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Frequent Fry HerTM
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Waiting Patiently

frequent fry her - waiting patiently, 1 of 4 needed Frequent Fry Her TM - waiting patiently, 1 of 4 needed /Posted: 10-JAN-03
SIL is getting married soon.  The wedding is a 1 hour plane trip for us, and costs approximately $200.  A lot of dosh for us.  But, before my DH and I had even had a chance to work out whether could we go, etc., etc., MIL had already said that DH could go (she will help), but I couldn't.  She also had the audacity to say that we can't take our children!!!  At first, I thought that it must be a "child free" wedding, but when we finally got the invite last week, it was to Mr. and Mrs. X, and family.  No matter how hard it is going to make things financially for us, I am going to get there (even if I have to hock something).  I want the satisfaction of showing MIL that we can do it ourselves, and she has no right to tell us what we can afford to do.

        Signed - Sick Of Her!!!

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frequent fry her - waiting patiently, 2 of 4 needed Frequent Fry Her TM - waiting patiently, 2 of 4 needed /Posted: 10-JAN-03
My birthday last year fell on Sunday anniversary day.  I thought it would be nice to invite MIL and FIL to the children's first official anniversary.  I had the misconception that we may be able to form some sort of relationship if I made the first move.  I have been doing this for the last umpteen years.  So far, I have gotten nowhere, but not through lack of trying.  Well, after all the singing was over and books presented, MIL came to me and handed me a plastic bag.  She said, "Happy Birthday.  Here is your present.  It is the largest size the shop had.  I think it will fit you."  She also said, "I chose bright colors, as your clothes always look so drab"  Auugghh!!!  I like my blue, black and lilac clothing.  The colors suit me a lot better than the hot pink and salmon colored tracky dacks and tops she gave me (they looked horrendous!!), on top of fitting me better than the clothes she brought (that were several sizes too big!!).  This was coming from the woman who deliberately wore red to our wedding so that she clashed with my mother, who wore soft pink.

        Signed - Auugghh!!!

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frequent fry her - waiting patiently, 3 of 4 needed Frequent Fry Her TM - waiting patiently, 3 of 4 needed /Posted: 11-JAN-03
Due to a medical condition I have, DH and I had to start trying to have children as soon as possible if we were going to be able to conceive.  So, after we were married, we thought, "Why not?"  We were extremely blessed to fall pregnant 1 month after our wedding.  We announced it straight away, as it was a small miracle to fall pregnant (only a 15% chance of doing so).  A week later, SIL told everyone that she was also pregnant.  We had 6 days between our due dates.  Leading up to the impending arrivals, I was extremely ill with a kidney condition, and was hospitalized in great pain for several weeks.  However, MIL was always telling me how ill SIL was with gestational diabetes.  Even in the hospital, she told me how lucky I was not to be sick like SIL!!!  Knowing that our dates were close together, we decided that it might be safest to tell the family our chosen baby names so there would be no duplication.  We did this at a family dinner.  BIL scoffed at our choices, saying that they sounded weird.  All through the pregnancies, MIL and SIL were saying that they were having a boy and that we were having a girl.  Our scan showed a boy, and they were insistent it was wrong (to the point of MIL knitting girl's cardigans and dresses!!).  SIL wanted the first boy in the family, she already had a girl, and was so determined that her baby would be born early, and would be a boy.  As things happened, my medical condition lead to high BP and an induction.  We were blessed with a beautiful baby boy.  Three days later, SIL had a baby girl.  MIL came into the hospital and told us about SIL's baby, telling us that she was the most beautiful baby in the world, although ours was attractive.  She also said that we stole SIL's baby names!!  She had wanted the name we chose for our son for her baby!!!  Even today, they tell us that we spoilt their name choices, how gorgeous their children are, how clever they are, and that ours will never be good enough for them.  So, I try to limit contact with them, although it is hard on DH.  But, he is sick of being hurt by them as well.  Why do families have to be so cruel???

        Signed - Hurt 2 Many Times

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frequent fry her - waiting patiently, 4 of 4 needed Frequent Fry Her TM - waiting patiently, 4 of 4 needed /Posted: 11-JAN-03
My DH and I were college sweethearts.  After a 3 year "temporary" separation, we got back together.  Within 6 months, we were engaged and planning our wedding.  MIL was pleased that we got back together, until we announced our engagement.  She thought it was too soon.  Despite the fact that I am a part-time, self employed seamstress, MIL said that she would make my dress as a gift to me.  After awhile, I paid off the fabric, which had been on layaway.  She picked up the materials.  The dress was to be hand embroidered, by me, in a Celtic love knot, so I asked MIL if she could have it finished a month prior to the wedding to give me time to finish it.  She was fine with this, as she was also making the bridesmaid's dresses.  The date was looming close, and I had to keep on her back to get the dresses finished.  A week before the wedding, she finally announced that my dress was ready for embroidering!!!  So, instead of relaxing and enjoying the run up to our wedding, I was busy sewing and trying not to panic.  I wasn't worried about the actual wedding, it was, "Will my dress be finished in time?"  The train couldn't be completed until it was embroidered.  For the 2 days prior to the wedding, I was up for 48 hours, sewing nonstop.  Even my bridesmaids helped the night before the wedding!!!  When we were getting our hair and makeup done at the hairdressers, we were still sewing and beading!!  It is in the wedding video!!!  To top things off, the bridesmaids dresses weren't pressed.  She had left instructions on how to do it, so my chief bridesmaid followed the instructions and proceeded to press away.  The iron setting that she had instructed us to use was too hot, and the iron went straight through the fabric panel!!!!  Luckily enough, my MIL had ordered way too much fabric, so my bridesmaid was able to fashion a panel from the meters of leftovers.  After the wedding, we discovered that MIL had been telling the guests what had happened with the dress, and was pointing out which dress it was, stating that the seams were not even, and the hem was hanging.  The only problem was that she had pointed out a dress that she had made!!!!  All in all, with all the repairs and embroidering, I was one hour late for my wedding.  I had to be sewn into my dress, and it is still hanging in my closet, unfinished.  My bridesmaids and I had absolutely no sleep the 48 hours prior to the wedding, so we were exhausted and drained (I fell asleep the minute we left the church!!).  After the reception, MIL pushed a piece of paper into my hand.  It was a bill for all the thread and notions that she used in the dresses, right down the very last inch of thread and buttons.  Oh, and she tallied it right down the very last cent.  She demanded payment the week that we returned from our honeymoon.  She hasn't improved since.  I am still waiting patiently for a "human" MIL, now 5 years later.

        Signed - She Hasn't Improved

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