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Frequent Fry HerTM
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frequent fry her - Lynnardz Frequent Fry Her TM - lynnardz/Posted: 11-MAY-08
Tomorrow is Mothers' Day.  I am so not excited.  Whenever we didn't live around family, DH would take me out to eat with our children.  Now, I end up over at my MIL's all day.  We will eat whatever she wants and do whatever she wants.  I think that I will let my DH go and take my children this year so that I can spend a quiet day at home.  If I have to eat one more bbq pork steak, I think I will be sick.

        Signed - Enough Pork Steak Already
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frequent fry her - Lynnardz Frequent Fry Her TM - lynnardz/Posted: 5-MAY-08
My MIL and SIL hate me.  It has been over twenty years now, and there is no changing that.  DH and I have been married 20 years.  We have 5 children, and even one grandchild, but the situation with my ILs never changes.  I have been a SAHM most of our marriage, but I have always gone and gotten a job to help if our economic situation needed it and if it made sense.  I keep a clean house.  I love my kids more than anything, and I love my DH.  But, according to them, I am lazy, bossy, and controlling.  Nothing I do is ever good enough.  I have learned, recently, that they talk about me to common acquaintances.  They speak only half truths, which benefit them by making me look bad.  Sometimes, I dwell on it so much that I feel as if I am going crazy.  In the past, I have begged my DH to speak with them.  I would never let my family speak to other people about him, the way they talk about me.  I don't think they understand that it is not only hurtful to me, but also hurtful to my DH, and our children.  But, of course, my DH says it would do more harm than good.  It doesn't matter, as his mother doesn't listen anyway.

        Signed - Still The Outcast
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frequent fry her - Lynnardz Frequent Fry Her TM - lynnardz, 1 of 4 needed/Posted: 26-APR-08
My MIL has always tried to make sure that she and her children are #1.  My DH was accused of abandoning his family when he joined the military and married me.  She treated him as if he was her DH/children's father.  She would invite him to dinner without me when he was home on leave.  He never went.  My parents would never invite me and not him.  She called, when his sister graduated, and offered to pay HIS way home, but not his children or wife.  When he said he couldn't go because he was attending school, trying to get his Bachelor's degree, she was very upset.  She called me the next day, crying, wanting me to talk to him.  She let me know that this was the only family he and his sister had.  Excuse me?  Right before my DH was to graduate, he had to do an internship.  DH applied for one near our home town so we could visit for 2 weeks.  Of course, she tried to plan our (or should I say "his", she doesn't care if I am involved or not) social calendar during those 2 weeks.  One day, I was at home with her all morning with my children.  She left at lunch.  I found out later that she had called my DH and asked him to lunch.  They met, and I found out later.  First off, she never said a word.  Is it a secret?  Is it a rendezvous in her sick head?  Fine, if she didn't want to invite me, but why is it a secret?

        Signed - Still Here
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frequent fry her - Lynnardz Frequent Fry Her TM - lynnardz, 2 of 4 needed/Posted: 27-APR-08
MIL has always tried to get my DH away from me as much as possible.  My DH was in the military when we were married, and I lived with MIL while he finished his schools and until he received a permanent station.  I was young, and would still go out with my friends on the weekend.  She liked to pay his way home for the weekend and not tell me he was coming.  I know she did this because she always accused me of cheating, so she thought he could come home without me knowing and catch me.  Ha.  Of course, the cheating was in her head, so that never happened.  I would be surprised, and we would have a wonderful weekend together on her dime.

        Signed - On Her Dime
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frequent fry her - Lynnardz Frequent Fry Her TM - lynnardz, 3 of 4 needed/Posted: 1-MAY-08
When my DS was about 2, we had to stay with MIL for a short period in-between duty stations for my DH.  I had not started potty training my DS because I wanted to wait until we were in our own home.  There were just too many people living in one place.  Also, there were too many people trying to be my children's parents.  I came home, one day, after an appointment.  My kids had stayed with MIL.  My MIL told me how she put training pants on my DS and then he pottied in them.  So, she made him wash them out in the sink, because that is what they would do to the patients at the state mental hospital (she was an aid).  I said that my DS is a little boy.  Then, I put a diaper back on him.  I was fuming.  A couple of days later, I was in the basement doing laundry, when I heard my MIL telling my DS that what he did was bad.  It was nasty to poop in your own pants and only babies did that.  Well, I couldn't make it up the stairs fast enough.  I told her, "Don't worry about what he does.  Do not change his diaper.  It is my responsibility, as it is my responsibility to potty train him, and I will do that when we are both good and ready.  Stay out of it.  If you don't want to change his diaper or can't without trying to make him feel bad, then come get me."

        Signed - I Can Handle It
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frequent fry her - Lynnardz Frequent Fry Her TM - lynnardz, 4 of 4 needed/Posted: 2-MAY-08
My MIL really does think that her DS is supposed to treat her like a spouse.  Then, if I mention it, or we have an argument, she claims that I am jealous.  Whenever my DH would travel overseas and would send me gifts, she would call and ask for the same exact gifts.  Then, she would be angry and pout when she didn't receive them.  If there was any news I had to tell him, she would get on the phone and tell him before I had the opportunity.  It was a real bummer when I had something that I was really excited about, and he would say, "I know, my MOM told me."  Now, I make sure that she doesn't have a lot of information about my life.  Whenever my DH tries to talk to her about disagreements we have with her, she says to him that it must be nice that he has another individual to discuss her with, and that she resents that we talk about her.  Go get your own partner.  I don't care what you discuss with him in your bedroom.

        Signed - Still Here
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