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Frequent Fry HerTM
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Age: 20    MIL Age: 41

frequent fry her - sea Frequent Fry Her TM - sea /Posted: 1-APR-03
I feel badly for the people who live close to a mean MIL.  My DH and I live several states away from where his family lives, so I don't have to put up with a whole lotta cr@p all of the time.  However, frequent phone calls are made asking DH for help.  I've said before that we've helped my MIL out, and because of her attitude, DH has told her "No" several times.  Recently, MIL had her eldest daughter taken away, accused of child abuse.  I don't know DH's family well enough to say whether or not this is true, but from what everyone tells me, MIL does not hit her children.  Her eldest daughter is 17 years old, and she has a 6 month old baby girl.  MIL told her that she could no longer see the baby's father.  This is what "set her off", and she called the police.  Now, when MIL calls our home, she never says, "Hello," or, "How are you?"  She just asks for DH.  The day of the court hearing, she called up, knowing that DH was not home.  She started telling me what happened.  So, this was a little shocking (that she was even speaking with me).  She sounded very upset, so I listened to what she had to say.  And, it was at that point that I realized that she was not upset about the daughter actually leaving, but she was upset that the child support money would no longer be received.  Later on, when DH got home, he called her up, and MIL was crying about how she would now have to get a job (now that she was not getting child support for the one daughter).  DH told MIL that she SHOULD have a job anyway, and she can't live off of child support forever.  Well, MIL started talking about how she would go homeless and blah, blah, blah, blah.  DH knew that she was exaggerating quit a bit, and told her how he knows that she's upset, but she should know that no one is going to let her go homeless.  And, he told her that she wouldn't go homeless anyway if she just went and found a job.  MIL has two boys.  One lives 10 minutes away from her.  And, she has DH, who lives out here.  Well, MIL took DH's words literally, and she thought that it was an invite to live with us.  MIL told FIL (who is divorced from her) that DH invited her AND her 15 year old, who still lives with her, to live with us.  FIL knew that it didn't sound right, so he called us up to ask about it.  DH told FIL that it was not true - he had only told her that we wouldn't let her go homeless.  He called MIL to clear up everything.  DH said that she sounded angry when she said, "I wasn't even thinking about staying with you anyway."  What an upset.

        Signed - What An Upset

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frequent fry her - sea Frequent Fry Her TM - sea /Posted: 9-MAR-03
DH and my MIL just got in an argument over SIL.  While visiting, MIL hyped SIL up over her wedding.  SIL is only 17, but she just had a baby.  So MIL said that she would sign consent papers when the time came.  Now that the time has come, MIL won't sign because she still hasn't gotten a job, and needs child support (which MIL receives for SIL and SIL's child as well).

        Signed - Argument Over SIL

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frequent fry her - sea Frequent Fry Her TM - sea /Posted: 29-JAN-03
My husband and I visited his mother.  It was the first time I'd met her, due to the fact that we're in the Military.  Apparently, she had gotten into a huge fight with her current husband, and he had left her, telling her that she was much too controlling, and he felt that he had no life.  Unfortunately, he bought the house that they were living in, and payments are almost $700 dollars.  She has never been able to keep a job, due to her drinking problem, and looks for money from only one child, my husband.  I told my husband that we couldn't afford it, and the last time "we" gave her money (more like I gave her money), she never thanked me for it.  She only sent us $250 out of the $500 we gave her, and she has the nerve to rudely comment, "It is a wedding gift."  Anyway, she told her ex-husband that he would have to keep making payments on the house, so, of course, he does.  Being as pushy as she is, she wanted to make sure that he had made payments.  Instead of calling him herself, however, she has her 16 and 15 year old call him.  She had my husband call him as well, asking every 5 minutes if he had called "that jerk" yet.  At one point, she had gotten on the phone and talked for 45 minutes.  When she got off, she yelled at my husband, "Have you called him yet!?  What is taking so freaking long!?"  Hurt, he pointed out that she was on the phone and he couldn't call.  She stuffed the phone into his hand and told him to do it "right that second".  Then, like a jr. high school girl, she ran into the next room saying, "Oh!  I don't even want to hear the conversation."  She laughed and shut the door.

        Signed - She Laughed And Shut The Door

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frequent fry her - sea, 1 of 4 needed Frequent Fry Her TM - sea, 1 of 4 needed /Posted: 16-JAN-03
I met my husband in the Military while stationed in Asia.  We were coworkers, friends, and drinking buddies.  After spending so much time together, we decided to start dating.  He had never told me about an ex-girlfriend back home, who did not know that he no longer had feelings for her.  He hadn't spoken to any family members in months, so I made him call his mother (and lent him my calling card).  After finding out that he had met another girl, she became furious with him, and said that his ex still assumed that they were dating, even though they hadn't spoken or written for almost a year.  After he broken it off officially with his ex, his mother sent slanderous letters to him about me, saying that I was nothing more than a piece of @Ss  These letters persisted for months, until she received a DUI charge, and I pitched in close to $500 dollars to help her out.  She never thanked me, only DH, even though most of the money was mine.

        Signed - Most Of The Money Was Mine

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frequent fry her - sea, 2 of 4 needed Frequent Fry Her TM - sea, 2 of 4 needed /Posted: 16-JAN-03
While visiting his family, we, unfortunately, stayed at his mother's house.  I was just about 6 months pregnant.  His mother tasked my husband out for a whole week, making sure that the jobs she gave him, even though he was on vacation, were jobs that I could not help with while pregnant.  I was constantly left alone in their creepy home for the whole day, and wouldn't see my hubby till the evening.  She came to me one day and laughed about how I must be so bored without DH around.  She said that she couldn't think of any more jobs for him to do, so I could have him back - just until she found another job to do around the house.

        Signed - I Could Have Him Back

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frequent fry her - sea, 3 of 4 needed Frequent Fry Her TM - sea, 3 of 4 needed /Posted: 16-JAN-03
My MIL lost her job while we were visiting her.  As soon as she found out, she decided to get sloppy drunk.  My husband took away her car keys and debit card because she had already had a million DUIs.  She called later that night, asking for a ride back home.  When she got in the car, she demanded to go to another bar, only to call us back 10 minutes later, saying that she wanted to come home.  Again, when she got in the car, she asked to go to another bar.  And, the same thing ended up happening.  Finally, she wanted to go to her current "boyfriend's" apartment.  Along the way, like she had done so many times in letters, she spat out that she felt that DH and I are nothing but "Bed Buddies".  We had been married for 7 months at that point, and I felt pretty offended by the comment.  I asked DH to talk with her about it when she was sober.  She told him that she would apologize.  Days later, neither "I apologize" or "I'm sorry" came out of her lips.  We only got the excuse of, "I don't remember saying it."

        Signed - Bed Buddies

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frequent fry her - sea, 4 of 4 needed Frequent Fry Her TM - sea, 4 of 4 needed /Posted: 16-JAN-03
While at home one night, I was on the Internet writing some e-mail to a friend.  DH's mother called up not long after I had signed off for the night.  She told her son that she had given his ex girlfriend (of four years) our home phone number, and she didn't think that it was a problem.  Angry, I told DH to call her back up and let her know that it WAS a problem, and that she should inform us before giving out phone numbers.  His ex-girlfriend called within 10 seconds of his mother hanging up.  After he had gotten her e-mail address, he hung up with her and proceeded to call his mom back up.  When he asked why she didn't ask permission first, she simply said, "I didn't think it was a big deal!"  This is coming from a woman who won't let her husband watch fully clothed women on TV and blocks channels out.

        Signed - Didn't Think It Was A Big Deal!

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