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Frequent Fry HerTM
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Lost In Translation
Age: 28       MIL Age: 56

frequent fry her - Lost In Translation Frequent Fry Her TM - Lost In Translation/Posted: 5-APR-06
OK, so now, after one very sad miscarriage a few months after our wedding, which MIL tried to ruin when things didn't go her way, I'm pregnant again.  I'm cautious, but happy.  You would think they'd try to be nice to me, but what was FIL and MIL's reaction when they found out?  "Why are you doing this to (DH's son from a previous relationship with a stripper)?"  Now, it is so much more of a nightmare because, even though we have 70% custody of the little boy and pay for all his school supplies, summer activities, clothes, sports, travel, toys, etc., not to mention that we are his primary caregivers, do his homework with him, take him to the doctor and dentist, and also take him whenever his lovely birthmother is busy on her few days of custody, we are "bad parents, too strict, blah, blah, blah, and we should help (the stripper) out more."  What?  I don't know what these people think.  I AM THE WIFE.  WE ARE MARRIED!  WE ARE A FAMILY.  WE TAKE CARE OF THE KID, AND DID FOR 3 YEARS PRIOR TO GETTING MARRIED.  How could I, or my DH, possibly do more?  I asked my priest what to do, and he said, "Don't get married, these people will be a problem."  I should have listened.  Life would be so much easier if these people just found a busy highway and jumped into it.

        Signed - Nightmare
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frequent fry her - Lost In Translation Frequent Fry Her TM - Lost In Translation/Posted: 28-SEP-05
I got married to DF this year.  So, FMIL is now, unfortunately, MIL.  At my wedding reception (which she did not contribute to), she went around telling everyone that, no matter what, she would always love my stepson's mother.  She also told her friends, whom she didn't pay for, to bring along anyone they wanted.  They did, and they wore TANK TOPS AND FLIP FLOPS to a formal event.

        Signed - FMIL Is Now, Unfortunately, MIL
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frequent fry her - Lost In Translation, 1 of 4 needed
Frequent Fry Her TM - Lost In Translation, 1 of 4 needed/Posted: 31-JAN-05
Christmas Party #1.  I might add that last night we had another fight about his mother.  Christmas Party #1 was my attempt to start our own family traditions.  I came from a large family where we don't give many gifts, but we do get together often, and we care about each other quite a bit.  My DF has a son from a previous relationship, and luckily the little guy and I have a great rapport.  He loves me, bless his little heart.  Anyway, despite some pretty rude things that my FMIL had already done, and a certain great-grandma's birthday that ended in drunken fighting amongst her and her relatives, I still naively envisioned our new family being as wonderful as my existing family, and sharing that with my future stepson.  As such, I invited everyone to my apartment to decorate the tree with us and have a little party.  I worked two jobs at the time, and hadn't much time for housecleaning.  So, I did my best with the food (over the top, a huge assortment of appetizers, etc.) and the cleaning, but didn't have time to clean my bedroom.  I shut the door and put the cat litter box in front of it.  There was a lot of laundry in there, I didn't make the bed, etc.  DF and son arrived, and son had a toilet training accident (he was a toddler), so dad changed him and put the dirty clothes in my room, shutting the door again.  The next to arrive were the FPILs.  The toddler wanted to show his grandma his shoes that he had peed on.  They headed toward my room, and I clearly said to both of them, "Maybe another time, I don't want anyone in my room."  I turned my back to let some more people in.  The next thing I knew, they were coming out of my room with the shoes!!!!  I said, "Why did you go in there?"  I was mortified, the room was a mess!  She said, "It's no big deal," and laughed at me!  Her son took her aside and told her to apologize to me.  The apartment wasn't very big, and I could hear her yelling, "No way, I'm not apologizing to HER.  She's just making a big deal out of nothing!"  So, then he said that she had to leave if she didn't apologize.  As she was leaving, her way of apologizing was to force a hug on me and say, "You've gotta quit being so sensitive."  Needless to say, it has only gone down hill.  Christmas party #2 will be posted soon.

        Signed - I Was Mortified

frequent fry her - Lost In Translation, 2 of 4 needed
Frequent Fry Her TM - Lost In Translation, 2 of 4 needed/Posted: 01-FEB-05
Christmas Party #2.  After CP#1, I was pretty much done with FMIL.  But, I was invited to "the only time the whole family gets together, come on, you'll have fun, I never get to see those guys all together".  So, I went along.  My DF was trying, at that time, to teach his son some basic table manners (not talking with your mouth full, using a fork, eating from his own plate).  We got to the party, and DF told her that the toddler would eat by himself.  He had been doing really well, and he wanted him to keep working on these skills.  We went up to the buffet line at this HUGE gathering of about 200, and she insisted on taking him up there herself.  So, we all sat back down, and there he was, sitting on her lap, being fed by her WITH HER FINGERS.  He was 3!  Scalloped potatoes!  YUCK.  Anyway, I said nothing, him not being my kid.  But, DF said, "Mom, I told you."  With HER mouth full, ham flying out, she drunkenly slurred, "Shut up," and kept feeding the kid.  FSS then turned around and said, "Yeah daddy, shut up!!"  His dad told him, "Come here.  We have to talk."  GM gave him a hug and said, "Your dad is so mean.  Come be by GM."  I lost it.  I told her not to contradict this child's dad in front of him, and she said that I think I'm better than her just because I know all those fancy words.  OOOOOh, contradict.  Wow.  Then, she said (and right she was) "YOU'RE NOT HIS MOM (way to teach him to respect me in the future), so shut up or I'll kick your @ss." DF said, "That's it," and we left, while she repeated her threat to anyone who would listen.  I know that he's not my son, but I won't have someone whom I love taken down that way in front of their kid.  I called her that night to apologize for saying anything to her.  Even though I was furious, for the sake of peace I told her that I shouldn't have talked to her when I did.  Her answer was,  "YOU'RE RIGHT, YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE."  No apology from her to this day.

        Signed - Still No Apology

frequent fry her - Lost In Translation, 3 of 4 needed
Frequent Fry Her TM - Lost In Translation, 3 of 4 needed/Posted: 02-FEB-05
This one may fall into WORST GIFT territory, but it's also a story in itself.  In addition to the Christmas parties from he!!, which were about two years ago, there have been other public "situations" with this insane woman, whom I try to see as little as possible.  But, sometimes, it is unavoidable.  Their family does both the 24th and 25th together.  I don't go to the 24th with them, because in HER house she insists on contradicting my DF about his son, and pushes him until they have to leave.  I'd rather not watch this.  So, she sends a gift with him for me to open at home (why, I'll never know - she hates me, why give me a gift? but I guess it's so that she can play the loving FMIL and make me look bad) and then grills me on it the next day at FSIL's.  Last year, she gave me a torture device that removes body and facial hair.  I knew that she would ask, so I tried it on my leg and it left a welt.  So, I threw it out.  The next day, she didn't say hello.  She looked at me and declared that I didn't open my gift.  "Yes, I did.  I even tried it!"  "No, you didn't!  You still have a mustache!  I brought along some wax, do you want me to wax it for you?" Yes, she did this in front of a room full of people.

        Signed - Sometimes It Is Unavoidable

frequent fry her - Lost In Translation, 4 of 4 needed
Frequent Fry Her TM - Lost In Translation, 4 of 4 needed/Posted: 03-FEB-05
For a fourth story, I'm not sure what to choose.  There is so much to work with.  MMMMM, let's see.  One year, we were having a lot of hot weather.  I'm pretty sensitive about the weight that I've gained, and I don't like the way that I look in shorts as a result (I am only about a size 10/12, so it's not bad, it's just that I don't prefer shorts right now, I'm sensitive about it).  I wear capris instead.  FMIL, who is not huge, but not in great shape, loves to wear the skimpiest thing that she can squeeze into, regardless of what hangs out.  We were at some barbecue or something at her house, and she commented about why don't I wear shorts.  Hadn't I noticed that it was hot out?  I told her that I didn't feel like it.  "I'm comfortable, thanks".  She brought it up time and time again for a couple of weeks (phone calls and emails), and then we had to go over there again.  She cornered me as soon as I came in and gave me some shorts.  They were BOYS size 12 jean shorts.  I looked at them and told her, "No thanks.  I'm fine."  She pushed me into the bathroom and said, "You are going to try those on right now!"  She laughed when they didn't fit and said "I thought you were a size 12 (she didn't notice it said BOYS, since she gets things at garage sales), but I guess you are right, you DO NEED TO DIET."

        Signed - Shorts


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