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September 2001
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Worst gift: Posted: 16-AUG-01
Last Christmas, which was just before my DH and I were married, I received a tiny package from future MIL.  I am always shocked and amazed when I get anything from her.  She calls herself a Christian, and has signed us up to receive some sort of Christian magazine (which DH and I throw out every month), but she is extremely hateful to me.  So, here's this package.  I love the wrapping paper, so I comment as such - all the while she's watching me.  I proceeded to open the package.  It was a little clock.  I opened the plastic bubble it was in, and I found out that it was a little plastic clock that was broken to boot.  I made a point to gush over it so as not to suggest how nauseated I was by her blatant ignorance.  Later, she quietly walked over to her son and handed him a card.  In it was a check for fifty dollars.  He refused to show it to me at his mom's.  He tried to tell me that she has no money.  She has plenty of money, just no class.  Yes, I am grateful that she got me something, as she didn't have to get me anything.  However, it's just a bit too obvious.

        Signed - Fascinated By My MIL - What Will She Do Next?

RESPONSE:  Fascinated By My MIL - What Will She Do Next?
Posted: 25-AUG-01
I also received a nicely wrapped package from my MIL.  Inside were dollar store trash bags!  What's up with these women?

RESPONSE:  Fascinated By My MIL - What Will She Do Next?
Posted: 25-AUG-01
Remind me not to gush the next time I receive a cr@ppy, tasteless, thoughtless present from MIL.  I'm no longer going to encourage thoughtless gestures.  As I've learned from this site, it IS the thought- or lack thereof- that counts.

RESPONSE:  Fascinated By My MIL - What Will She Do Next?
Posted: 25-AUG-01
I realize you have more troubles with this MIL than just her giving you a broken gift, but I thought I would just offer up a thought about that.  You would know more than I if there was a chance that she didn't know that it was broken.  My mom has done that, and so have I - to our mortification when the recipient opened the gift.  That will teach us to check the item in a particular box next time!  However, assuming she knew, I like the idea that you gushed about the wrapping and the gift.  I swear, they live to see us hurt, and you handled it beautifully.  What I would do the next time she gives you something broken is to gush like you did before, then stop and say something like, "Oh, NO!!  It's broken!  They sold you a broken one!!" and hold it out to her.  I would love to see her face!!  LOL!  I wonder what she would do?

RESPONSE:  Fascinated By My MIL - What Will She Do Next?
Posted: 11-SEP-01
I feel the same way the second respondent described.  I think it's OK when you get a shockingly lousy gift to just say a polite, dignified "Thank you", with no gushing.  You might as well preserve your own integrity.  She knows darn well she gave us a lousy gift (unless she's truly gift-giving impaired), and she might respect us even more if we don't gush about something obviously awful.  I know there's a lot of pressure on us to gush (everyone is watching us as we open the gifts).  I think that's a lot better than to act sulky, offended, or to be rude (no matter how awful the gifts are!).  Although as awful as some of the gifts described here have been, it's almost impossible not to let our horror show!

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