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Frequent Fry HerTM
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Age: 20       MIL Age: 56
I'm glad to meet other women who share the same problems...I'm not alone.

frequent fry her - Topo, 1 of 4 needed Frequent Fry Her TM - Topo, 1 of 4 needed /Posted: 23-DEC-04
DH and I decided not to let MIL see DS anymore when she said that she had a favorite GS, and that she "can't help it".  He was the first-born grandson.  She said that she didn't love DS as much because she didn't know him.  So, what about BIL's other child?  She obviously didn't tell BIL that she only really likes one of his kids.  Not only that, but she admitted that she and FIL would fight because she favored BIL and said that she got along with him better.  FIL admitted to this, and said that he had to coach her on how to treat both DH and BIL.  He suggested that we "coach" her on how to treat DS, and how to love him and treat them the same.  NO WAY!!  I'm NOT coaching her!

        Signed - NOT Coaching Her!

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frequent fry her - Topo, 2 of 4 needed Frequent Fry Her TM - Topo, 2 of 4 needed /Posted: 24-DEC-04
For the past two days, DH has been fighting with BIL.  We live next door, and share the last half of the driveway, which isn't paved.  Well, lately, BIL has been driving onto our lawn to turn around, but he KNOWS how to turn around on the driveway, and knows how to back up the whole way.  So, DH put up some sort of fence, and BIL was so mad.  He left a message on the answering machine.  He also has been (for the past few days) backing up the car and revving it up to mess up the driveway, I'm guessing.  He is getting very childish.  We are VERY ready to move.  Also, FIL is being a pain lately, as well, and won't leave us alone.  He's been checking our mail (I know for a fact).  BIL also does, too.  We've caught him, and now our mailbox cover is broken.  Sometimes, our mail is opened, too.  DH is a Jr. but he has his own freakin' address and stuff.

        Signed - Mad Topo

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frequent fry her - Topo, 3 of 4 needed Frequent Fry Her TM - Topo, 3 of 4 needed/Posted: 31-DEC-04
DH told MIL that she can't see the baby anymore, but she can still call, I guess, and talk to him (NOT ME!).  She did call once in a while, and tried to give him sob stories.  She said that she was kicked out of her place, and that her BF broke up with her.  She went to the hospital because of high blood pressure.  Whatever.  She then asked if she could come over.  She now visits BIL and SIL every other week in the middle of the week.  She's over there right now.  Every time she would call, she'd ask to come over.  Ummm, NO.  Obviously, she should know that by now, since she keeps asking why.  WELLLLL.  The week before, when DH was at work, she knocked on MY door at 9am!!!!  She had her camera in hand, and asked if she could come in.  Luckily, I got to the door in time, because she was opening it!  I told her, "DH's not home," instead of having to say, "No, you're not allowed."  Here is how our conversation went!
MIL:  I know he's not home.  He said that I could come over.
Me:  Well, I'm not dressed, anyway.
MIL:  Oh, I don't care.  I just want to come in and get a couple of pictures of the baby.
Me:  Sorry, you're not allowed in.  DH told you that you could only call.
MIL:  What did I do to you?!  I don't understand!
Me:  You have favorites and my family doesn't.
MIL:  I don't even REMEMBER saying that I had a favorite!
Me:  We all heard you.
MIL:  Everyone has favorites!  He was the first born grandson.  You just wait until you have another baby.  You'll have a favorite!
Me:  I don't have favorites.  My mom doesn't have favorites, etc.
MIL:  DS's grandmother (who just passed away) had favorites (I know she didn't - she never even liked MIL).
Me:  *Shrug*  You can't come in.
MIL:  You know that I went to the hospital because of this.  I was in there for two days because I was depressed and stuff.
Me:  Well, I can't help you.
MIL:  I don't even have favorites!!
Me:  You just said you did!
Then, she went on and started to say something mean, and I said, "WHATEVER," and slammed the door.  I know that this may seem mean, but she's caused so much trouble, and I can't deal with her.  I called DH, and he called MIL.  He told her to never come over, and never to call again, since she had done this.  So, she told him that she's going to give up.  Didn't she do this before?  She had also given everyone our mailing address, so we were getting things from people whom we didn't even know - just people whom she knows.  She also gave out our number and had people call us.  We changed our number.  Such a pain.  I don't understand why she says something and then denies it.  I wonder what she'll do this week while she's over.  As for FIL, he doesn't really come over/call as much anymore.  I think he's mad, since we don't talk or see MIL.  He didn't even give DH his first Father's Day card.

        Signed - He Told Her To Never Come Over

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frequent fry her - Topo, 4 of 4 needed Frequent Fry Her TM - Topo, 4 of 4 needed/Posted: 1-JAN-05
Worst gift:  Last Xmas MIL gave DH and me, as well as BIL and SIL, one knife each.  You could tell that it came from a set, but she was cheap enough to only give us one.  I told DH that she was trying to hint something.  HA!  For my baby shower she got me old and used stuff.  I don't mind this stuff, but I wish that she didn't give it to me as a baby shower gift.  This was all that she got me.  You may think that she doesn't have money, but she does.  She has a winter home and vacations a lot, and she has a lot of cars, etc.

        Signed - She Does Have Money

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