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Frequent Fry HerTM
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The Official Outlaw
Age: 23        MIL Age: 50        Massachusetts

frequent fry her - Official Outlaw Frequent Fry Her TM - The Official Outlaw /Posted: 30-JAN-02
The 1st time my MIL called me was after we had been married for 11 months.  I, obviously, did not answer the phone because it was her number, and I figured she just wanted to talk to her son, like usual.  She left a message saying, "Just wanted to say hello."  It was specifically to me.  So immediately I called my husband at work, and, surely enough, he had asked his mother to call me, because he wanted us to become friends.  I think she did it just for him, not really to make friends with me.  It has been another 6 months since then, and she hasn't tried to talk to me.  When we visit her, she doesn't even talk to me.  She never even asks me how my job, or anything, is going.  She just pays attention to DH, like he is God.  I just don't get it.  I would love to tell her exactly what I think of her, but my DH will get mad.  He doesn't like controversy.  Also, if I tell her anything, she will go crying to my DH, saying how mean I was to her, and he will be mad at me.  I'm in a no win situation.  Any ideas?

        Signed - No Win Situation!

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frequent fry her - Official Outlaw Frequent Fry Her TM - The Official Outlaw 1 of 4 /Posted: 27-JAN-02
My MIL went crazy when we told her we weren't going to travel 8 hours to her house on Christmas.  We wanted to spend our Christmas in our new home.  We invited her to come to our house for Christmas, but she responded that she wanted to spend Christmas with HER family.  Then, she said to my DH, "I knew this would happen," referring to me.  She thinks that I purposely convince my DH to want to stay at our house so that he wouldn't see his family.  If that were the case, I wouldn't have invited them to our house.  Well, anyway, my MIL has never gone to her ILs for any holidays.  My husband has never seen his father's parents for Christmas, Thanksgiving, or even Easter.  She always had to go to her parent's house.  She is sooooooo spoiled - I can smell her from 8 hours away.  I would love to point this out to her.  I hope she finds this page.

        Signed - She Is Sooooooo Spoiled

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frequent fry her - Official Outlaw Frequent Fry Her TM - The Official Outlaw 2 of 4 /Posted: 27-JAN-02
Dear MIL,  I really don't understand why you hate me.  I have been nothing but nice to you for the past 3 years, but I'm not going to do that anymore.  As for what I really think of you - you are a spoiled brat that thinks money can buy love and happiness.  I would love to make a list of all the horrible things you have done over the years, but it would be too long.  Here are some of the highlights:  You went on a family vacation and invited your son, but not me.  You threw a fit when we moved closer to my parents - you called my husband every day and made him feel badly, asking him to please not call my mother "mom".  You visited on my birthday and gave me a card, while you gave my husband his very expensive birthday gift that same weekend.  You feel that if you are willing to pay for us to fly to visit you, that we should drop everything and come.  We get some of YOUR bills because you filled out the change of address to our address, saying that they are now ours - not ever warning us that this was to happen in the future.  You complain of having no money, but you don't even work full time, and you have bought a huge boat and 6 new vehicles in 3 years.  You were very rude to my parents when you came to visit.  You call my husband to make him feel guilty a lot.  You call him at work so you don't have to talk to me.  You insult me and have an attitude whenever you see me.  You got upset when we didn't go to your house for Christmas, but just remember that you never visited your in-laws on any holidays!  Basically, I just think you're spoiled and would hate any girl who took your son away from you.  You need to get over it, because I'M going to be the one having YOUR grandchildren.  So you better smarten up.  There, now I feel better.  DIL.

        Signed - There, Now I Feel Better

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frequent fry her - Official Outlaw Frequent Fry Her TM - The Official Outlaw 3 of 4 /Posted: 27-JAN-02
My MIL did not even come to my wedding shower.  She did send a present, though.  But it was something my husband really wanted, and she knew it.  It was supposed to be a gift for me, not for him.

        Signed - It Was Supposed To Be A Gift For Me

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frequent fry her - Official Outlaw Frequent Fry Her TM - The Official Outlaw 4 of 4 /Posted: 27-JAN-02
My MIL and FIL visited one weekend.  We went out to dinner with them and my parents.  While at dinner, my mother was attempting desperately to make conversation with my MIL.  She would answer her with short answers, and sounded very uninterested in making conversation.  When my DH was talking, she was glued to him, involved in the conversation, and laughing at his jokes.  I thought it was so rude that she ignored my parents.  She was very nice to them before we got married.  But, once we moved close to them, she decided not to like them.  MIL is a very jealous woman who would call DH and beg for him not to refer to my mother as "mom".  My parents love and respect my DH as if he was one of their own children.  I would love to say something to this b!tch, but it would cause an argument with my DH.  What should I do?

        Signed - I Would Love To Say Something

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frequent fry her - Official Outlaw Frequent Fry Her TM - The Official Outlaw /Posted: 27-JAN-02
My MIL interrupted our last dance at our wedding to find out if we were going to meet her in the morning for breakfast.  I was so annoyed.  She is such a spoiled brat.  It is even on the wedding video.

        Signed - It Is Even On The Wedding Video

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