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Frequent Fry HerTM
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Age: 22

frequent fry her - selene Frequent Fry Her TM - selene, 1 of 4 needed /Posted: 18-JUL-08
I wanted to get this off of my chest and kill two birds with one stone.  You may remember my submission under the Sign off "Fly Me to the Moon".  I wanted to rant more about my mother (my DF's MIL) and my own FFIL.  Those familiar with the story may remember that my own mother is absolutely psycho and insane.  Well, when she couldn't feed my siblings and me, she would have us admitted to the psych ward at the hospital.  It would  1)  Ensure that we had food - and she did not have to deal with us.  2)  Serve her purposes for her plans to collect money for mental illness, which she was already doing for my brother and working on for my sisters.  One evening, she was in one of her demonic moods, and was obviously about to admit me for something.  She told me over and over, "You WILL tell the doctors that you see an evil "red man", and that you are scared.  You WILL scream, throw fits, and need to be sedated.  You understand me?  If you don't, I will make your life he!! when you return home."  It worked like that.  I refused to do it, trying to be defiant and stand up to her, because this was one of the first stunts of this caliber that she pulled before my will was broken.  Later that night, while I was asleep, she came into my room with a sheet over her head and attacked my brother and me with meat.  Yeah, MEAT!!!  I know that this is a bit unbelievable, but she actually pulled this insane stunt to scare us into doing what she wanted.  She thought it was hilarious at the time, and cackled the next day, asking us how we loved the meat all over our beds and such, and how we deserved it for not wanting to do what she said.  She felt that the devil had attacked us.  I've never heard of anyone as insane as her in my entire life.  Yes, this woman is off her rocker.  I completely agree.  This behavior continued for several years, unfortunately.  Now, for a story about FFIL.  My DF comes from divorced parents.  His father is an alcoholic, and, like my mother, a master manipulator.  He was a successful engineer until he had an accident after drinking one evening.  His car flipped off the side of a mountain and he laid in the snow for several hours, critically injured.  If a person on a bus had not spotted the cars lights down below, he would have died only a little while later.  He was saved on the brink of death, but partially paralyzed.  His fell into depression, deeper into alcohol, and his career went down the drain.  He became addicted to morphine as well, and divorced my DF's mother.  His mother took his sister, and his father took him.  Before the accident, although he was a successful engineer, he was still very evil.  He beat my DF very badly several times (but for some reason, not his sister).  He still tried to do it partially paralyzed, but my DF just laughed in his face.  DF tried to help his father around the house, but this man became impossible.  Eventually, he cycled through wife after wife, and they did all the work.  DF said that he tried to beat each one of them, as he did DH's mom.  One day, DF, tired of it all, tricked his father into thinking that he was just going to visiting me (I lived a few states away then).  Then he ran like a bat out of he!! to be with me.  He never looked back, and never regrets it.  He is his own man now.  DF's father did not take it too well when he realized that he, the master manipulator, had been tricked.  My DF had to leave a number or something, so he called the number, and was nice, at first, to me because my DF would not speak to him.  He asked if he could send his son a letter.  I tried to stay out of it, but my DF said, "Fine, whatever," even if he did not want contact with him.  I relayed the message and moved on.  He sent one.  After that did not work to get my DF's attention, he started to send more letters.  DF did not want to read them.  He just wanted to ignore them, and felt that, eventually, Dad would get the picture.  I asked his permission to scan the letters for important information, like something pertaining to his GM (whom he still loves and contacts, and is in bad health).  I scanned them for him with his permission for three years.  Gradually, over time, they became stranger and stranger.  He would go from civil to insane, insulting my DF and then saying that he loved him.  It was as erratic as my own mother's nonsense.  In one of the latest letters, he says that he has two people following us, and that he knows what we are doing.  I was shocked, and told my DF about it.  He said that he wouldn't put it past his father to do this, because he has hired not so great people to do this kind of stuff in the past regarding his mother.  He said that if it wasn't his father driving past her house at all hours of the night (over twenty times), it was someone he hired to do it.  Sometimes, he forced DF to do it.  The most recent letter states that he's going to get these people "watching us" to beat my DF up.  I have honestly not noticed someone stalking us, or anything of the sort, but what DF said concerns me.  I have kept the letters in case they need to be turned in to the police.  I'd love to cut off contact with this man, but I'm not sure if he's just trying to scare us or not.  I'm also concerned with my DF's GM.  She is sweet to me on the phone, but won't speak about her health.  I know she is sick, though, because DFs sister has told us she is.  She thinks that her son (DF's father) is the golden child and can do no wrong.  She has told us not to worry, and that her son would never have someone stalk us.  She begs me to keep accepting the letters.  I am hoping that, soon, FFIL will get it that my DF doesn't want to talk to him at all.  Thanks for allowing me to vent.  I really needed it.  I'm not going to let myself be afraid of that man and whatever cronies he's hired.  I'm very careful, and take my cell phone and protection wherever I go.  Our apartment is very secure.  It's just baffling how he can be so insane.  I guess that our family's insanity has brought DF and me really close, and we will no longer put up with their cr@p.  I try only to laugh at how messed up both our families are, how we can create our own healthy one, and finally have peace.

        Signed - Fly Me to the Moon
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frequent fry her - selene Frequent Fry Her TM - selene, 2 of 4 needed /Posted: 3-AUG-08
When I was only fourteen years old, my mother suddenly developed the notion that I was sleeping around.  I don't know where, was it school?  I only could go to school and home, or I would get into enormous trouble, as you can tell from my previous entries.  Firstly, I was not interested in sex at the time.  I was intelligent enough to know the consequences.  Secondly, what male would be interested in me?  I was a constant wreck, eerily silent due to treatment in the home, and she didn't care about our clothes or anything.  My clothes were constantly in rags, as were the rest of my siblings.  I am sure I was dirty, because she refused to buy soap or shampoo or anything of the sort.  How was I appealing?  I admit that I developed early.  I shot up to six-foot, developed a large bust, and rounded out very well.  The height wasn't as quick, but the rest was developed right at twelve.  She insisted that I was having sex with older men and "stripping in front of my window at night", and she knew I was because she "had reliable sources".  I was upset, of course, and wasn't sure what to make of it.  I kept telling her no, but she'd insist and insist and be hateful.  I knew that if I kept protesting, she'd hurt me, so I let it go.  In all of her insanity, she forced me to take pregnancy tests.  She had developed the notion that I was pregnant.  When they turned out negative, she took me to the gynecologist.  Now, some may have a different opinion, but I think that fourteen is just too young for a gynecologist.  It was upsetting, it hurt, and it was humiliating to me.  She insisted to the gynecologist that I was sexually active and pregnant.  After the pap smear and checkup, the doctor told her that no, I am not pregnant and that I was definitely a virgin.  Even at home she insisted that I was pregnant and sexually active, and called me a slut, a whore, and whatever other name she could.  Now, I know that I said I was sexually abused - it's true - but it did not have to be penetration to be sexual abuse.  I just wanted to clear that up, but I'm not comfortable about going into details regarding it.  I hate her, and, even to this day, when I visit the gynecologist for my yearly check up (I do not use the one she took me, I made my own choice), I think about how that evil woman made me feel.

        Signed - Fly Me to The Moon
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frequent fry her - selene Frequent Fry Her TM - selene, 3 of 4 needed /Posted: 3-AUG-08
Continuing some venting about my mother.  She was convinced, like she was convinced that I was pregnant and sleeping around, that I was a witch, and that I was casting rituals to kill her.  She insisted on it.  One time, when we were arguing about it, she cut me up and drew sigils and pentagrams and whatnot (laughable, if you understand that symbol) all over my bedroom walls with my blood.  She then screeched to my stepfather and siblings about how evil I was, and look at what she caught me doing in the bedroom.  All right, now, you have to understand that my mother is part of a church.  In the south, we call them "holy rollers".  I hope that you understand that term.  It's the kind of church where they lay on hands and people fall backwards, as if they have been touched by god, et cetera.  Of course, we had to attend the church every single week, and this church was a really small church.  It only had the pastor, his wife, his daughter, another couple, my mother and stepfather, and my sisters and my brother and me in it.  They are all religious loons.  After the incident that I just mentioned, my mother loudly mentioned, in the middle of church, that I had taken my blood and done rituals to kill her.  She said that I had placed my blood in an inverted cross over the one that the pastor had anointed above my door when they first moved in the home.  Of course, it wasn't true, and, of course, they believed her.  They all shamed me, and made me sit in the back of the church, calling me a witch.  They said that I "need to mend" my "ways".  Then, they held me down and "exorcised" the demons inside of me.  This included me screaming for them to stop touching me because I was scared and not a witch.  I wish that I had reported it at the time, but I was so scared and abused and beaten into submission.  I feel guilty about it, because they are probably still doing this to innocent people, as if it's still OK to burn witches or something.  I have heard that the pastor and his family have since moved to another state, and my mother has clung to a new holy roller church.  I heard, from my brother, that she stepped down the steps in the church, and, due to her massive five hundred pound weight, snapped her leg and broke it.  I know that it may sound sick, but I was glad that she did it.  I hope her religious lunacy tells her that this was a punishment from on high.  I never have contact with her, but I am sure that my brother has told her that I am now a pagan.  Although I fear that he, in his brainwashed state, may get a beating for it, and he shouldn't have done it.

        Signed - I Hope It Burned Her Butt Up
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frequent fry her - selene Frequent Fry Her TM - selene, 4 of 4 needed /Posted: 3-AUG-08
In my bedroom, when I lived with my mother, there was a busted old TV.  It worked, barely, and my brother and I managed to get a few channels.  He rigged it, don't ask me how, to play the radio.  He managed to get nice rock and roll station.  We would listen to it quietly and try to hide it, because it was a bit of joy that we could have to ourselves.  One night, she finally caught us.  She beat the living he!! out of us both, and told us that we were worshipping the devil by listening to something that is not Christian music.  Now that I've been away from her, I listen to whatever music that I want, especially rock and roll, and she can stuff it.  I wish I could tell her that I am doing it, but I would never contact her again!

        Signed - I Wish I Could Tell Her
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