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Frequent Fry HerTM
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frequent fry her - LivingInLaLaLand Frequent Fry Her TM. - LivingInLaLaLand/Posted: 3-JUN-07
My MIL is unbelievable!  About a week ago she injured herself doing housework.  Of course, the whole family had to do anything and run to her aide.  I saw right through her charade, but played along, while a few days ago I injured myself in the same way, doing actual work,  I knew that I had to go to work, so I asked MIL if she would take me, because my injuries made it difficult to take public transportation.  I was due to go to work at the same time that MIL was to be at an appointment that was across from my work.  I called my MIL and asked her if she wouldn't mind bringing me with her and dropping me off a few minutes before her appointment.  Can you believe she said no?  I was shocked and appalled.  Her excuse was that she, herself, was still suffering.  So what?  She could not have an extra passenger in her car?  Oh, did I mention that I live with her??  In order to take public transportation I would have had to walk 15 minutes and ride a bumpy bus.  I just do not understand.  This is one of the worst things MIL has ever done!  After this, I have no respect for her.

        Signed - Sad & Hurt
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frequent fry her - LivingInLaLaLand Frequent Fry Her TM. - LivingInLaLaLand/Posted: 29-MAY-07
My MIL always says, "You treat others how you would like to be treated".  Does this mean that I get to treat her like a worthless witch?  For the past few weeks my MIL has ignored me (I live with her).  Some might say that's lucky for me, but it is not an outright ignoring.  It is cold looks, mean comments and complete disrespect.  A few days ago, DH actually confronted her about the way she has treated me and she said, "Oh, whatever are you talking about?", while smirking.  Now, MIL is treating DH the same way.  I have told DH that I will no longer live there.  I am now staying at my parent's, and it is so hard!  MIL made a comment a month ago about breaking us up.  Is this what she is trying to do?  I will not stand for it.  DH and I are very much in love, and there is no way that I will let this witch come between us.  I told DH to tell her that on the next major holiday he should tell MIL that since she is not talking to us, we will be spending the day with my family.  I hope DH can do this.  Everyone is afraid to stand up to her.  But, this is his chance to hurt her, like she has hurt us.  The sad thing is that we have not done anything to bring this about.  This is just her sick idea of fun.  When DH tries to tell her something, she ignores him.  She starts laughing like a five year old who just got caught taking a cookie!  There is a 23 year age difference between MIL and me.  When is she going to grow up?

        Signed - What Goes Around, Comes Around!
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frequent fry her - LivingInLaLaLand Frequent Fry Her TM. - LivingInLaLaLand/Posted: 29-MAY-07
I don't know what to do with my MIL.  I think that she has some sort of mental disorder.  She is controlling, vindictive, cruel, and just downright evil.  I have never seen someone play favorites with their kids so obviously.  DF is the least favorite.  MIL will let BIL, who is 16, get away with murder.  My hardworking DF is treated worse than her dogs.  She uses everything she can think of to get pity from others.  The sad thing is that no one really likes her, and she is completely oblivious to it.  She is a user, and the people who come in contact with her only use her.  I guess it's nice to see the user get used, but I am so sick of her games.  One minute she is my best buddy and we are going to the spa together, and the next minute she is making snide comments and yelling at me.  She is in denial about everything, from her obesity to her drinking to her lying.  She claims to be very proud of who she is, but the truth is that she doesn't really know who she is.  How do you deal with someone who is hot and cold to you?  Any advice would be welcome.

        Signed - Living with My Best Friend The Ice Queen
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frequent fry her - LivingInLaLaLand Frequent Fry Her TM. - LivingInLaLaLand/Posted: 16-DEC-06
My MIL is such a control freak!  She has to control where and when anyone does anything!  If my MIL could control when people go to the washroom, she would.  Ever heard the saying, "What's good for the goose is good for the gander?"  Not in MIL land.  MIL is the goose and no one, and I mean no one can ever question what she does.  The ganders are her maids, waiting on her hand and foot.  My MIL is so lazy that if she could have someone spoon feed her, she would.  And, the ironic thing is that she is always worried about what people think.  If I was a lying, trashy, lazy, dirty selfish slob, I really would not be concerned about how people look at me.  The sad thing is that no one knows what my MIL is really like.  No one sees how much she drinks, or yells, or lies.  She has gotten her acting down so well that she could win an Emmy.  She is actually so lazy that she forces other people to lie for her.  I am just so sick of it.  Long will she rein, my . . .

        Signed - Almighty MIL
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frequent fry her - LivingInLaLaLand, 1 of 4 needed Frequent Fry Her TM. - LivingInLaLaLand, 1 of 4 needed/Posted: 1-NOV-06
My MIL lives in La La Land!  She is living a double life.  In one life she is a rich snob and everyone else is trash.  And in reality she is a broke b!tch and she thinks everyone else is trash.  Let me give you an example:  DH and I had planned a mini vacation, and, of course, she insisted on herself and her daughter tagging along.  We informed MIL that is was a white water rafting trip and she may not enjoy it, but she insisted and offered to pay for it as long as I made the arrangements, which was very generous.  However, she insisted that only a 5 Star hotel would do.  Since she was paying for it, I let her have her way.  It turns out that the hotel was booked, so the poor woman (who lives in dirty, ripped clothes) would have to endure the horror of a 4 star hotel.  And, just my luck, they only had one room left.  That would mean that MIL, SIL, DH and I get to be roomies all weekend - what a joy!  So, when I told MIL that the four night vacation would cost $500, she flipped out!  The hotel that she wanted to stay at was over $400 a night!!!  She then asked if there was a small motel that we could stay in.  For the sake of argument I agreed.  But I do not understand how she demands such a pricey hotel, and we ended up in a $50 a night motel.  Well, there is only two weeks left until the now dreaded vacation, and she told me now that she can't come because there will be no one to feed her cat.  So now I am stuck paying some dumpy motel that I did not want to be in and baby-sitting SIL!  WoooHooo!

        Signed - I'll Go On My Vacation And You Can Go To H*LL
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frequent fry her - LivingInLaLaLand, 2 of 4 needed Frequent Fry Her TM. - LivingInLaLaLand, 2 of 4 needed/Posted: 14-NOV-06
You know how they say, "What goes around, comes around"?  Well, they forgot to tell me that included the cycles in the love/hate relationship that I have with my MIL.  I have got it down to a science now; it's 3 months normal, 3 months pure evil.  She always manages to make sure that her evil comes out around my favorite parts of the year, like summer and Christmas.  She always goes out of her way to exclude me and make me feel about an inch big around these times.  What I don't understand is that evil MIL comes out when MIL is happiest and things are going her way.  It started about a week ago, when she decided that after 4 years that no one but her is allowed to smoke in her house.  She has smoked in this house for 20 years and you can really tell.  But what she meant by that was that no one but her, is everyone but me.  It's winter here now and very cold at night, and she is making me go outside in freezing rain to smoke.  I don't understand how she can be so cruel.  Last week her BF, a few other friends, and my 12 year old SIL's friends were all there, and they were all smoking in the house.  But she insisted that I go outside.  I was so hurt!  She actually was so cruel as to stand inside and wave to me while smoking in "her" house.  Yes, around this time she gets very selfish.  She even says things like, "You're lucky that I let you eat off my dishes and stand on my floor."  I only spend about 40% of my time at her house, and she insists that I pay her rent, too!  She even says these things to her own kids.  But the worst part of it is how she belittles me in front of people.  She will say things like, "Don't listen to her, she is clueless," when we are talking about a subject that happens to be my profession.  She knows that I am trying to save money and she will send me to the store with a list with 20 things on it (most of them personal items for her), and never gives me any money.  If I tell her that I do not have the money to pay for it, she says, "Never mind."  Gee, I guess these things are only necessary if someone else is footing the bill.  One time during her three months of he!! she actually kicked me out of her house, saying that she was not feeling well (did I mention that I pay rent?), but SIL's friends were allowed to stay.  She tries to make herself look innocent by saying, "I am not singling you out."  News flash MIL, you are sick all the time because you are an alcoholic!  You never stop drinking!  I would be "very sick", too.  Oh and my favorite is when she is in front of a bunch of people and she gets up like she is 100 years old.  She screams in agony because she is in so much pain!  MIL and I were in a minor fender bender (no damage to the car), and she is apparently crippled!  She even tried to sue and they laughed at her.  The water works that accompany this are amazing, too.  She can turn it on and off like a garden hose.  No wonder she is "in pain", she never gets her 300 lb @ss off the sofa!  She also openly admits to favoring SIL.  She will take her everywhere and give her anything that she wants.  DF is crushed by this!  It hurts me to watch this go on!  So, yet again I have to go through the holidays with evil MIL.  The rest of the time she isn't good to me, just decent.  I can really live with decent.  Sometimes I wish MIL really would get . . .

        Signed - In a Bad Accident!
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frequent fry her - LivingInLaLaLand, 3 of 4 needed Frequent Fry Her TM. - LivingInLaLaLand, 3 of 4 needed/Posted: 15-NOV-06
MIL has done it again!  DF and I are planning on having a baby as soon as we get married.  MIL is aware of this and so excited that we are giving her a GC.  She has already stated that when this child is born, it is "hers", but we will have that battle when the day comes.  I am the type of person who will buy a Christmas present for someone in June, if I happen to find a suitable gift.  I have also done this with baby items.  I recently purchased a car seat for 50% off.  Now I haven't gone as far as to buy clothes, but when I see a good price for big ticket items, I think it makes perfect sense.  MIL thinks this is a smart idea.  She was out shopping and found a very nice bedside crib in an antique shop (the type that has a frame and swings, kind of like a bassinet), and she picked it up for me.  I was absolutely thrilled, as I had been looking for one and they are rather hard to find.  We had it for a few months when one of her friend's DD had a baby.  Her friend showed up with her DGD, and MIL said, "I forgot I had something for the baby," and she gave her friend the crib that she had given to me for my baby.  I was crushed!  She did this right in front of me and didn't even so much as say, "I will get you another one."  This is just the tip of the iceberg.  She constantly does cruel things just to hurt me.  If I give her something, she has no shame giving it away right in front of me, because she is very cheap.  One time she had forgotten about a friend's birthday, and the person had called and said that she was dropping by.  Instead of running out and picking up something, or even letting her friend know that she has forgotten, she grabbed a basket and decided that she would 'throw" something together.  I was appalled.  She took a basket that she had used to keep toilet paper in from the bathroom (which her friend had obviously seen).  She then went to her cupboards and filled it with things like cake mix, ketchup, food coloring and anything else that she had found unopened.  Her friend did not even know how to thank her, she was just in shock.  Now, as I mentioned previously, MIL definitely has money to spare, so I do not know why she gives such tacky gifts.  I have so many stories like this.  I could go on for ever.

        Signed - Stay Tuned For More On My Crazy MIL!
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frequent fry her - LivingInLaLaLand, 4 of 4 needed Frequent Fry Her TM. - LivingInLaLaLand, 4 of 4 needed/Posted: 11-DEC-06
My MIL is nuts!  She lives in total denial all of the time!  She believes that if she does something wrong it is for a special reason.  For example, if MIL lies, it's because she has "no other choice".  MIL drinks because she doesn't eat (which is bull, because she weighs 500 lbs!), etc.  Anyway, I am really getting sick of MIL's double standard!  She has some of the worst habits a human being can possess!  She lies, steals, cheats, cons, whines, gets violent and drinks.  She is dirty, and she doesn't wash her hands, just to name a few.  And everyone around her has been conditioned to accept this behavior from her.  It just shocks me how everyone can just sit around and watch this behavior happen, yet no one will even hint to her that it is unacceptable!  I always get a big laugh when someone tries to confront her.  She will come up with every excuse in the book, and when she is out of excuses, she will either shut the person out or she will tell them that it was her prerogative!!!  She claims to be a professional or expert everything, or she knows someone who is.  It's like a constant game of "top this"!  She always has to top everything everyone else does, and if they try to top her, she belittles them!  MIL's behavior used to really upset me, and sometimes it still does, but after years of this, my advice is to just laugh at it all!  When MIL is going off on one of her drunk rants, I just laugh inside or I go to my room, shove a pillow in my face, and laugh until I fall asleep.  It's really sad because MIL wasn't always such a horrible person.  I think that she just spent too much time with evil, and probably a lot if it is from her divorce.  I wish that MIL could be that wonderful person she once was, but I can't help but believe that that may have been a con, too! So, please . . .

        Signed - Do Yourself A Favor And Just Laugh!
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