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Frequent Fry HerTM
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Sick Of It
Age: 27       MIL Age: 55


frequent fry her - SickOfIt Frequent Fry Her TM. - sickofit/Posted: 04-JAN-14
When I was pregnant with my DD, my MIL took me to an OB appt. While I was getting weighed, I looked over and saw my MIL looking at my weight and making a face like I was enormous. I let it go.

Then, we went to see the dietitian to discuss my pregnancy diet. The dietitian asked if I planned to breastfeed and I said I wasn't sure. MIL felt the need to say, "Well, I think she should." It was none of her business. The reason I didn't make her leave right then and there was because she was supposed to make a recording of the baby's heartbeat for DH. When he found out, he told me that he would rather I had kicked her out because he could have heard it some other time.

Throughout the whole pregnancy MIL was always nagging me about breast-feeding. I would calmly try to tell her that I didn't know how comfortable I was with it. Well, towards the end, I did did decide to breastfeed for my own reasons.

In the hospital, while MIL and other family members were there, I had DH close my curtains so I could privately feed DD. MIL said, "I don't see what the big deal is. They are just parts." She was talking about my breasts.

When I went home, I breast-fed in my bedroom for privacy. My best friend of 20 years came to see me, and of course I let her come in with me. I don't want MIL to see my breasts. She is so judgmental. I would rather her not be around when I feed DD. MIL didn't understand this because "they are just parts."

One day, I got sick of it. I had DD and I was headed to my bedroom. MIL started complaining about it. I looked at DH, right in front of her, and said "You know, I think your mother just wants to see my t!t$."

        Signed - I Never Heard Another Word About It
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frequent fry her - SickOfIt Frequent Fry Her TM. - sickofit/Posted: 04-JAN-14
This is an old story. One evening, I was making a meal that my MIL didn't particularly like. Without a lot of fuss, she asked me if I would pick her up a tv dinner. No problem.

I got home and started making dinner. I let MIL know that her dinner was in the freezer. She actually said to me, "You can cook that while you make dinner." I said, "No. You can cook it." She said, "I don't know how." I was irritated, at this point, so I said, "Most people don't until they read the instructions."

How pathetic is that? Too lazy to get off of her a$$ and microwave a tv dinner.

        Signed - I Am Not A Servant
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frequent fry her - SickOfIt Frequent Fry Her TM. - sickofit/Posted: 04-JAN-14
This is also an old story. First, I want to let you know that MIL is diabetic. While she was living with us, I would have had no problem cooking diabetic-friendly meals if she herself followed a diabetic diet. She always complained about my cooking. No one else that ever ate at my house ever did. They always loved the food. But, you know how MILs are. My DH would tell her that if she didn't like it then she shouldn't eat it. But she always ate it.

This woman is constantly eating cakes, pies, muffins, candy bars, pop, etc. One evening, I was making baked beans and I use brown sugar in mine. MIL said, "I can't eat those because of the sugar." I said, "Ok. Don't eat them." My DH said, "Can't you fix another batch?" I said, "No. I can't. I don't have the extra dishes." I could have, but I didn't. MIL said, with her best pity party face, "It's ok. You guys shouldn't have to change anything because of me." You could tell she was trying to guilt trip me. Guess what? She ate 2 servings of the beans, and washed it down with a 20 oz Pepsi.

I pulled my DH to the side and told him, "I'm not fixing separate meals for her. Any other time she is gorging herself on snacks and foods that are loaded with sugar. Why does it all of a sudden matter what she eats?" I also pointed out all of the pop that she drinks, and how she ate a lot of the beans once she realized that she wasn't going to get her way. DH agreed with me, and said that he was sorry he didn't know that she was eating like that. So, I showed him the snack cake boxes and pop. He has never asked me to fix something separate for her again.

        Signed - This Isn't BK. You Don't Get It Your Way
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frequent fry her - SickOfIt Frequent Fry Her TM. - sickofit/Posted: 04-JAN-14
I guess my MIL's sister got tired of her living there, too. I got a text message from MIL this morning that said, "I guess it's my first day being homeless." I don't know what happened, but I guarantee it was her fault. I might have more sympathy for her if I hadn't had the displeasure of living with her myself.

I don't know why she is texting me. My DH told her a few weeks ago that she couldn't move back here. I told him about it, and he seemed to have the same opinion I did . . . not our problem.

That was about 4 hours ago. I guess she didn't get the response she wanted, because she just sent the same message to my DH's phone. I know what she is doing. I am very familiar with her guilt trips, and we are not going to give in. I refuse to live with her again, or worse, force my children to live with her. Not gonna happen MIL. Nice try.

        Signed - That Bridge Has Burned
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frequent fry her - SickOfIt Frequent Fry Her TM. - sickofit/Posted: 04-JAN-14
This is my most recent story about my MIL. She called from her sister's house and said, "Sister and BIL kicked me out and said that I have to move back in with you guys." Over my dead body! I just took the phone to my DH and walked out of the room.

When he got off of the phone he asked me what I thought about it. I said, "No. I am not going through that again. It just now feels like things are getting back to normal. She is toxic, and I don't want her around our kids or interfering in our marriage. I don't want her here." He said, "What should I tell her?" I said, "Tell her she can't stay here!!!!!"

DH called MIL and told her no. She flew off the handle, and I don't know why. The fact that I never let her baby-sit was brought up. Pity party, I suppose. My DH said, "Well, who would let someone keep their kids that talks about committing suicide all of the time?" This isn't the only reason I won't let MIL baby-sit, but it's one of many that I will tell you about at a later time.

She hung up, and then called back threatening suicide. She said that she had taken all of her pills. This was not the first time that she'd done that. I told DH to call the police and have her committed. I said, "If you don't this it is never going to change. She does this to manipulate you. I'm tired of her trying to hurt you like this. You will either save her life, or possibly embarrass her enough that she won't call you trying to get sympathy through suicide." My DH called the police. Yay DH!!!! I was so proud.

While he was on the phone with the police she left two voicemails on my phone. The first one said how she wanted "her" assets divided. One of these assets includes a car that DH and I bought and paid for. It has his name on the title, but MIL says that BIL wants it. Get real lady. The second voicemail said that she wanted to be cremated, and that she wanted us to sell her stuff to pay for it. She wanted us to spread her ashes over her mother's grave.

She will stop at nothing to make my DH feel guilty, but I stood by him and encouraged him. Well, apparently she did take the pills, and they did take her to the hospital.

We have threatened to put her in a hospital before. She said if I tried it would be my word against hers and if she is my her right mind they can't do anything. She was wrong.

Last but not least, she texted DH when she finally got out of the hospital. It said, "So, you are tired of hearing about me committing suicide? Don't worry. You'll never hear it again."

Like I said, she will stop at nothing to try to make him feel guilty - but he doesn't.

        Signed - She Is Never In Her Right Mind!!!!
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frequent fry her - SickOfIt Frequent Fry Her TM. - sickofit/Posted: 04-JAN-14
This isn't my most recent story, but I am happy to announce that MIL is no longer in my house. It was horrible, and it was all because of her dogs.

As I have said before, MIL has three dogs. My DS is very fond of them. However, due to his autism he isn't always aware of how rough he can be. We have been working on correcting this behavior. We would never let him hurt them on purpose. He just gets rougher the longer he pets them.

Well, my DS came out of his room and ran through the living room. One of the dogs ran after him and tried to bite him. He isn't the first person this dog has done this to. My DH said, "If you bite him I'm going to kick you across the room." (I have never seen him hurt an animal, and he was afraid for my DS. Maybe not the best choice of words, but he was sick of the dog's behavior). MIL said, "You aren't going to do anything to him." DH said, "Let him bite DS and see what happens." MIL replied, "See what happens to DS if he touches one of my dogs again." DH said, "What do you think you're going to do?" I don't remember what MIL said, but DH said, "I'm tired of you thinking your dogs run my house. He (the dog that ran after DS) does this to people all of the time, and I'm not going to make DS lie around like an invalid so that he doesn't get bitten by the dog. The easiest solution is to keep the dogs out of the living room."

MIL went off yelling, crying, and calling DH every name in the book. She rounded up the dogs and took them out of the room. Not a minute later she returned cussing him again. She got in his face and tried to hit him, but he blocked her. DH would normally never hit a woman, but she wouldn't stop. So, he backed her up against the wall and told her he would knock the he!! out of her if she didn't stop. She quit trying to hit him, but she wouldn't stop running her mouth. So, DH told her that if she didn't stop he would call the police. MIL said, "Oh yeah? I'll tell the police that you beat DS." We don't beat DS. We rarely even spank him, and that's only under circumstances in which his behavioral therapist has advised us that it is appropriate. DH said, "Seriously? After the way you beat us when we were kids? You are going to lie and say I beat my DS? F$#% you. Get the f$#% out of my house. I hate you."

After she was able to get gas to put in her car, she was gone. The real kicker is that she called BIL after the fight and tried to get him to fight DH. He wouldn't do it. BIL said that DH was a lover not a fighter, and that she must have done something really bad to have him threaten her. She told him she had no idea why he would do something like that, because she didn't do anything.

I don't approve of men hitting women. But I'm not gonna lie, part of me hoped he would pop her in the mouth.

        Signed - Oh Please Hit Her!!!!!!
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frequent fry her - SickOfIt Frequent Fry Her TM. - sickofit/Posted: 09-NOV-13
For starters, I love my husband very much.  I have a 5 year old Autistic/ADHD DS from a previous relationship, who DH raises as his own.  And we have a 3 month old DD.

My MIL is the most manipulative, vindictive, childish, selfish, craziest piece of work I have ever seen.  I have many stories but I will tell them after some of the bigger ones.

When I first got pregnant with my DD, MIL got kicked out of her home.  I can't stand to think of someone not having a place to stay, so I told my DH that she could move in with us for a little while.  Biggest mistake of my life.

She asked if DH could help her move, and he said yes.  But I don't know when she expected his help because, at the time, he worked from 4:00PM to 4:00AM six days a week.  Instead of nicely asking for his help after that, she demanded that he come help, even though she knew he was working a lot of mandatory overtime.  She had a year to move, by the way, so there should not have been any major rush.

It got to where we dreaded even answering the phone when she called. She chewed his a$$ because he had to work.

So, when moving day finally arrived, we helped her pack her stuff.  Oh, I forgot to mention that we paid over $300 of our own money just for the Uhaul and mileage.  She paid for none of it.  Plus, it was apparently our responsibility to make sure we paid for two storage lockers for her stuff.  Heaven forbid that she get rid of the mountains of useless crap she has.  She also is taking up two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a hallway in our house with her stuff.  It used to clutter my living room, too, until I put my foot down and moved it.

On moving day, her sister and her family also came to help.  In the middle of packing, my MIL started going off on her sister because she didn't start helping her sooner.  This happened even though MIL wasn't doing an ounce of the work herself.  MIL then went to the car to pout, leaving the rest of us to work.

Before moving day came, I had a few phone conversations with my MIL about my pregnancy.  Aside from the usual first trimester discomforts, I also had a sinus infection, and I had my DS to care for.  I didn't have a lot of energy, so I let my housework go to focus on my DS.  I told MIL about it, because it was stressful for me.  I am usually an awesome housekeeper.  She told me not to worry, that she would help me when she moved in.

Well, the day she walked through my door, knowing how bad I felt, and how stressed I was, she said, "It looks like a tornado hit in here."  WTH?  Thanks for the support.  I can always count on MIL.

        Signed - I Wish A Tornado Would Hit Her!!!!
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frequent fry her - SickOfIt Frequent Fry Her TM. - sickofit, 1 of 4 needed/Posted: 09-NOV-13
Once, before I knew how crazy MIL was, I agreed to go run errands with her.  I loaded up my DS and we left.  Everything went well, and she surprised me with a set of sheets I had told my DH I wanted.

When we got back, it was getting late, so I threw my new sheets in the washer so I could put them on my bed that night.  I came back and saw my DS eating a candy bar.  I took it from him and told him no.  I went to close my washing machine, and I came back to find that my DS had found the candy bar once again.

Let me tell you that my son has autism and ADHD.  We are actively working with him to improve his impulse control.  MIL entered the same time I did and saw me walking away with the candy bar.  She started yelling and flew completely off the handle.  She went crazy about how I didn't punish him, and pretty much tried to slaughter me as a mother.  I gave DS a warning the first time it happened, and I didn't have a chance to handle this second time because MIL wouldn't shut up.  I know DS shouldn't have touched it, but I don't think it was worth all the yelling.  I was tempted to throw $0.85 at her.  She went off for about 15 minutes over a candy bar.  I said, "I know he shouldn't have eaten it, but maybe it is a good thing.  You are diabetic, and he may have saved you from a sugar coma."

        Signed - It Must Have Been A Special Candy Bar
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frequent fry her - SickOfIt Frequent Fry Her TM. - sickofit, 2 of 4 needed/Posted: 09-NOV-13
The motor blew up in the car my DH and I used to have.  MIL offered to sell us an extra car she had.  She was going to be moving in with us anyway, so I suggested that, since she was not going to be paying rent, that we could count each month she stayed with us as a $200 dollar payment towards the car.  She agreed and signed the car over to my DH.

A few months later, I mentioned the deal.  She said, "I'm not sure I'm selling the car."  I said, "Then you owe us some money."  She didn't say anything else about it.

She moved out about 4 months ago.  The original car incident was almost 2 years ago.

She was having a crazy moment and threatening suicide 3 weeks ago (I'll tell that story later).  She left a voicemail saying that she was killing herself, and BIL was to get the car that we bought off of her.  Apparently we could have the one she drives.  Bull%$#&!!!!!  We let her live with us for over a year, she didn't pay any bills, she didn't even bring enough food into the house to pay for herself.  We also picked up that expense.  Her dogs ruined my carpet (she never offered to replace it or have it cleaned).  We pay $120 dollars a month to store some of her stuff.  Over half of my house still has her crap in it.  We already spent at least $700 dollars helping her move, and we are always the ones running her errands.

Besides the fact that she already signed the car over to my DH, we have more than paid for it.  We are also the ones that paid to put gas in MILs car to drive 7 hours to get the car (we were all already going up there to visit family, and we were already going to pay for the gas before the car was mentioned).  We paid for her gas for the return trip, and we paid for the gas to get our car here, plus the transfer, tag, and insurance fees.  It aggravates me so bad, because it is paid for and owned by us.

        Signed - Not Her Car To Decide
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frequent fry her - SickOfIt Frequent Fry Her TM. - sickofit, 3 of 4 needed/Posted: 09-NOV-13
One day, my DS and I were watching TV in my bedroom.  I was sick and exhausted from pregnancy, and wanted to lie down for awhile.  He wanted a snack, so I got him a bowl of dry cereal to munch on.

He heard my MIL walking to the bathroom, and he opened to door.  She stuck her head in the door to tell him hi.  Then, she said, "You're letting him watch TV and eat cereal in there?"  I'm sorry.  I thought she was living in my house.  I said, "Yes."

Then she said, "Shouldn't he have boundaries?"  My first thought was, why should DS have any boundaries when MIL apparently doesn't?  But, instead I said, "He isn't hurting anything.  It's dry cereal and an old carpet.  If he makes a mess, I'll be the one cleaning it up."

She then said, "Well, you don't have to be snotty about it," and stomped off.

Seriously?  You nose into my businesses, then question my parenting decisions in my own house, then have the nerve to get mad at me?  Wow.

        Signed - She Is A Fine One To Talk About Boundaries
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frequent fry her - SickOfIt Frequent Fry Her TM. - sickofit, 4 of 4 needed/Posted: 09-NOV-13
My MIL has the 3 most annoying dogs in the world.  They are the little ones that yap all of the time.

When she moved in, I told her the dogs couldn't come into the house because I just got new carpets.  She assured me that they were housebroken, so I caved like a dummy.  Lo and behold, they pi$$ed all over the carpet.  Ughhh!!!!  Then, when she cleaned it up, she tried soaking it up with a training pad instead of getting the shampooer.

Not only have they ruined my carpets, but no one could enter my house without being rushed at the door with the dogs barking at their feet.  They would bark the whole time someone was there.  She yelled at them, but do you think she bothered to remove them from the room?  No!!!!

She also refers to the male dog as my DH's brother.  Is she calling DH a dog?

She has made sure to let it be known on several occasions that she loves her dogs more than her kids (from her own mouth).  She even said that if her male dog was a human that he would make a good husband.  Gross!!!!!

        Signed - She Loves Them More Than Her Kids
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