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Frequent Fry HerTM
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Age: 32       MIL Age: 56

The Meanest Grandma In The World

frequent fry her - mlss73rd Frequent Fry Her TM. - mlss73rd /Posted:19-NOV-06
To anyone who remembers me, this is a DIL with a MIL who hated me.  My MIL has passed on.  I hope she made it to heaven, but as a last slap in the face she showed how she really felt about my children (her GC) by changing her beneficiary on her 401K from them to her sister!  I remember the day.  She asked DH for copies of their SS#s so that she could put them on the 401K.  I was astonished, to say the least, because I felt that she couldn't stand them.  I even said to DH, "OH REALLY??  SURE she did.  OKAY!"  But I guess she just couldn't leave them the money.  I really didn't come here to continue discussing her, because she has passed on.  I really came here to try to erase everything about her.  But maybe this info is useful to someone else, somehow.  I just want you all to know that the pain still lingers and it always will.  This happens when someone won't give you a chance and makes you fear for your children's safety - I used to do that all the time.  I don't anymore.  You could say that I'm free, but it still hurts.  GOD BLESS, praying helps me, and this website is wonderful!

        Signed - Free From MIL
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frequent fry her - mlss73rd Frequent Fry Her TM. - mlss73rd /Posted:19-SEP-05
My MIL and her flying monkeys harassed me and almost caused me to have a miscarriage!!  Even though I was high-risk and having contractions early, they still would not leave me alone!  When people would congratulate her on becoming a GM, she would say, "Oh, that's NOT MY GRANDCHILD.  He is NOT a "(last name)."  She told DH, "I don't know WHY you're so HAPPY.  That kid's gonna wake you up every night!!  I thought that GMs were supposed to give kisses, and cookies and stuff.  Well, NOT my MIL.  She only cares about what DH can do for her!

        Signed - MIL Harassed Me

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frequent fry her - mlss73rd Frequent Fry Her TM. - mlss73rd /Posted:3-SEP-05
DH grew up with a narcissistic mother.  I have since learned that his mother made him a "surrogate spouse", expecting him to take care of her for the rest of her life.  She was very angry when we decided to have a baby.  DH thought that it might be just the thing to make her happy, since she'd been asking him forever, "When are you going to find someone and settle down and have a baby?"  Well, she wasn't happy.  Every time he would talk to her, she would say very horrible things, such as, "I hope you know that the kid is going to wake you up every night."  "Do you think it's going to be fun walking the floors at night with a crying baby?"  "You won't even be allowed to smoke in your own house once that kid comes along." OR, my favorite one, "If you believe that kid is YOURS, You're really stupid!!!"  I decided to have a DNA test so that she would shut up.  But, even after DH gave her the test results, she still kept on being a mean, nasty person, saying, "Ya know, that kid don't look nothing like you!"  She even had grandma coming over and saying that.  Finally, my DH said, "Ya know, I've heard you say that enough times.  You don't need to say that anymore!"

        Signed - His Mother Made Him A Surrogate Spouse

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frequent fry her - mlss73rd, 1 of 4 needed Frequent Fry Her TM. - mlss73rd, 1 of 4 needed /Posted: 21-JUL-05
My MIL has all the signs of a serious mental condition.  I think that she's very unstable!  One night I had the most horrible nightmare about her!!  I dreamt that she was hugging my little baby and she wouldn't let go.  She was squeezing him so tight that he couldn't breathe!!  I think it was a message, a warning for me:  DO NOT trust her with your most precious!!  EVER!

        Signed - DO NOT Trust Her

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frequent fry her - mlss73rd, 2 of 4 needed
Frequent Fry Her TM. - mlss73rd, 2 of 4 needed /Posted: 23-JUL-05
MIL is a great gift-giver!  The problem is that instead of coming in and visiting and exchanging gifts like most people, she drops them off in the driveway in the snow and takes off!  Or, she'll leave them outside the back door!  And, they always have cards attached to them with very passive/aggressive messages inside, such as, "A mother loves her son like no one else!" or, "A mother and son bond will never be broken".  But, there's never anything for me.  She acts as if I don't exist.  She doesn't even like her GC.  That's how I found out that she was a narcissist, among other things.  How could a 50 year old woman be JEALOUS of a baby??

        Signed - She Acts As If I Don't Exist

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frequent fry her - Mlss73rd, 3 of 4 needed
Frequent Fry Her TM - mlss73rd, 3 of 4 needed/Posted: 3-AUG-05
My MIL has everyone fooled!!  She acts as if she's the nicest lady in the world!!  She is a controlling, mean, scary, creepy, mental case who talks extremely loud to get everyone's attention.  She walks in the door and shouts, "HELLO, ARE THE BABIES AWAKE??"  I say, "Well, if they weren't awake, they sure are now!!"  Heaven help me!  I don't even know why my DH lets her come into our home!!  She says horrible things about our children, and she doesn't even like them!!  In the beginning, I wanted her to love our children, and I tried really hard.  I gave her about 800 pictures of them!!  I took pictures almost every day with our digital camera!  She then told all the other ILs that she never has any pictures of the babies because we won't give her any!!  So, everyone FEELS SORRY FOR HER!!  WHAT ABOUT US??  What about her grandchildren whom she rejects??  Why don't the other ILs RECOGNIZE that she is WACKO?

        Signed - She Is WACKO

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frequent fry her - Mlss73rd, 4 of 4 needed Frequent Fry Her TM - mlss73rd, 4 of 4 needed/Posted: 9-AUG-05
We finally confronted MIL last year about how she rejects our children.  For example, she tried to get DH to hate them by saying things like, "You know, once that kid comes along you won't be able to smoke in your own house anymore," or, "That kid's gonna RUIN your life," or, "I hope you're still gonna want that kid when it wakes you up in the middle of the night, screaming!"  She also said, "That kid's not a part of OUR family."  When we told her that we were having another child, she started balling her eyes out, saying, "I can't believe you're going to have another one.  He's going to have to buy you a big house now, WAAAA."  DH said, "I thought you always said that you wanted to be a grandma.  You tell everyone that you LOVE kids."  She said, "Well, I thought that being a grandma was gonna be fun, but it's not fun."  Well, BOO HOO!  I think she wanted her DS to have a child, but no DIL, so they could raise the kid together, sick-o!  Well, she's the BEST NANA in the world!  She's so narcissistic!  She takes everyone's kids to the movies, circus, feeds the needy, you name it!  When it suits her or she has an audience, she is Miss Wonderful.  She acts like she LOVES her SIL, but I heard her tell someone how HORRIBLY RUDE her SIL was and how she can't keep a job because of her BAD ATTITUDE!  Then she'll take little kids to the circus and act like she's so great for taking them.  But, when no one's around but DH, she'll say, "Little X is not as smart as the other kids."  Then, she goes crying to these people and they feel sorry for her!  How can they be so blind?  Her ex-husband sticks up for her, even though she is being really sh!tty to HIS SON and his GRANDSONS!  Who in their right mind would side with their ex over their own flesh and blood?  These people do not believe that blood is thicker than water.  They do not see that they are all puppets doing her bidding!  Aunt what's-her-name will call and harass DH saying, "When are you gonna call your mom?" like he should kiss her @ss even though she told him that he was not a part of the FAAAMILY anymore!  She sends cards that have passive aggressive messages in them to make DH feel guilty.  His grandma's been about to drop over dead for about 5 years now!!  He LOVES HIS GRANDMA, and she should quit trying to make him feel guilty!  It's not his fault that she's 85 years old, but he does have a business, 2 little babies, and a wife.  So he is a busy man.

        Signed - A DIL With A Jekyl And Hyde MIL

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