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MIL Poll Results
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Tipper Gore
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Poll Question:  "If you could swap your mother-in-law for someone famous (without changing your spouse), who would it be?  Reason why?"

Here are the results of our first ever Mother-In-Law Poll.  We must say, the outcome was quite impressive.  Our readers have shown an amazing  talent for creative thinking, and a flair for both the dramatic and unusual.

To all who participated in the poll, we thank you.  For those who still wish to participate, please do so.  Your entry can be made using the form at the bottom of this page.  We will continue to update the results from time to time as new information is accumulated.

Before getting into the statistics, let us just remind you that this is by no means a scientific poll.  We did this for entertainment purposes, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we have.

The top ten winners to date are as follows:

of Vote
  FIRST   Roseanne 5.9%
  Tied for Second   Cher 3.5%
"   Hillary Clinton 3.5%
"   Martha Stewart 3.5%
  Tied for Fifth   Ally Mcbeal 2.4%
"   Anyone Else 2.4%
"   Hitler 2.4%
"   Madonna 2.4%
"   Sally Jessy Raphael 2.4%
"   Tina Turner 2.4%

The first honorable mention must go to the 2.4% who responded that they would not change their mother-in-law, even if given the chance.  This did violate our rules, in a way, but technically must be considered tied for fifth place with the others in the top ten.

The other honorable mentions include (alphabetically):

Angie Dickenson Anil Kapoor Atilla the Hun
Barbara Bush Bea Arthur Brad Pitt
Buffy Catherine Zeta-Jones Cindy Crawford
Darma's motherinlaw Denise Richards Dracula
Emily Dickinson Erma Bombeck ex mother in law
Faith Hill Faye Dunaway Genghis Khan
Godzilla Hannibal Lector Heather Locklear
Helen Keller Indira Gandhi Jackie O
Jennifer Lopez Jeri Ryan Jesus
Joan Collins Joan Rivers Joanna Pettet
Julie Cruise Lauren Bacall Linus Torvalds
Lorenzo d'Medici Marlee Matlin Maya Angelou
Mother Mrs. Bill Gates Mrs. Cunningham in Happy Days
Naomi in the bible Nick Carter Oprah Winfrey
Princess Diana Queen Elizabeth Racquel Welch's mum
Raquel Welch Rene Russo Rosie O'Donnell
Sally Fields Shania Twain Sharon Stone
Shirley Jones Sophia Loren The Rock
Tina Turner Yoko Ono  

Your Selections

Although 81.2% of you provided us with a famous woman's name, as we expected - we found our readers to be a creative group, submitting the following unexpected entries:

9.4% of your entries referred to monsters of one kind or another (including Hitler, in the top 10).  The general comment was similar to the one from the person who submitted "Atilla the Hun - I figure he'd be kinder and more helpful than the ... [MIL] ... I have now."

5.9% of you decided that a male entry was more suitable as a replacement mother-in-law.

2.3% of you selected a person with a handicap (such as deafness) in order to make it nearly impossible to communicate with your MILs.

And, finally, 1.2% of you decided to choose a MIL based on the implications it would have as to who you would be married to (for example, choosing a famous person's mother so that, by implication, you would be married to that famous person).  This approach, although creative, was unfortunately a direct violation of the "without changing your spouse" rule.

Your Explanations

Your reasons given for your selection of mothers-in-law were as varied and creative as your selections themselves.

44.7% of you went with one form or another of explaining the virtues of the person you selected.

21.2% of you looked towards this exercise as a means of fulfilling a latent sexual fantasy or two.

17.6% of your response explanations were geared towards pain reduction.  A good example of this was the entry that suggested, "Dracula - I know he will suck the blood out of me and it would be painless!"

9.4% of you saw this as an opportunity for personal gain.  Most obvious in this arena was, "Mrs. Bill Gates - Your daughter wants a ... horse ranch in Hawaii so bad!"

And, finally, the remaining 7.1% of you just simply had us stumped.  Entries such as, "Linus Torvalds - He wrote Linux, du0ds :)" had us scratching our heads for explanation.


Once again, we would like to thank all those who participated in the survey.  We hope you find it all as fascinating as we do.  We will continue to do more polls on this site, so be on the lookout for the next one.

Don't forget, you can still participate in this survey by filling out the form below.

Mother-In-Law Poll!

If you could swap your mother-in-law for someone famous
 (without changing your spouse),
who would it be?

Reason why?  

Thank You.



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