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Frequent Fry HerTM
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Age: 33    MIL Age: 50

Nice lady if you like a big cup of Crazy!

frequent fry her - redheadedgurrl Frequent Fry Her TM. - redheadedgurrl,/Posted: 4-AUG-08
I, honestly, don't know what to do anymore.  DH has cut all communication with his mother after her last episode, and she is at it again.  She tried calling him 3 times at work on Thursday, suspiciously before he gets there, during his lunch hour, and long after he has gone home.  Passive-aggressive much?  On the Saturday before Mother's Day, he got a letter from her again.  After the 4 page ramblings of a severely mental individual that she sent last time, I was dying to see this one.  Here is some of it (typos and all) - I particularly like the 3rd sentence.  Freudian slip?:
"I don't know if I should mail this letter.  I'm sure it won't do any good.  Do you have any idea how much pain I am.  The two people I loved and trusted the most screwed me over and ripped my heart out and stomped on it.  You and Dad.  You and I were always close.  We were always able to talk to each other.  I've been crying everyday, I miss my old (son) so much.  And for the last few years everytime I talk to you about anything, I always get a response from (your wife).  Usually it is a negative one on something I have said.  She's been on my nerves since I got sick and I couldn't stand it anymore.  In my eyes shes so controlling.  So, I blew up on you.  You were never one to hurt me like you do now.  I don't know how to talk to you.  I am not allowed to call you, I almost stopped in more than once but there is no doubt that (your wife) would call the police and have me arrested and strap a restraint order on me and you couldn't stop her.  All I know is this Sunday is Mother's Day and you have no idea how much pain I am in to think my son wishes me dead.  I cry at work listening to other mothers talk about what their plans are with their children for mother day.  It would make me so happy if you and I could go out to dinner alone to talk.  I just want you to know I will always love my old (son) and hopefully someday he will come back to me.  Hopefully before I really die.  Love Mom.  I LOVE YOU SO MUCH (handwritten in capital letters)."
How many ways can we cry victim?  My poor DH just does not need any more of this.  Of course, it's all my fault.  Nothing to do with the past few years of all my postings right?

        Signed - Oh, Poor MIL. Boo Hoo!
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frequent fry her - redheadedgurrl Frequent Fry Her TM. - redheadedgurrl,/Posted: 23-JUL-08
Worst gift:  My poor DH received a dream catcher decorative thing for his birthday.  The look of disappointment on his face was obvious.  Neither one of us collects anything of that sort.  But, guess who does?  MIL!  When she finally realized that he did not like it, she said, "Well, I am not driving all the way to wherever to take it back".  I guess it was a slight step up from the coloring book he got a few years back from the dollar store for his 28th birthday.

        Signed - Please, No More Crap! I Can't Have Another Garage Sale!
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frequent fry her - redheadedgurrl Frequent Fry Her TM. - redheadedgurrl,/Posted: 7-MAR-08
It just never ends with her.  Last year, we canceled our vacation because she got herself so sick on her own stupidity that she ended up in the ICU.  Not being able to take my kids on our family vacation was bad enough, but it also put our plans to have a baby on hold.  So, now that she is so selfishly wrapped up in her new serious boyfriend and his family, perfect time to get away.  She actually emailed my DH, at his work e-mail address, mind you, saying that she was offended that I asked not to be bothered unless it was an emergency while we were gone.  She also said that it's my fault that she doesn't leave messages anymore, and to please forgive her for almost dying when we had plans.  She told him not to "boo hoo" the fact that she is upset, either.  I find it funny how she expects all the sympathy in the world for something she brought upon herself, but was unable to muster up any for us when I had a miscarriage.  Can't seem to come up with a lick of common courtesy, either.  I am so glad he blows it right off and sees her for the selfish woman she is.

        Signed - Can't Wait To Get Away From Her Craziness, Even Just For A Week!
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frequent fry her - redheadedgurrl Frequent Fry Her TM. - redheadedgurrl,/Posted: 26-AUG-07
I have finally realized just what a selfish witch my MIL is!  In June, the woman ended up in the hospital in septic shock, which apparently stemmed from Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (google that one!).  Her son, my DH, was there every day for 15 days, missing work, canceling our vacation, and losing money because of it.  He did everything for her.  Who did she thank?  Her friends!!!  Are you kidding me??  During that time, we were taking care of her cats and the household, and decided one day to go through old photo albums.  There are no pictures of her son's first birthday, first Christmas, or much of his childhood, except for school pictures.  But, there are PLENTY of her and her friends, drinking, smoking and attending many parties over the years.  So, after she got well, my DH's father ended up in the hospital.  Now, this is also after my ILs divorced, recently.  I really don't think that my DH can handle much more.  So, when I confronted her about taking her son's feelings into account and being more supportive, she suggested that I convince him to get on medication!!  How's that for the love of a mother?  Not to mention she has this "book" she wrote, a cr@ppy wanna-be romance novel at best, in which her dedication is to her now ex-husband and best friend.  Not a word about her son, even though the book is somewhat the story of her life, and he is "in" it.  For my DD's 10th birthday, she told us how she was still too weak to make it, but then told us that she drove quite a distance to see her "boyfriend" a few days before.  And, she wonders what my problem is with her?  Psycho selfish witch on a freaking broom!!!

        Signed - My Poor DH Got Gyped Big Time!!!
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frequent fry her - redheadedgurrl Frequent Fry Her TM. - redheadedgurrl,/Posted: 21-NOV-06
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.  I just LOVE Karma!!!  Now during all this time that MIL and FIL have not lived together or even had any sort of active marriage she has told me, over and over, how her son will leave me and that people are betting on how long we will last.  She makes us miserable.  Well, guess what?!!  FIL has told her that he wants a divorce, and is moving in with another woman.!!  I can't help but gloat.  It's only fair, after all I've endured!  However, DH expects me to let it all go, which I will not do.  I will be sensitive to her situation (and smile on the inside), but this does not wipe the slate clean in any way, shape, or form.

        Signed - Laughing On The Inside
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frequent fry her - redheadedgurrl, Frequent Fry Her TM. - redheadedgurrl,/Posted: 13-AUG-06
I am sure that most of us have seen the movie Monster-in-Law.  I have lived it.  My Evil MIL has actually investigated me, done background checks, stolen my cell phone records from before my DH even knew me, and then looked up the numbers in a reverse directory.  When she was not able to find anything, she made things up.  After my DD's birthday party, to which she was invited, she asked me how long my sister had been sick.  I asked what she was talking about, and she told me that my sister was sick and would die in the next two years.  She knew this because she can "SEE" these things.  Funny how she can't "SEE" how close her DH (who has not lived with her for 6 years, but they are "married") and his "business partner" are, or that he was sick with a disease that caused him to need a liver transplant a few years ago.  Because of that comment, my DH and I planned a cocktail party/couples shower for ourselves at a time when she would be working, specifically so that she could not embarrass either of us in front of friends and family.  My mother was so disgusted by her comment about my sister that she said that she would not sit at a parent's table with her at the wedding, and she was going to pass on the shower if FMIL would be there.  Now that we have moved out (because moving my kids and me in was her idea) and she is all on her own, she is actually just as bad, if not worse.  When we moved, I asked her to contact me regarding the final utility bills that I had agreed to pay.  I also cleaned the rooms, the walls, spackled any nail holes from pictures, hung brand new blinds in the windows, left a forwarding address in case any mail was accidentally not forwarded, and asked her to call so we could pick it up.  I returned my key and my DH kept his in case she needed him to get in to do something.  Just the other day I found that something for me had been delivered, so my DH called to see if it was there.  When she said, "Yes," I was a little angry that it sat for 4 days, with no call from her.  In this time she had not called about the bills, either.  I was not going to call her.  I am tired of babying her and doing everything for her (I have had to make calls for her because she just can't handle real life or utility companies).  She then called my DH back at work and said, "No, you can have your mail when you give me a check."  When he got angry and told her that she never even gave us copies to do so, she suggested that he drive the 60 mile round trip to get the copies, then drive the 60 miles again the next day with a check to pick up the mail.  He told her no, he was sick of her petty, constant BS, and that the more she pulled all this, the less he wanted to do with her.  After he told me all this, I CALLED HER!  I told her that I would come out with a sheriff, if need be, to collect my mail.  I was coming tonight and expected copies of the bills so that I could get that done, too.  Before we left she called our house and told my DH to never contact her after tonight.  Just another stab in the back to him.  She actually left everything on the porch and hid inside.  She could not even put on her big girl panties and face me!!!  COWARD!  There was a note to her son to leave his key, because the locks and the pass code to the security system would be changed (another jab at her poor son) and a note to me with the bills that said, "(her DH's Name) said you will probably never pay me, like (my DH's name), please don't let him be right."  Now, what would make me want to cooperate after a comment like that?  The money that she claims my DH won't pay her is from years of deciding that he owed her rent for the time that he was living there, or from borrowing a stamp or just random stupid stuff that totals over $3600.  I told her before that she had better never come to us for help EVER, because I would whip out my little notebook and start her tab!!!  She has driven me so insane that I have actually contacted a certain talk show and they called back and want us on.  We have agreed.  Now the producer is working on her!!

        Signed - I Feel Like Dorothy In Oz Sometimes...
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frequent fry her - redheadedgurrl, 1 of 4 needed Frequent Fry Her TM. - redheadedgurrl, 1 of 4 needed/Posted: 02-JUL-06
Thank goodness for this site.  It's a great way to vent, and I know that I am not alone.  My mother and father are divorced, and not too friendly.  Since they both agreed to be at the wedding and behave, I did not push the issue of having them be announced in with the bridal party.  Since just announcing in my DH's parents would seem a little awkward, we skipped it and only did our MOH and BM, along with ourselves and my kids.  Tonight MIL told her DS that I had arranged that because I wanted all the attention.  She knows that this is not true.  But, come to think of it, our wedding was about us, and was paid for and planned by us.  MIL and FIL did not pay one penny, address one envelope, or do anything to help.  They refused, and told us for months that they were boycotting the wedding - such a shame they changed their minds.  She told her son that someone at the wedding told her that they saw me try to get his attention, and when he continued to keep talking, I snapped my fingers at him.  This happened when they were trying to get us to cut the cake.  After calling him 4 times, I was trying to get his attention.  She then told him that he has no balls and that I like him that way.  Thank goodness her son does not even buy into her BS!!!

        Signed - She's A Crazy Beotch!
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frequent fry her - redheadedgurrl, 2 of 4 needed Frequent Fry Her TM. - redheadedgurrl, 2 of 4 needed/Posted: 02-JUL-06
Tonight the crazy MIL decided to stir her crazy pot up again, and told her DS that I will isolate him, make him quit playing the drums, and not let him be with his friends.  When he told her again to shove off, she called one of HIS friends to tell him that I am trying to stand in between their friendship, and that I said that the two of them talking on the phone is abnormal.  Of course, I never said that.  She just does not understand boundaries, and is freaking out because now I have set them and expect her to follow them, and she can't STAND IT!!!

        Signed - Me No Likey Her!
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frequent fry her - redheadedgurrl, 3 of 4 needed Frequent Fry Her TM. - redheadedgurrl, 3 of 4 needed/Posted: 24-JUL-06
I have vented many a night on this wonderful site in the past year, but this one really tops it all!!  We live with my MIL.  The purpose is not to help us in any way, as we pay more than we should to her a month to help support her.  I have survived a year and 1/2 of being her scapegoat, and the meanie to her victim.  Her son and I were married a month ago, and since then she has totally SNAPPED!!  This past week she started a fight because I had moved my plastic storage bins around in the basement.  I guess I did it without her permission.  I moved them because she had piled tons of her cr@p on top of all my boxes marked fragile.  MIL told me that I moved them to be the center of attention (to whom? the bugs in the basement?).  Later on we heard a crash, and after my DH got dressed and went downstairs to investigate, she said that she was playing pool and that was the noise.  Everything looked like it was in it's place, so he dismissed it.  A few days later, my DH and I went into the basement to reorganize, to make her happy.  These are our last few weeks living here, and I want peace.  As I started removing boxes, I found a plastic bin that held some extremely sentimental wedding gifts that we had received from my family - a box that I had marked as extremely fragile containing items that can't be replaced.  The lid was off.  One of the locking handles was in the box and one was under the lid.  The lid was cracked and split, almost the whole way through.  The corner and bottom of the box was destroyed, and the dishes inside were cracked and broken.  I was actually so angry that I had the sheriff come out to file a report.  MIL denied it and was told by the sheriff that he could not prove without a doubt to twelve people that she did it, but he knew that she was lying.  I did my best not to smile right then.  She then tried to say that I had poured water on her computer keyboard to try to electrocute her.  This computer is locked up in her office, and no one has access to it.  Needless to say, everything is going into storage in the AM, and we are leaving her butt here.  Kharma will get her back.  I knew she was an awful and jealous person, but I never expected this of her.  What a PSYCHO!!  No wonder her DH lives 50 miles away from her.  In the end I find it funny that she keeps blaming me for taking her son away and ruining her relationship, yet she won't look at her actions.  It's she who is ruining it!

        Signed - She's A Cold Hearted Snake!!!
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frequent fry her - redheadedgurrl, 4 of 4 needed Frequent Fry Her TM. - redheadedgurrl, 4 of 4 needed/Posted: 13-AUG-06
My MIL is the QUEEN of terrible gift giving, that is if she even gives one!  For my DH's 28th birthday she gave him a marshal arts movie star coloring book!!  Last Christmas she told him what she got him (after asking me what he wanted) and told him that she could not afford it ($40).  So, either he had to give her half for it, or she was taking it back!  I was floored!!!  I ended up giving her money for it and she just happened to leave my name off the card, but she did put her DH's name (he did not give any money for it).  I got a teapot with a rooster on it.  I can't even unload it for a quarter at a garage sale (really, I still have it)!  But the topper was our wedding 3 months ago.  We got a card.  That's it.  There was not even a personal message written in it.  However, when she gets (and expects) a gift from us, she gushes about what her son gave her, as if I had no hand in it.

        Signed - Someone Dropped A House On Her Sister
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