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Frequent Fry HerTM
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Victim Of Evil MIL
Age: 26    MIL Age: 60
Hypocrite, Racist , Evil MIL

frequent fry her - Victim of Evil MIL Frequent Fry Her TM. - Victim of Evil MIL, 1 of 4 needed /Posted: 18-JUL-07
DH could not control his emotions, and my life changed from that moment.  He consistently behaves immaturely, and can't handle his personal life, emotions and job professionally.  That day, he slammed the main door of the house before he went to play badminton with his colleague at work.  Due to the loud noise that was created, his parents took notice.  I was having my dinner and watching TV in the living room, and my FIL came over and questioned me as to why DH slammed the door.  I tried not to disclose the reason behind it, and just replied, "I don't know."  He stared at me with his angry face, and since he was not satisfied with the answer given, he decided to call my MIL to come in from the backyard.  I did not disclose the reason, because this was between my DH and me, and I strongly believe that we could solve it without the IL's interference.  Moreover, it was just a simple argument about the wireless, which is not working at home.  I asked DH to fix it, but instead he yelled at me and said, "F *#@!"  I just decided not to talk to him, since that was not the first time that I was treated so badly.  Then, my MIL came by and started to question me in a harsh way, "Why is my son slamming the door?  Why is he doing that?"  Again, I answered her, "I don't know.  Go and ask him."  She was not satisfied with this answer, and kept on pursuing the questions, "Why don't you know?  Why is he slamming the door?  Why did he do that?"  I would not put up with her harsh words, and I just said, "Because he is a jerk!"  Without a second thought, MIL said, "Since he is a jerk, then go and DIVORCE him.  We are not American.  We are absolutely fine with you two getting divorced.  I have high blood pressure, and I can take it NO more."  FIL said, "I have high blood pressure and, same here, I can't take it anymore."  Then, my evil MIL continued yelling and talking in a harsh way with FIL, in her language, which I don't understand.  I put my plate down on the table and stood up, telling them, "Talk to your son.  Don't talk to me.  This is really unfair to me."  I walked back into the room, picked up the cell phone and called his friend, since I knew that he was with him, and asked to speak with DH.  When DH came on the line, I shouted with anger, "Because of you slamming the door, your parents asked us to get a DIVORCE!!!  You are really a JERK!!!"  Then, I hung up the phone.  He ran back home from his friend's house, which is just across the street.  We were silent for 5 minutes, and I was crying, sitting by the bed.  He went out and talked to his parents (in their language) and, once again, I had no idea what they were talking about.  All I heard was yelling from my MIL and a loud voice from my crazy DH.  After 5 minutes, he came back to the room.  This time we were silent for about 25 minutes.  Then, I started the conversion by asking him, "What is your plan now?"  Then, he answered me and said, "Of course I do not want to divorce you."  I said, "How come every time you get crazy due to your uncontrollable emotions, I am the one to be blamed and questioned?  Why don't they talk directly to you?  This was not the first time.  Why am I the one who suffers from your act?  Is this fair to me?  Why did your parents ask us to get a DIVORCE?  Why would such educated people like your dad, who is a degree holder, and your mom, who graduated from high school, say something like this to me?  Encouraging us to divorce because you get crazy and slam the door?  What kind of parents are they?  These kinds of words can come from their mouth?  Hey, you must remember that I AM NOT doing anything like having an affair with another man, or committing a crime and going to prison.  I didn't even kick them out of the house.  Why are they talking to me like this?  Why?  Why?  I'd bet my life that MY parents would NEVER say this to you, even though they know how you've treated me badly with your consistent failure to control your emotions, resulting in emotional abuse to me.  I have NEVER seen or heard any of my relatives say anything encouraging or pushing for divorce, including my grandmother, who had no chance to go to school at all.  Your parents seem to be uncivilized.  I can NOT believe that this can come from the mouths of educated people.  Wow, that really surprised me.  For your information, this is not the first time that she encouraged or pushed us to get divorced.  In the past, when you have gotten crazy, she came and approached me by saying, 'I am sorry that my son is behaving crazily during the vacation.  He easily gets mad.  YOU SHOULD think of ways to make him less crazy.  Do you think you still can take this?  You can leave if you want.  No one can take this kind of thing.' Wow, wow, wow, a MIL saying something like this to me?  Encouraging me to leave my DH, and, at the same time asking me to think about how to resolve your emotion issue?  I don't even know why you are crazy some of the time and your mind just blows off like an atomic boom.  Why can't your parents talk to you directly?  Or even you talk to your parents?  Why must they come and TALK to me when you get crazy, and not DIRECTLY approach you?  Don't your parents know how to communicate with their son?  Is this FAIR?  Tell me, is this FAIR?  Another time, you got crazy on the way to the lake.  She came and told me, 'You still can divorce him if you think you cannot take it.'  What on earth is this kind of MIL?  Again, she pushed me to leave and divorce you?  So far, I can recall that today is the second time she asked me to get divorced from you.  What is her motive?  Why does she want me to divorce you so badly?  Can someone tell me?  Have you ever thought of the consequences of your reaction every time?  I bet you didn't.  Else you would have realized things a long time ago.  Don't always find an excuse for yourself, and drop the bad habit of always blaming environment/people/things when you fail to control your emotions due to anger.  Stop being immature!  You had gone through a hard life in the past, where you and your family needed to escape from you native country and had tried many times despite of the failure.  You came to the US so poor and none of your relatives looked up to you.  Your life became better when you had this current job.  Why doesn't all this bring you up stronger and more mature in terms of your thinking or reacting?  Why don't you and your family behave accordingly?  After living here for 17 years, didn't the US culture open up your mind?  What a waste!"  All my DH did was remain silent, and he didn't even reply to me.  All of sudden, he stood up and said, "I am going to ask them to move out of this house now."  Then, I stopped him and said, "No, please be rational before you say or do anything."  All he replied was, "They are interfering in our lives, and I am now going to ask them to move out."  He left the room and went outside.  Again, he communicated in his native language, and I didn't understand.  After a few minutes, he came into the room and said, "They will be moving out in a month."  That day, I couldn't sleep, nor could I stop thinking about it.  My evil MIL said to her son, "Your wife came here just for the sake for making money, and because she thought that living would be better in the USA, as most people want/thought.  Her cousin wanted to come here so much.  That proves that everyone from (original country that I am from) wants to migrate to the USA so badly."  These are the most insulting words, not only to me, but to my family and my country of origin.  This kind of sentence can come out of an educated person like her?  I don't know what the motive is behind it, or what kind of woman she is.

        Signed - Victim of Evil MIL
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frequent fry her - Victim of Evil MIL Frequent Fry Her TM. - Victim of Evil MIL, 2 of 4 needed /Posted: 19-JUL-07
Once again, my evil MIL is trying to find fault with me and make things worse.  My PIL still have not moved out since I managed to convince my DH not to kick them out.  Although I don't like them anymore due to the previous incident, I still think that it's not a good idea to kick them out, since they are old and poor.  This house was bought by my DH.  His younger brother lives with us as well.  I have always been considerate, and think that their lives will be hard if they move out.  However, they never appreciate that.  DH let them stay another month from the last incident.  He said that we'd see how things go, even though he had previously asked them to move out, when he was not rational.  MIL keeps up her good work and continues to influence my DH.  She consistently brings up bad things about me.  One day, she confronted my DH and said, "Why is the b!tch labeling all the food and cans that she bought?  We are not going to use her stuff anyway.  Her actions have insulted me!"  DH was very angry at her for consistently bringing things up and making his life more difficult.  He removed the labels and answered his mom, "I don't know.  Why can't you just leave us alone and stop interfering?  My wife has been living inside our room for the past 3 weeks.  She doesn't come out often in an effort to avoid conflict with all of you.  She only comes out and cooks her own dinner.  How much of her freedom do you want to limit?"  My evil MIL is never satisfied, and the arguments always continue.  DH just came in the room holding the label with my name on it, crushed it, and threw it on the table.  I asked him why he did that.  He explained to me that he was very angry with his mom and just wanted to take the label off so she would keep her mouth shut.  After analyzing the situation, I told him, "Your mom is getting worse.  You told me a few days ago that she plans to apologize to me for asking me to divorce you.  Because she feels scared, she didn't do it.  She changed her mind very fast.  Within 3 days, she brought up another issue.  What is her motive?  She is just too evil.  The reason I label the food is because I want to avoid being angry at finding out that they mistakenly ate it, since your whole family has a communication breakdown.  Of course, I know that your mom won't take my food because she recognizes what she has bought.  What about your brother and your dad?  Your mom is not going to tell them which food belongs to me.  I am just thinking of a way to prevent problems from happening to me.  I don't want them to accidentally take my stuff and end up in an argument.  I used to label the stuff belonging to me in college.  It prevented accidental usage.  I don't see that it is a big deal.  It does not make any sense that your mom brings this up.  Your mom is trying to dig and dig more things out of me.  Trying to piss me off, so I can give up on you.  And then she can stay with you forever.  That's her evil plan."  Since the incident, I have not talked to them.  Even though they have been doing things to make me angry, I have not taken any action nor even planned to get into an argument with them.

        Signed - That's Her Evil Plan
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frequent fry her - Victim of Evil MIL Frequent Fry Her TM. - Victim of Evil MIL, 3 of 4 needed /Posted: 19-JUL-07
DH and I got into an argument again.  This time he said, "You can move out from this house, since you volunteered to."  This time the argument began by him slamming the toilet bowl.  He has been moody for a couple of days, ever since his parents told him that they will move out within 2 months (after the labeling incident).  He was very depressed.  He slammed the toilet bowl today.  It came to me that he is crazy again.  Then I confronted him and asked him why he was doing that.  He mentioned that it was an accident.  I was so pissed off with his attitude these last couple of days, and I just said, "This whole family is crazy."  Then, when he went to brush his teeth, he cursed "F%$#.  I did that accidentally."  He kept on cursing, "F%$# on this and that."  Our argument went on.  Then, he asked me to move out.  Also, he mentioned, "I am putting this marriage in the highest priority and no one can ruin it."  And yet, he kicked me out of the house.  Good job!!!  I finally see that this whole family is not only crazy, but they behave like uneducated people, lack manners, control my freedom, cannot handle emotion, and never think of consequences before saying/reacting.  Whatever they say is right, and whatever I think/say is absolutely wrong.  A half hour later, DH realized that he was wrong and bought me flowers to apologize.  This whole family is good with words.  Words are LOUDER than ACTIONS!  I still remember that before marriage my MIL was so nice.  She even said this, "We can move out if you are not ok with staying with us.  Many US people can't stay with parents.  Your happiness is our priority."  Yeah, yeah, yeah, what a hypocrite.  Asking me to get a divorce because he is immature?  Did she really plan to move out after the incident happened?  He!! No.  They are still staying in the house.  DH offered them the house, and he decided to move out, with me, to an apartment, but the goodwill had been denied.  My evil MIL just mentioned that they have bad memories in that house, and moreover, it's not their house.  DH and I have temporarily moved out and rented a room.  It has been more than one and a half months, and yet the evil MIL is still staying in her son's house, which she claims to be a place of bad memories.

        Signed - Hypocrite! Hypocrite! Hypocrite!
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frequent fry her - Victim of Evil MIL Frequent Fry Her TM. - Victim of Evil MIL, 4 of 4 needed /Posted: 20-JUL-07
MIL couldn't accept the fact that her son was on my side.  She had finally revealed her true evilness.  She began to slam the doors and cabinets at midnight, starting 3 days ago.  She repeats the slamming and talks loudly on phone at 6 a.m.  This really shows that the whole family is crazy.  Her son did that, and now she does it.  Bravo!  Impressive!  The whole family has really bad manners, behaves immorally, immaturely and irrationally.  They are racists and hypocrites.  Early in the morning, when DH and I were about to get ready for work, she finally came out from behind the garage door, pointed her finger at me and scolded, "You broke my family.  If I had known that earlier, I wouldn't have let you come.  You won't be happy.  I have not found a house to move out to.  Go and tell your parents about what I said.  You broke my family!"  I just smiled and didn't reply!  I kept on smiling because I was playing a psychological game with her.  If I had reacted angrily and started to scold back, I would have fallen into her trap - to continue in the argument.  I choose a wise step to let it go and smile at what she had said, which made her angrier, and she lost her dignity.  Although I was very angry, I managed to hold it.  Luckily, DH was there to listen and witness the whole incident.  He finally saw his true, evil mother, who was accusing me of her own faults (breaking up the family).  After my evil MIL finished her accusations and insults, DH drove me away, and we did not go back to the house anymore.  We stayed at DH's best friend's house for 2 weeks, and we are now renting a room, which is a 15 minute drive from work.  DH agrees with me that I should log a police report, since it is going to be a safety issue.  He even mentioned that he will remember his evil mother's face today for the rest of his life.  DH told me that I am not the one who broke the family.  It was his own mom who did that, and it was also due to a communication breakdown within the family.  DH has hated his own father and mother since he was young.  My evil MIL had once encouraged DH to not continue studying in an advanced class in high school, when he complained that the class had too much homework.  Luckily, DH never listens to her and continues to study in college with a scholarship.  She is a 60 year old woman who still thinks as if she never left her native country, and who has not changed at all.  FIL and BIL are the same way, too.  My BIL never greeted me when I first came to visit them in the USA, nor after my marriage.  Even though he is at college now, I feel ashamed for him because he doesn't know what respect is.  It seems that he learned nothing from school.  What a waste!  He is just like my PIL, who have resided here for 17 years.  Their minds have not opened up.  They told DH that calling BIL a jerk earlier was not respectful to them.  Hello!!  Talk about respect?  They don't give respect to me at all.  I never failed to greet them when I came home, but they gave a me kind of a bad look when I greeted them.  Was MIL respecting me when she kept on telling me to get a divorce after 4 months of marriage?  Why doesn't she confront her son in the first place?  Is this called respect?  Also, my evil MIL treats my FIL very badly.  She scolds him like a dog most of the time when they get into an argument.  Does she show any respect?  After all, my evil MIL committed the biggest crime.  She had an affair with another guy 16 years ago.  She thought nobody knew about it until my FIL revealed it to my DH, and I got to know about it from him recently.  Why did such an evil person want to destroy my relationship so much?  I didn't have an affair like she did.  I didn't do anything to disrespect them, nor did I shame the family name like she did in the past, going out 1 on 1 with a guy.  Sometimes I don't understand how my FIL can stand this and let her take control.  I really wish that she had a DD who got insulted and mentally abused like this.  She has been framing me and accusing me of a lot stuff.  For example, ever since the first incident with her, I have stayed inside my room every day, when I come back home, in hopes that it would reduce the hatred.  However, I was being accused of kicking her out of the house by staying inside the room.  Maybe she wanted to see me upset and running out of the house.  What's wrong with his woman?  She really needs a mental doctor.  Another time, she couldn't take the fact that DH and I hug each other in the living room.  She accused me by saying to DH, "A normal (my nationality) girl wouldn't behave like that.  It shows a bad example to your younger brother."  Wooooo, who is the bad example here?  She, herself, is no longer an innocent because she had an affair with a man, yet to this today the man still comes around to find her.  Who is showing the bad example here?  Also, my FIL is a smoker.  Why doesn't she blame her DH for influencing their son to smoke?  Hugging is common to all people around the world.  Only my evil MIL and FIL never hug because there is no love involved.  She has indirectly scolded my parents by saying that I don't know how to behave.  What on earth is wrong with this woman?  Can I say that my evil MIL is a total failure because she has not been faithful, and has shamed the family name?  She never thought of the consequences of her actions.  She even mentioned to my DH that she will not take care of our baby, if we have one in the future.  Come on, after this incident, does she think I will let her take care of or visit my children?  Wouldn't I be scared that she would influence my children to become evil and unfaithful through her own actions?  I'd rather have my own parents watch the kids.  Even DH agrees that my parents really love each other, and we should follow their example when bringing up our kids.  I am no longer seeing my evil PILs and disrespectful BIL.  I have a peaceful life now.  At least I don't have to deal with the devil family anymore.  I have had a very successful career since I graduated a few years ago, and I have a bright future.  But, most importantly, I am independent.  I wish to put it on film one day and share it with people all around the world.

        Signed - Don't Have To Deal With The Devil Family Anymore
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