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March 5, 2002
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MARCH 2002

On December 29, 2001, my fiancé and I (he 51 and I 37), both previously married, and both with children from our first marriages, went to Las Vegas on a nice holiday.  We told our children that we were to be married on our vacation.  Everything was perfect - limo, ceremony, photos, video and beautiful dinner.  We sent some photos to my new MIL.  All she could say was how heavy we got.  Some weeks later, we arrived to bring my new husband's daughter to see her grandmother.  We brought up the video of our trip, the wedding album, and the video of the ceremony.  We went to do some work on a friend's place nearby, and returned the following day to my MIL's house.  We asked if she had a chance to see our trip.  She replied that she looked at the Vegas tape and a few photos.  I then asked if she would like to see "Our Wedding".  She simply said, "No, she had seen some photos."  My heart sank.  My eyes filled, and I clammed up.  My poor husband is devastated, but took it like a man!  He refuses to let me be treated this way.  I want to tell her how it feels for both of us.  He says to leave it alone, because she will be the same way anyway, and not to give her that much of my energy.

        Signed - New Bride And Proud Of It

RESPONSE:  New Bride And Proud Of It
Ya know what?  Wedding videos are boring.  I didn't even care to watch my own.  Pictures are nice and quick.  Don't take offense at your MIL, I'm sure it is nothing personal.  Some are just not into videos.  If you wanted her to see the wedding, you should have invited her.  Maybe she is the hurt one here.

RESPONSE:  New Bride And Proud Of It
You went to Las Vegas to get married, and you did not invite any of your family?  Then you have the nerve to be hurt by your MIL not wanting to see your wedding video?  Did you consider your family's collective feelings about not being invited to the wedding?  I think you may have gotten off on the wrong foot here.  Ask MIL if she is hurt by not being given the chance to attend the wedding.  If she is, then try to make it up to her.  You did not reference a huge fight or rude behavior in your post, so I assume that other than this meeting, she an OK person.

This is just a note to thank you for all the help about what to wear to the upcoming wedding.  I am going to go back and refer to that page, and you have totally helped me.  Yes, it was a sincere question, not a joke!  There were so many revelations and helpful suggestions, which will be good for future weddings, as well as this one.  If only I'd asked you sooner.  I send you virtual home-baked brownies in appreciation - wish I could give them to you in person.

        Signed - Grateful - You Helped Beyond My Wildest Dreams

I'm fairly new to this web site, and am quite amazed at some of the MIL stories I've read.  I have been divorced from my ex for many years, but I STILL remember his stepmother.  Here are some of the more "memorable" things about her.  She quit smoking, so, therefore, EVERYBODY must quit too.  She had signs in her house that said, "I won't fart in your house, so don't smoke in mine."  She objected to me breastfeeding my babies in her home, and said to me, "I don't come to your house and have sex on your kitchen floor."  She and my ex FIL had a large house on about 2 acres of land.  In their backyard, they had 3 large apple trees that stood over 20 feet high (all of the trees were loaded with unripe apples).  My little four year old picked 5 green apples.  SMIL lit into her and began yelling at her, telling her she had no business picking her apples, etc.  The woman went on and on.  My daughter lay sobbing on the floor.  I yelled at her to stop yelling at my daughter, but the woman wouldn't stop!  One time, shortly after my ex and I had built a brand new house, my FIL had come over to help with some work in the basement.  I cooked a great big meal.  The telephone rang, and it was the SMIL.  He left without eating a bite because SHE said he needed to get home because company was coming.  Granted, they lived an hour and a half away, but would it have hurt him to have a quick bite and then leave??  Finally, last year, my ex and I were talking.  It seems that at his family reunion, the SMIL was smoking!  LOLOL, what a jerk!  I recently heard that the SMIL and my XFIL got a divorce - surprise, surprise!!  Man, am I glad I am out of that family!

        Signed - Grateful To Have Gotten Out

I thought I got on well with my prospective MIL and her husband.  Both are highly money oriented.  She claims to be a genuine blonde, but the ravages of years of heavy peroxide are obvious.  She describes herself as a hot head, but is more commonly known locally as an air head!  She also tends to elevate her position and salary.  But, along with her inability to maintain sound relationships, you just try to ignore her failings.  Her husband is nice enough, but one of the most spineless men I have ever met when it comes to dealing with his wife.  Anyway, as I say, I thought I got on well with them, until I listened to an answering machine message they had inadvertently left on our home number.  I love they way they attempt to change the subject when she realizes that she has not disconnected the call.  The prawns almost threw me off the scent.  Here is the call, transcribed word for word.  The names have been changed to protect the innocent (and I'm not referring to the in-laws when I say innocent).  MIL is the mother-in-law.  DH is her spineless husband (not my father-in-law, thank heavens).  The early part of the call is MIL speaking, but the speech was unclear.
DH:  Parasite, that's what he is.
MIL:  Yeah, yeah, but he's like one of these cads.  You remember Simon, the cad.  What was that guy?  Oh, he always played upper crust roles.
DH:   John Williams?
MIL:  No, no, no, not him.
DH:  Nigel Havers.
MIL:  He's quite a nice guy in real life.  He played the cad.  He took middle aged.
DH:  He did.  It was called, "The Cad", wasn't it?
MIL:  It was.  Fiona Fullerton was in it as well.
DH:  What was it called?  It was a brilliant program.  Friday night's, at 9 o'clock.
MIL:  Yeah, it was.  He took these old widowers to the cleaners.
DH:  Son-in-law be an excellent con man.
MW:  SIL will show his true colors once that ring is on his finger, believe me.
DH:  He is an excellent con man, and that's why he would be good at sales.
MIL:  He's a bull sh!tter, and he's calm about it.  You don't know when he's lying.
DH:  And that's why he could be really good at that job,if he bothered to put the time into making good.  Let's not forget - if he hadn't blown all his f@#$ng money, he could have his own f@#$cking franchise, without the need to go in with this bloke.
MIL:  If he left with forty grand.  I wouldn't believe him.
DH:  Yeah.
MIL:  (Garbled).  He hasn't worked for months.  He's over the hill now at 36, 37.
DH:  Of course he is.  The best thing is if that doesn't take off, he's stuffed.
  (MIL attempts to talk over DH, but her words are unclear).
MIL:  He'd be back working at XXXXXXXXX, unfortunately.
DH:  If he is.  I bet he's f@#$cking not.  I bet he's lying.
MIL:  DD wouldn't f@#$ng tell me.  She knows what a hot head I am.
DH:  If he is.  I bet he's not.  I bet he's f@#$king lying.  I bet if you f@#$cking drove down his road on some days, you'd find his car parked outside her house.  I bet he's not working there at all.
MIL:  You can park at XXX.  Shhhhhhhh!  We got some good bargains there (followed by indistinguishable speech).
DH:  Well, good bargains.  How does that voucher work for the prawns?
MIL:  £1.50.
DH:  In some ways, you're better off doing that than getting a packet you don't want.
MIL:  But, if there (indistinguishable speech), you're better off buying that.
DH:  Yeah, I know.  But, when there isn't.
  The call is ended by the calling party.
  The holiday that I paid for:  $1,500
  The run-around car I bought:  $2,500
  The new windows for our home:  $3,000
  The holiday in the Seychelles that I'm paying for:  $3,500
  The deposit on the wedding breakfast:  $800
  Two incompetent telecom professionals who can't operate the off switch on their mobile phone:  PRICELESS!

        Signed - PRICELESS!

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mother-in-law stories bd10358.gif
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