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Acronyms We Know - Translate an acronym or two.
MIL Poetry - Links to MIL poetry, pro-MIL and anti-MIL
Mailing List - Do we have a mailing list?
Story Response - How do I respond to a story?
Reply To A Response - Can I respond to a response?
Story Posting Lag Time - How long after I submit my story will it be posted?
My Story Never Showed - I've waited and I still do not see my story.  Why?
My Story Was Edited - Why are parts missing from my story?
Emoticons - what are those funny looking character strings like :-) for?
Links & Pictures - how do I post a link or a picture?
Trouble Logging In - why can't I log in?
Cookies and Java - Do I need to enable cookies and Java scripts?
My Question Is Not Covered Here - use this form to send us your question.

Acronyms We Know
ail aunt-in-law
aims am i making sense (introduced by Rosie on message board)
bf boyfriend or best friend
bfp big fat positive (on pregnancy testing - confirmed pregnancy)
bil brother-in-law
brb be right back
bm birth mom
bmil birth mother-in-law
bwds Brain Washing DIL Society, ie DILs who TOTALLY brainwash their DHs (according to MIL dearest) into ignoring their family, parents, siblings or finally showing DHs what @sses their family really is and letting DHs make their own decision to cut them off.
cbf cat butt face
cil cousin-in-law
d_ d followed by another acronym usually means dear or darling (for example dgd means dear granddaughter)
db dear boyfriend or dear brother
dc dear children
dd dear/darling daughter
df dear father or dear fiance
dg dear girlfriend
dh dear/darling husband
dhrh dog house residing husband
dil daughter-in-law
dila daughter-in-law avenger - an open to all "club" developed on this site
dm dear mother
dn dear niece/nephew
dp dear parents
ds dear/darling son
dsd dear stepdaughter
dsf dear stepfather
dsm dear stepmother
dss dear stepson
duh means DH (dear husband) - when not terribly thrilled with the intelligence level displayed by DH, he sometimes then gets referred to as DuH
dw dear/darling wife
e_ evil, so esil = evil sister-in-law (though, may also mean eldest, in which case see o_)
eta edited to add
f_ future (see fmil for example)
fh future husband
fil father-in-law or future in-laws
fm flying monkey (this is a Wizard of Oz reference)
flying monkey family member that MIL controls (Wizard of Oz reference)
fmil future mother-in-law
fmmil free meal mother-in-law
foo family of origin
fw future wife
g_ golden (see gbil for example)
gbil golden brother-in-law
gd granddaughter
gf girlfriend (or could be grandfather)
gfil grandfather-in-law
gm grandmother
gmil grandmother-in-law
gs grandson
gsil golden sister-in-law
h husband
h_ honorary (hfil honorary father-in-law, possibly a male living with MIL)
hth hope this helps
iirc if i remember correctly
il in-law
imho in my humble opinion
imo in my opinion
ita i totally agree (or I tend to agree)
jk just kidding
kwim know what i mean
lmao laughing my *ss off
lo little one
lol laughing out loud
mil mother-in-law
moo mother of origin
n narcissistic
nmil narcissistic mother-in-law
nb "nota bene" - note this well - take special note
npd narcissistic personality disorder
nt no text (for message board - warns reader not to click header looking for further text in the body).
nli not logged in
o_ o followed by an acronym usually means Older or Oldest (for example, ODD is Older Dear Daughter).
obil older brother-in-law
odd oldest dear daughter
ods oldest dear son
omfg oh my f***ing god
omg oh my god
op original poster (the one who started the thread)
osil older sister-in-law
ot off topic
otoh on the other hand
pa passive aggressive
pda public display of affection
pil parent-in-law
pita pain in the @ss
rofl rolling on (the) floor laughing
roflmao rolling on (the) floor laughing my *ss off
sahm stay at home mom
sil sister-in-law (not typically used for son-in-law)
stb_ stb followed by an acronym usually means "soon to be" (for example, stbxh is soon to be ex-husband)
s_ s followed by an acronym usually means Step (for example, SFIL is step father-in-law)
smil step mother-in-law
tmi too much information
ttc trying to concieve
ttfn ta-ta for now (good-bye)
ttyl talk to you later
uil uncle-in-law
wtf what the f??k
wth what the he!!
x-? x as a prefix to any number of abbreviations represents the "ex-" prefix.  For example, x-mil would mean ex-mother-in-law (a mother-in-law from a previous marriage).
ydd younger or youngest dear daughter
yds younger or youngest dear son
y_ y followed by an acronym usually means Youngest or Younger (for example, YDD is Younger Dear Daughter).

mother-in-law stories bd10358_.gif

  Where can I find poetry on mothers-in-law?

A:  Before we get to the links, please understand, we have to say the following:
1) We are not endorsing any of the sites.  They simply are sites we know carry the poems.
2) Please check with each site individually to determine how to obtain legal copies of the poem without violating copyright laws.
3) This list is not comprehensive - it is simply those of which we are aware.  If you know of others, by all means, please let us know.

Here are the links with PRO MIL poetry.

The last two links are basically the same poem.

Here are the links with ANTI MIL poetry:
(look for the 6th posting on the page)
(look for the last posting on the page)
(look for the last posting on the page)

mother-in-law stories bd10358_.gif

Do you have a mailing list?

A. Yes.  On every story entry type page (story entry, story response entry, help question entry, Dr. Apter Question entry, etc.) we provide you with the opportunity to provide an e-mail address and sign up for our mailing list.  Note, you can provide an e-mail and NOT sign up for our mailing list (in fact, that is the default) if you just want to allow us the opportunity to communicate directly with you about your submission (should we have questions).   Please review our Privacy Policy to assure yourself that we will never share your e-mail address with any third party, and you can remove your e-mail address from the list at any time.

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How does one give a response to any story?

A. Responses can be submitted using the story response link found beneath each story.   If the response link is not there, the story has aged sufficiently and responses are no longer being accepted.

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I want to respond to one of the printed responses to a story - can I reply to that reply??

A: We now handle responses via the message board, so any amount of response activity can be handled.

In the past, we directly managed and posted responses to the same page on which the story was posted. For those pages, once responses had been accumulated and published, we were done with that particular page.  If you wish to respond further, please submit your reply using the new story entry page (story entry page).  Please be sure to clearly reference the story/response you are referring to by mentioning the "signature" line of the story exactly, as well as the date posted..

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When a MIL story is entered, how long before it appears?

A: We do our best to get to stories as soon as possible, and this is very dependent on the volume of stories submitted.  Our apologies, but the lag time can occasionally be months.  We have both the pleasures and the growing pains of rapid growth. We are constantly upgrading the site (often in ways that cannot be seen) in an effort to make this process more efficient so we can get to them sooner.

mother-in-law stories bd10358_.gif

I've waited months and I still do not see my story.  Where is it?

A: We may not have received it (computer glitch).  Or, if we did receive it, we may have determined it inappropriate to be posted.  If you feel the material was suitable for posting, please resubmit your story in an email to us at and request feedback from us.  If there was a problem, we'll be happy to explain it to you.  And, thank you for your patience.

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You published my story, but there are parts missing.  What happened?

A: There are several possible explanations.  The removed part may have been offensive.  The part may have been removed to protect people's anonymity.  Or, it is possible that we did not receive the missing part.  It is unfortunate, but from time to time a computer glitch will cause a story to arrive missing a piece of text.  If you feel the material was suitable for posting, please resubmit your story by email to and provide explanation to what was missing.  If you want us to provide feedback to you, please let us know.

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How do I post a Picture?  How do I post a Link?

A: The answer is the same.  First, it must be an appropriate thing to post (needed for the story, not soliciting, etc.).  Then, if it is a picture, it must already exist on the internet somewhere that can be accessed via a URL (web address).  One popular place with our readers is (not an endorsement - just an observation)  Always start the link or picture URL with "http://".  The software will pick up on this and know what to do from there.  If you have a very lengthy URL for a link, please visit and convert the lengthy URL into a tiny one.

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  In a lot of the postings I have noticed different symbols such as :)  What does this mean and is there somewhere I can go to check out a list of them: if such a thing exists?

A:  These strange keystrokes (sometimes called emoticons) are meant to display the writer's emotions.  They always require you to tilt your head 90 degrees to the left (as if you were laying down on your left side).  As seen from that angle, the keystrokes suddenly make more sense.  In the particular one you mention, :) , you see a smiling face (2 eyes and the mouth).  Often, the nose is included so it looks like this  :-)  The fun part comes when you try to add a flare of creativity to see just how expressive you can get.  New ones emerge every day, such as the sly wink  ; )  and the surprise (or laughter)  :-o .  There are a tremendous number of web sites devoted to collecting complete listing.  One of the more extensive listings can be found at .  On the lighter side (good for a laugh) you may also want to take a look at Dave Barry's collection at

mother-in-law stories bd10358_.gif

  I am having trouble logging in.

A:  First, check the simple things.  Is CAPS LOCK on?  Is something leaning on the keyboard pressing a key?  Are you sure of your password?  Try requesting a new password - it will be emailed to the address you registered with us, and you can change it later.  Look at the next question on this page and determine if you have the correct settings for cookies and java.

Are you using a firewall, or other security?  Be certain that both of the following addresses are set up as "friendly" sites:
Please be sure this is handled everywhere it must be addressed.  In Norton, for example, some users had a problem with the Privacy Controls, not the Firewall.  So, try disabling the Privacy Control.

ONE MORE THING - from the "this just happened to us" files - We recently found ourselves unable to log on to our own message board.  The culprit?  Our PC has an XP operating system, and, apparently, DS was playing the Spider Solitaire game under his own login on this same PC.  He managed to switch off the ID at the point that a dialogue box was requesting an answer whether he wanted to deal again or not.  We fixed everything by closing him out of that and then rebooting.  Our best guess - this dialogue box took some sort of lock on a cookies or java related process that then prevented our cookies or java from operating properly.

So, please make sure that all other IDs that have access to the same PC, have nothing running.  Easiest way is to simply reboot.  If other IDs have something running, it will warn you of it.  If so, please log on to those IDs to be sure whatever is running gets shut down (you cannot be certain a reboot will take care of it).  Then reboot and try again.  That is what worked for us.

And, finally, as one reader put it, "If it's not that, the very nice webmasters will walk thru helping you if you e-mail them.  You could also look at some of the old posts in 'Contact Moderators' and see if the suggestions help."

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Do I need to enable cookies and Java to use your site?

A: In a word, yes.  For most people, your browser is already set to do this and so it is not a problem.  If you are having troubles with this, here is how to set it properly:

If the above table says your browser does not have Java enabled, then please see your browser's help function for instructions on turning on Java

To turn cookies on for your machine:
* PC
o Internet Explorer 4 Go to View ... Internet Options ... Scroll down to Cookies and be sure that "Accept all cookies" is selected.
o Internet Explorer 5 Go to Tools ... Internet Options ... Security ... Custom Level ... scroll down to Cookies and be sure that "Allow per-session cookies (not stored)" is enabled.
o Internet Explorer 6 Go to Tools ... Internet Options ... Privacy ... Advanced ... Make sure "Override automatic cookie handling" is checked, then check "Accept" for both "First-Party Cookies" and "Third-Party Cookies" and click "OK."
o Netscape 4.6x Go to Edit ... Preferences ... Advanced and be sure the box that says "Accept all cookies" is checked.
o Netscape 6.x (Mozilla 1.0) Go to Edit ... Preferences ... Privacy & Security ... Cookies and be sure the box that says "Accept all cookies" is checked.
* Mac
o Internet Explorer 4.1 Go to Edit ... Preferences ... Cookies ... and set for "When receiving cookies" the choice, "Never ask" then click "OK."
o Internet Explorer 4.5 Go to Edit ... Preferences ... Receiving Files ... Cookies ... From the "When receiving cookies" drop-down menu, click to select "Ask for each site" and accept motherinlawstories or choose "Never Ask" to accept cookies from all servers. Click "OK."
o Netscape 4.5 Go to Edit ... Preferences ... Advanced and be sure the box that says "Accept all cookies" is checked. Click "OK."
o Netscape 4.61 Go to Edit ... Preferences ... Advanced ... Select"Accept all cookies." Click "OK."

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