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Frequent Fry HerTM
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frequent fry her - wildcat 1 of 4 needed Frequent Fry Her TM - wildcat 1 of 4 needed/Posted: 9-JAN-04
Worst gift:  I hope that I'm not out of line in adding my stories here because it's my parents (my GM and M) that are the ILs from he!!.  I could tell you a million cases of their weirdness - GM is a devil woman who demands to be in control and M is a "victim" and codependent.  Just to give you an idea, the year after I left for college (it should have tipped me off), I bought a microwave for the family to use at home for Christmas.  DH (DBF then) had me ship it, and we waited until it arrived at their apartment.  What was waiting for me under the Christmas tree?  A box of baby laundry detergent and a box of dryer sheets!

        Signed - Devil Woman

frequent fry her - wildcat 2 of 4 needed Frequent Fry Her TM. - Wildcat 2 of 4 needed /Posted: 22-FEB-04
My parents are the in-laws from heck.  A couple of days ago, I got a huge package from one of them.  Inside was a jacket that my GM decided to make for mom (who is considerably taller than I am).  Mom decided that she didn't want it.  So, they shipped it to me, along with four grapefruits.  Boy, I'm glad that DH decided to check for packages - otherwise we would have had to deal with frozen 3 or 4 days old grapefruit in a soggy, frozen cardboard box).  It's not as bad as some of the stories here, but the reason that I'm ticked about it is that:  1)  I'm ALLERGIC to citrus fruits - cannot have them.  2)  I'm on a low-carb diet - which means that grapefruits with high fructose content are out - and I have been refusing grapefruit and oranges for YEARS.  3)  I had already told them that I didn't want any fruit.  4)  DH doesn't LIKE them (aside from being on the low-carb diet with me).  But, we consistently get citrus fruit.  The jacket is interesting enough, I guess.  Things could be worse - it could be purple, pink and yellow plaid.  I just resent that I'm assumed to like exactly what I'm told to like - usually castoffs for patterns that "didn't work out" or "trials" of new patterns.  I'm just not really sure what to coordinate pink and gray with in a primarily navy and black business wardrobe.

        Signed - Trying To Figure Out The Logic

frequent fry her - wildcat 3 of 4 needed
Frequent Fry Her TM. - Wildcat 3 of 4 needed /Posted: 28-FEB-04
DH and I had traveled 5 to 6 hours to attend my younger brother's college graduation.  As the occasion demanded, I was in a dress and heels, and my DH was in his expensive dry-clean only suit.  My mom wanted to have a housewarming/graduation party at her new residence.  She had been going through plenty of drama and problems getting this new residence even livable.  There had been the usual problems with the contractors and getting permits, and so on.  She decided that she would have the party at her new place come he!! or high water, in spite of not having running water (no toilets for 20 people), barely getting electricity in time, not being unpacked (boxes were everywhere), etc.  The first thing that she asked my DH to do when we got "invited over" was to crawl under the place to start checking out the lines and to get her water turned on.  Somehow, no one else could do it.  I immediately was put to unpacking, dusting, getting rid of boxes, opening taps of water, etc.  All this was done about 1 hour or so before her "guests" started to arrive.  It got me so mad - particularly when YB wasn't able to get under the house to check things out before, but was suddenly able to squeeze under there when DH was ordered to go under.  The lady hadn't even opened her fridge because the power had been out (like I said - new place) and it had been unplugged in moving, so she had just left it closed for several days.  Boy, did I feel safe eating her party food.

        Signed - I Wanna Be A Guest Instead Of Family!

frequent fry her - wildcat 4 of 4 needed Frequent Fry Her TM - wildcat, 4 of 4 needed /Posted: 31-MAR-04
I've got a million of them - from my parents.  The last time that I traveled down to see my faaaaamily was when my younger brother graduated.  For the occasion, my DH and I were dressed formally.  I was in a dress, hose and pumps, and DH was in a suit.  After the 5+ hour trip, we finally saw the graduation.  Mom had bought a new home in a new subdivision (20 minutes from anywhere), and despite having no water and barely (like within the past 12 hours) having electricity, she had 20 plus people celebrate her new place and YB's graduation at this new home.  When DH and I arrived, the entire place was filled with boxes and bags, and there was no water.  My mom decided that my DH, in his dry-clean-only suit, just NEEDED to crawl in the clay mud under their house to check the plumbing and turn on their well pump.  Since I was "hanging around" while he did that, I could "help" her with the boxes.  I ended up finishing moving her into her new place while DH crawled around trying to get the water moving enough to go to the bathroom.  When we asked why this hadn't been taken care of, mom informed us that the house hadn't even been officially given the "all done" from the builders, and she just NEEDED to have the party in this place.

        Signed - Galled by M

frequent fry her - wildcat Frequent Fry Her TM - wildcat/Posted: 16-FEB-04
My parents are absolutely, unforgettably amazing.  When DH and I married, they were over the moon in the tizzy of wedding preparations.  Yes, I married the very same man whom they declared "unfit" and who (they were SURE) "was cheating on me" (which he wasn't).  We've been married now for about 5 years, finally settling down into the house and so on.  We are steadily paying off the debts (college loans, credit cards, etc.).  We have both agreed that we will finish paying these off before we think about children, which is well known to everyone in the family.  It didn't bug me when we all agreed to collect a children's book series (I love books).  It worried me a little when my GM picked out the nursery furniture set and had already made up 3 sets of baby sheets, etc.  What DOES bug me is the passive-aggressive cr@ptacular that I get.  I'm now getting all kinds of articles on fertility, the dangers associated with birth control, the costs of raising children from my mom, who is "not trying to pressure me".  I am sick of hearing about how my GM can get me baby and child clothes from a local (to her) consignment shop "for a song".  Not only are they giving me heck, but she is asking family friends to "hold on" to maternity clothes (that have met her approval) and baby furniture so that she can pick out what I need and bring it to me.  My GM is even packing things up so that she can move "just to be near me" and take over baby-sitting so that I can return to work.  Duh!  This is why we're waiting until we pay off our debts.  This isn't so bad, I guess, except for one tiny detail.  When my mom remarried this last time, she married a gentleman with grown children and grandchildren.  Neither one of them even speaks about these relatives.

        Signed - Everyone's ILs Are Someone Else's PARENTS

frequent fry her - wildcat Frequent Fry Her TM - wildcat/Posted: 3-APR-04
Here's a gem from my parents - my DH's ILs.  About a year or two after we were married, I began to make noises about attending graduate school.  We both have college degrees, but we could both use the extra education, and it wouldn't hurt either of our resumes.  We both also worked full time (and still do).  I had taken a new job with better benefits and better pay.  My mother pulled me aside and said that she wasn't putting any pressure on me or anything, but she really didn't want me to attend graduate school.  When I asked why, she said that I shouldn't, because it would cause friction, and that we would get divorced (wtf?) After all, EVERYONE knew that the man "NEEDED" to be in charge and "NEEDED" to be the breadwinner.  I needed to really concentrate on maintaining the family and getting settled, like making sure that DH had home cooked meals.  Uh-huh.  Hmm.  Well, since then I have gotten 3 successive jobs with increasing benefits and pay.  DH even moved over 200 miles in order for me to take one of them, taking care of the housework and cooking until he got a job.  Remember everyone:  No matter how strange/weird/crazy/mean your ILs are, they are parents to your partner!

        Signed - You Must Be Joking!


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