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Frequent Fry HerTM
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frequent fry her - kws Frequent Fry Her TM. - kws/Posted: 24-DEC-09
Well what do ya know?  MIL wins again!  As most of you know by reading my posts, DH and I cut off the ILs over a year ago, and have not seen them since.  That doesn't mean they didn't continue to send very hateful emails to us.  Most of them would go to DH's work in-box. So, keep in mind that they have our email addresses.  Well, DH's aunt called me last week and asked if we had received the "family" email from FIL?  I checked.  No, we hadn't.  Even DH's work email had nothing.  She then forwarded it to me.  It told everyone what the family will be doing for Christmas, and where.  DH GP's are not in good health, and it was, according to FIL's email, their wish to have us all together again.  We didn't see any of them last Christmas due to the fact that the ILs have completely poisoned the GP's against us.  Not only did DH receive nothing from them, but neither did our DS.  I told Aunt that we would NOT be going.  All was fine, until I looked closely at the email that she had forwarded to me, and noticed that there is an address for DH and me in the address bar, like it was sent to us.  The only thing is that it was not the correct email address for either of us.  When I saw that, I was pissed because they tried to make it look like we were included!  Well, I emailed everybody in the family and told them what ILs had done.  I told them how I have had the same email for 10 years, and that DH's email had not changed, either.  I also told them that the ILs have no problem sending S#@! to us, but when they want to make everybody think they have taken the high road and finally reached out to us, they "accidentally" send it to some freakin' made up email address!!!!!  DH's cousin sent me an email saying that I should remember that family is important.  She said that she checked the email, and saw that we WERE included.  Hello?  Can you read, freak?  I just told you it WAS NOT our email address, and they did it purposely to look good to the family.  Does evil ever not win?  I am so sick of these two people, especially MIL, coming out on top no matter what they do to others.  It took some planning to come up with this little scheme.  At the end of the email that I sent out, I actually said, "Kudos, to both of them for being so good at what they do."  I even said, "If any of you want to forward this to them, feel free.  At least I don't pretend to include people who I could not care ANY less about."

        Signed - Sick Of The Freak Show
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frequent fry her - kws Frequent Fry Her TM. - kws/Posted: 16-AUG-09
Reading a post from 8/9 reminded me of my MIL and her always saying that she had raised 2 DSs.  She had always done the complete opposite of anything I told her to do with my own DSs.  She always put them in dangerous situations to get a rise out of me so she could scream in my face how she did fine raising her kids and that I was wrong.  I found my DS, at the age of 2, going down her basement stairs alone.  When I gasped and ran after him, she grabbed my arm and squeezed it, telling me to leave him alone or he would never learn!  That was nothing compared to the next time we went over there.  She said that she had a surprise for the boys.  As we went outside I saw that the surprise was 2 swings hung over a concrete slab.  I said that I thought it was dangerous, "What if they fell?"  I mean, they are 2 and 4!  She huffed and started her screaming in my face.  So, I said that they were not allowed on the swings unless they were moved to a safer place.  She said that she would just let them swing when I was not there!  So, I said that they would not be there without me!  A few weeks later, we went over there for dinner.  The entire family was there, and several comments were made about the swings.  She suggested that they were all "just like me", and continued to huff.  All of the kids were out playing, and everyone refused to let the kids swing.  All the adults were outside as well.  I went in for a second, and the next thing I knew, everybody was coming in to eat.  I did not see my 2 DSs, so I said, "Who has the kids?"  I was told, "Oh, MIL is out there with them."  As I ran out in horror, because I knew what she was doing, I heard the most horrifying sound of my life.  My 2 year old had fallen.  MIL was pushing him on the swing and he was about 6 feet off the concrete when he fell.  The other adult who witnessed it said that MIL was trying to make him touch the top of the porch!  He didn't even look like my DS.  His face was so distorted, and I had never seen anything like it.  DH and I rushed him to the hospital, with most of the family following us, but not MIL.  I was overreacting!  When we walked into the ER, they didn't even make us sign in.  DS was taken from me, and so many Drs. and nurses were around him.  I was in shock.  I could not even breath.  He had a concussion and was kept overnight.  MIL never came to the hospital.  DS is now 15, and suffers severe migraines as a result of the fall.  He also has scar tissue over his eye that looks like a golf ball under his skin.  And, guess what?  The swings are still there!  And, yes, she is cut out of our lives.  It took me a long time to take back my power, but I did.  If any readers think that you are powerless, you are NOT!  My MIL put me thru so much, and I wasted 3/4 of my marriage dealing with her.  Even though I am free from her now, my DS is a constant reminder of her evil.  I can still see his little face, and I still want to hurt her.

        Signed - Does Exactly What She Wants
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frequent fry her - kws Frequent Fry Her TM. - kws/Posted: 20-MAY-09
OMG!  Can my MIL and FIL get any crazier?  These two nut cases need to get a life.  It has been a whopping 411 days.  Yes, I keep count of the time since we have had anything to do with the ILs.  MIL is so unstable.  DH went to work this week to find an email from FIL just bashing him.  He said DH was a "sh!tty" son and GS because he didn't take the time to call or send a card to MIL on her "very special day"(Mother's Day).  We didn't acknowledge her last year, either, but all of a sudden they just cant believe we left her out!  He went on to say that they have no idea why we don't talk to them.  BS!!!  Then, he said that he hopes that after they are gone, we find that our actions were "worth it".  I swear, I have never in my life wanted to beat the cr@p out of someone so bad.  We didn't respond to the email.  We haven't responded to any of their cr@p.  Meanwhile, GM (FIL's mom) called me to say that ILs are so upset and have no idea what they have done to us.  I exploded!!  I love GM, but these two people have taken advantage of this old lady and convinced her that they are soooo innocent.  I felt bad, but at least she will have some words to think about the next time FIL and MIL whine to her.  I have a good mind to forward the email to the entire family.  Nobody has anything to do with us because we have been "so horrible to MIL".  I don't understand how evil people never get caught in their lies and deception.  No matter what they do, everyone believes them.  There was a time when I loved this family, with the exception of MIL.  She was always a controlling beeotch.  I don't know what happened to FIL.  I think she has drugged him and brainwashed him.  And, the rest of the family has had issues with her, but they are right back up her butt.  They say, "that's just (insert MIL's name here), how she is, get over it."  I got over it by kicking her @ss out of our lives.  Now, DH and I are the bad guys.  I really am thinking about taking all the emails MIL and FIL have sent over the last year (it is about 100) and filing a harassment charge.  A couple have been threatening.  One said, "It would be in my best interest not to be in the same space as them."  I don't know if they will ever stop.  Don't you get it, when it has been over a year since someone has spoken to you?  WTH?  Did you get up on Mothers Day and say, "I can't wait to hear from DS today."  OH, and at the end of the email FIL said that MIL asked him to delete the last paragraph because it was too harsh.  I told DH that 1st off, any mother who could even allow someone to speak to their child like that is not fit.  Second, that was her little way of showing how damn sweet and wonderfully caring she is.  Bless her heart, she didn't want us to be hurt!  I can't imagine why I don't fall all over this angelic creature!

        Signed - Innocent MIL
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frequent fry her - kws Frequent Fry Her TM. - kws/Posted: 7-MAY-09
My MIL is so sick.  Even though this happened a while back, it still makes my blood boil, because she gets away with EVERYTHING!  After she was diagnosed with breast cancer (I have said in previous posts that I would not wish this even on her) she had to use it to her advantage to gain attention.  She insisted that her GS's know.  They were 12, 10, 5, and 2 at the time.  Although I told her that my DS didn't need the gory details (they are the older two), she turned on the tears and said how this was a family tragedy and they should know that she could die!  Well, as I tried to protect my DSs, she told the 5 year old everything.  That Sunday he announced in church, "Everybody to be careful because (MIL'S name) has sick ninnies and had to get them cut off."  I was mortified as his mom (SIL) stood there laughing with the ILs about how cute it was.  I voiced my displeasure with all of them, only to have MIL to say, "Well, I shoved (DS's name) into my chest and asked him if he could tell if they were real."  I could barely speak!  Yes, she put her 12 year old GS's face into her boobs and thought it was hilarious.  My DH and I asked our DS about this in private, and he cried.  He was so embarrassed.  I called her and let loose, as did my DH.  She insisted that she did no wrong, and had FIL get on the phone to "save her", as she can never stand up to a fight.  They both continued to take the 5 year old everywhere, coaxing him to tell of the "sick ninnies".  I wanted to file charges, but DH said it may hurt DS more to do that.  She makes me want to vomit.  She is always so gross.  She is one of those who thinks she is sooo hot and that everybody wants her!  I have never wanted to attack somebody so bad in my life!

        Signed - Sick Beeotch
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frequent fry her - kws Frequent Fry Her TM. - kws/Posted: 3-APR-09
First off, let me say that we have not heard a peep from MIL in over a month!  I took advice from this site, and so far it looks as though it may pay off!  Thanks!  I have said before that I have kept a journal on my MIL for a LONG time.  Here are a few of her little behaviors that I thought you might enjoy.  When DS was turning 10, he wanted a Jack Russell puppy.  My sister actually breeds them and sells them for $400.  They have a great blood line and papers, for those of you who care about that!  Well, anyway, we decide to get him one.  Of course, my sister did not charge me, but I never told MIL this.  I let her believe that we spent the cash!.  When she got to the birthday party, the attitude was in full bloom!  She wouldn't even acknowledge the little puppy.  She ended up leaving after 10 minutes, saying that she forgot she left some steaks on the grill!!!  Glad to see her go!  A few days later, she called and said, "I got a new puppy!"  I said, "I thought you didn't like dogs," and she said, "If you can have a fancy dog with papers, so can I."  I asked her what kind, and she said it was a mix between two small dogs!  Then, she said, "Yours must not really be registered, since you had to send off for your papers, because my vet gave me papers today."  I told her that the vet doesn't have those papers that she was referring to, and, of course, she argued that she was right and I was wrong.  The more I sat there and thought about it, the madder I got.  So, I just went to her house.  I asked to see her pup.  She said, "See, here are the papers.  I told you."  They were vet records from where the mutt dog had gotten its shots!  I started laughing at her and told her all that she had was proof that it didn't have rabies!  She then asked me where we got our papers, and I explained to her that first you have to have a pure bred, so she was out of luck!  She still insisted that her dog was better, and she had the correct papers.  She competed with her own GS!  A few weeks after that, we were planning on getting a new car.  I mentioned that I was interested in a certain make and model.  It wasn't a week later when she called and said that she had gotten a new car!  Oh yeah, the same make and model as the one I had mentioned!  I wanted to run her over with her own car!  She is like this all the time.  You will never outdo her.  That fall, for our anniversary, we decided to go to an island in the Western Caribbean.  Guess where she went 3 weeks after us?  The next year, we went on another warm weather destination.  It only took her 5 weeks to get there.  The next trip we took, I told DH to play along.  We told her we were going to this tiny fishing town in the state I am from.  It is very poor.  It has a beach, but it is not a tourist place, if you get the picture.  It does have one condo on the entire island!!  I know the place well, because I grew up only 50 miles from there and my dad used to take us over to see the fish that came in on the boats.  Well, you can bet your boots she was chomping at the bit to get there!  She called us and said, "We rode over to the island where you stayed.  I couldn't find your car at the condo!"  I burst out laughing and said, "That's because we were never there!"  Did I mention it was a four hour drive for her?!  Now, tell me that I don't have one crazy, competitive, narcissistic, childish beeotch of a MIL!!!!

        Signed - MIL Will Not Be Outdone
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frequent fry her - kws Frequent Fry Her TM. - kws/Posted: 14-MAR-09
Worst gift:  My MIL always gives the same # of gifts to me and my SIL.  Keep in mind, the same # and dollar amount vary greatly.  One year, she gave me a set of pajamas.  The shirt was in one box, and the pants were in another!  SIL had two sets of clothing in one box (2 pairs of pants, two sweaters and socks!).  In her other box was a complete set of dishes.  She thinks she is so clever.

        Signed - I Have Another Word For Her!
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frequent fry her - kws Frequent Fry Her TM. - kws/Posted: 7-MAR-09
My MIL has the same name as a friend of hers.  Well, they both get their hair done at one of those high priced, kiss your @ss salons.  MIL went in to get her witch roots touched up, and needed a cut, as well.  The stylist told her that she was booked, and there were no appointments for several weeks.  Well, my MIL, who will not be told no, asked for a sip of water.  When the stylist went to get it, MIL looked in her appointment book and saw when her friend (with the same name) was coming in.  She (MIL) showed up 10 minutes early on the day of friend's appointment.  Being that "her name" was on the books, the stylist proceeded.  Meanwhile, her friend came in and MIL said, "What are you doing here?"  Her friend said that she had an appointment, but MIL said, "You are losing your mind!"  Her friend left and never knew the truth.  MIL is very proud of her accomplishment.  What a b!tch!!!

        Signed - Her Witch Roots
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frequent fry her - kws Frequent Fry Her TM. - kws/Posted: 4-MAR-09
My MIL stories will amaze all of you.  She is the queen of narcissistic behavior.  She is a master manipulator.  She will give you panic attacks that will make you pray for death!  I have dealt with her for 19 years on my own, and most of those years were spent with me crying, not standing up for myself, and arguing with my DH as to why no man in her family had the @#&* to stand up to her.  When my 1st son was born, she had a nursery professionally done at her house that put mine to shame.  Anything I do, she can do better, and she will let everybody know it.  She has broken into our home and set off the alarm.  When the police arrived, she even convinced them that she was me!  She stole my mail and had my credit accounts changed to her address.  After I missed a payment, because I got no bill, she had the nerve to call my DH and tell him that I was ruining our credit, and that the company had called her because I was avoiding the collection calls!  She had someone call my DH at work, when I was pregnant with our 2nd child, and talk very seductively to him.  Oh, she thought this one was great!  She had obtained my SS# and obtained a copy of my credit report.  She would be an awesome study for any Dr.  Someone needs to come up with a law to protect the innocent victims, the DIL, from the horrible behavior of the MIL.  I have 2 sons now, and I haven't had contact with her for almost a year.  I have made a vow to both of them that I will never knowingly hurt them and their wives the way I was allowed to be hurt.

        Signed - Someone Needs To Come Up With A Law
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frequent fry her - kws Frequent Fry Her TM. - kws, 1 of 4 needed/Posted: 8-MAR-09
Worst gift:  One of the worst Christmas days ever was spent with my MIL.  She always called and asked what she could get my boys for Christmas.  Of course, this was just her way of finding out what I was getting them, so she could top it.  That year, I had planned on getting one of those DVD players for the car.  At the time, they were pretty pricey, so this was going to be their "big" gift.  MIL asked if there were any DVDs she could get.  I gave her a list, and that was that.  A few days before Christmas, my SIL called and told me that MIL had bought 2 DVD players!  Yes, one for each boy!  How thoughtful!  DH called and asked her why.  She claimed that she had forgotten, but she would take them back.  Oh, how sorry she was that she had done that, she exclaimed!!  On Christmas morning, we were called and told to come over very early.  I knew then that something was up.  We rushed through our Christmas to get over there, and guess what?  DSs were handed two beautifully wrapped gifts.  It was the DVD players!!  She snatched them from them, opened them, and ripped the boxes up.  She then turned to me and pointed her witchy finger.  With her most evil voice she said, "Take yours back."  As I sat there, almost in tears, nobody said a word to her.  I got up, gathered what was left of myself, and left.  She made sure we couldn't return her gift, so I just trashed it.

        Signed - How Thoughtful!
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frequent fry her - kws Frequent Fry Her TM. - kws, 2 of 4 needed/Posted:10-MAR-09
My MIL was going thru a lot of tests a couple of years ago.  She had breast cancer, which I would not wish on any woman, even her.  She used this as an attempt to have everyone fall all over her.  She refused to wear anything on her head.  If someone looked at her (what she wanted), she would say. "I have cancer!" Well, for whatever reason, her Dr. wanted her to have a colon test.  We all know where that is, right?  She called the day after and told us that they had the results of the colon test.  Apparently, the Dr. had found some questionable spots on her brain!!  That's right, her brain.  She was using her "I am so pitiful" voice.  I burst out laughing and said, "Please tell me what Dr. you went to, because if he can stick a tube up your @ss and see your brain, I am staying away from him!!"

        Signed - Maybe It Explains Some Things?
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frequent fry her - kws Frequent Fry Her TM. - kws, 3 of 4 needed/Posted:15-MAR-09
This website is like therapy!  I have kept a journal for years about my MIL.  I went back and read some of her crazy stunts.  Here is one for you.  When my DH and I got married, we got 2 cats.  A few months later, we had to move in with the ILs while our apartment was being painted.  I came home from work one day and my cats were gone!!  I asked MIL if she had seen them, and she said, "Yes, I took them to the vet to have the kittens aborted!"  What?  Are you freakin' kidding me?  I asked her WTF she thought she was doing, and she replied, "You don't need a bunch of kittens, so I took care of it."  I called the vet to see if the procedure had been done, and, of course, it had.  They needed to keep her overnight, but said I could pick her up the next day.  I went after work the next day, and my cat was not at the vet!  They said she had already been picked up and that the bill was paid by me!!!  Well, obviously I had not been there, but I knew who had.  I went straight up to MIL and said, "Where are my @#$%&%* cats?  She replied that they (MIL and FIL) had taken care of them and paid the vet bill, therefore she was going to keep them!  She would not tell me where they were.  She kept those cats hostage from me.  Trust me, this was a minor event in my life compared to the crazy cr@p she has pulled.  I am so glad that after 19 years of being intimidated by her, I can finally tell her to kiss my @#%!!!!

        Signed - She Was Going To Keep Them!
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frequent fry her - kws Frequent Fry Her TM. - kws, 4 of 4 needed/Posted: 23-MAR-09
I have a lot of fun with this site, but I could really use some help.  DH and I cut all ties with my ILs almost a year ago.  MIL has managed to find fault with every person in the family, yet her DH stands by her like she is holy.  This past Christmas, nobody came to the family gathering that is a tradition.  It is always held the Saturday before Christmas at my FIL's parents' home.  FIL has 2 siblings, who have a total of 5 children and 7 grandchildren.  Then, my DH has 1 sibling, a wife and 2 children.  Only my ILs and DH's sibling's family went.  The GPs who host were told, by all who did not attend, that MIL was the reason, and as long as she is around, we would not be.  Somehow, MIL turned this around on me, as usual, and now the GPs have nothing to do with me, DH, or our kids.  She went as far as to tell them that they drove here to see us and deliver gifts, and I opened the door and told her to get the f@#$ out of my home and never return!  I would have loved to have really said that, but it never happened.  She has not been to my home in about 2 years.  DH sent a final email to the ILs back in December telling them that we knew what she had done, and not to contact us in any way.  She has not stopped.  She calls my kids' cell phones and leaves messages.  They want nothing to do with her, either.  She emails my DH at work like nothing is wrong.  FIL sends emails titled "random news" all the time.  He goes on and on about what they are doing and how they can't wait to see us!  It has been 1 year since we have seen them, and about 6 months since we have actually spoken to them.  We do not reply to emails, and we never return phone calls.  We don't accept anything from them.  They sent us a check for Christmas, a whopping $75 to split between us!  We didn't cash it.  They are very wealthy and travel a lot.  They have a family member who lives about 1/2 hour from us.  MIL has always hated this person, but amazingly visits them all the time, now that we have moved here.  We are about 4 hours away from her now.  We thought that the move would help, but it seems worse now.  We hear from other family members that she is in the area, or she emails my DH to say that they would love to see us.  I am in constant fear when I know she is near.  My oldest will graduate next year, and I am actually having nightmares that she will try and come.  She will not be told what to do.  This woman will stop at nothing (some of my other posts will show you what I mean, stealing my cats, breaking into my house, getting my credit report, taking friends hair appointments, on and on and on).  She has done things to me over the years that I should have had her arrested for, but I was so shy and intimidated by her.  For a long time, I didn't have DH on my side.  Looking back now, I wish I would have put her away.  Now that I have DH on my side, she is even more vicious.  I went to see a psychologist and she warned me that extremely narcissistic people, like her, are dangerous when they are threatened.  When she is losing control, she will push harder, and that is just what she is doing.  I can't sleep.  It is like my mind is consumed with thoughts of her.  I am wondering if I need medication.  Yes, it is that bad!  She has shown up at DH's work, unannounced, and said that she was just out for a drive.  Remember, she is 4 hours away!  He has a good job and is pretty high up in the company, so he doesn't need mommy showing up and sending emails all the time.  Every time we go a few weeks and don't hear from them, we start to breathe.  But, then it starts again - another email or phone call.  I feel like I am sinking.  It is the most helpless feeling in the world, and I am at the end of my rope.  Have any of you dealt with this?  Can you give some advice?  Please don't chastise me for letting her get away with all that she has.  I regret not being stronger, and DH regrets not standing up for me.  Looking back, we both would have done better.  But, we have to deal with now, and I don't know how.  I cannot stop thinking about how badly I want to punch her face in and drag her by her hair.  I think I could beat the s@#$ out of her, and never regret it.  The problem is that I am trying to be a better person, and I know that even thinking that is wrong.  What should I do????????????

        Signed - Can Anybody Save Me?
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