister gave birth to a little girl.  My MIL took the birth certificate from her DD and SIL and told them that since she had paid for the kid, she got to name it.  And she did!  There was no discussion with this child's mother or father, nothing!  I have never said anything about this because it's none of my business, but come on!  Now that I'm married to her son, I'm afraid to have a baby!

        Signed - That Poor Kid
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frequent fry her - klaniro, 4 of 4 needed Frequent Fry Her TM. - klaniro, 4 of 4 needed/Posted: 3-NOV-06
EXTRA!  EXTRA!  READ ALL ABOUT IT!  IT HAS FINALLY HAPPENED!  DH STOOD UP TO HIS MOTHER!  After 7 years, countless terrible incidents, and several blowups and family feuds, DH has told his mother to back off.  I already posted about when she and SIL showed up uninvited at my mother's house, which was the catalyst.  DH tried to call his mom 3 times after "the incident", but she didn't answer.  Finally she called him back (at home *gasp* she never calls the house) and I answered.  She was all pleasant and said, "Hi, DDIL, how are you?  Can you ask DS if he called to talk to me or SIL (it happened to also be SIL's bday."  I told her, "Nope, he called to talk to you," and handed him the phone.  The first thing that he said was, "What the f*ck happened?"  FMIL acted all innocent, like she hadn't just ambushed my mother.  Anyway, I won't list everything verbatim, but DH told her that she had to back off, that we were adults and she had to realize that, to quit trying to stir up trouble with everyone, and a lot of other stuff.  But the big point was that this had to stop.  This went on for quite a while, over an hour I'd say.  To her credit MIL didn't cry (she always does, just to get her way), but she tried just about everything else.  When the conversation ended, we thought that it was over.  WRONG!  Round 2.  She called DH the next day while he was at work and told him that she had more to say.  When he asked why she hadn't said it last night, she said, "Oh well, you know how SIL gets when I'm upset."  So basically that meant that she didn't get her way last night, so she'll try crying today.  And she did.  She told DH that he had no right to tell her not to discuss us (DH and me) with everyone.  She ranted and raved, and finally DH told her to shut up, quit crying, and stop playing the victim because it isn't going to work.  I love him more today than I ever have.  He also told her that she has to start treating me better, that she could call the house because I'm not a monster who will bite her (I would if she ever got close enough), and to STOP LYING.  Ahhh.  I am basking in the glow, waiting for round 3.

        Signed - 1,2, and
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