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February 2002
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Worst gift:  The first Christmas gift that my MIL ever gave me was a set of cocktail napkins with the "anti" sign with the word "whining" inside of it.  Get it????  "No Whining".  What was she trying to say?  It was weird, too, because I had barely known her.  And, I thought she sounded nice on the phone the VERY FEW times that I had spoken with her.  Thankfully, she lives 3 states away!!!

        Signed - Married to Brad Pitt, But In-laws with Lizzie Borden

RESPONSE:  Married to Brad Pitt, But In-laws with Lizzie Borden
Well, at the next opportunity you have for a family dinner where MIL would be present (be it a holiday dinner, or otherwise, since you live 3 states away), I'd be sure to save those napkins, and put them out at everyone's place setting at the table.  When the questions start flying as to what the "anti and whining" statements were supposed to mean, I'd cordially mention that they were a gift from MIL that you couldn't bare to go to waste, and you were wondering what they meant, too.  Let her explain then.  LOL.

RESPONSE:  Married to Brad Pitt, But In-laws with Lizzie Borden
Wow, that is one awful gift, no matter how you look at it.  It's either really ditsy and inconsiderate, or she's giving some passive-aggressive message.  I guess the absolute best spin you could put on it is that she didn't give it any thought at all, but thought you'd think it was funny.  But Jeez!

Worst gift:  Although this is about my grandmother, for various reasons she has come to be known to me primarily as my mother's mother-in-law.  So, this is written on my mother's behalf.  For most of my life, my grandparents gave us used gifts.  And not just used gifts, awful ones.  These have included tacky plastic clip on earrings (I'm pierced, and those are painful!) from garage sales and thrift stores, awful gaudy costume jewelry, and used clothes for both her DIL and granddaughter, and stained used clothes.  And, before you muster up sympathy for a woman scrounging for gifts, their assets top 7 digits.  Thankfully, she graduated to cash (not because cash is the best present, but because we stopped having junk accumulating around the house).  For my parents 25 year anniversary, they gave them $25.  And, that was the best it got.  My mother is perennially pissed at the $15 she gives her grandchildren (both over 21) each year.  What bothered me was that it was stuck, without card, in a bank envelope.  It's not that we ever got anything but leftover cards from the 70's, but seeing "Happy Xmas" squeezed in to the top corner above "X Federal Savings Bank" was the clincher.  For my parents 33rd anniversary present this year, they got $20.  I think I know why, though.  After 33 years, the will is still carefully designed to exclude my mother in case my parents get divorced.  Perhaps they are confusing my parents with my uncle, who is now courting his third wife.  The sum wouldn't bother me so much, if it were not so sharply contrasted by my future in-laws.  By comparison, they have very little money, and are hovering near the poverty level due to long illness.  Even so, they often go out of their way to get me a present which is always in the right size and is my favorite color.  But, this year, they got me $50 that they made me swear to spend on clothing, because all their shopping had not brought forth something they deemed worthy.  When my grandparent's other grandchild, just starting out, got me a very thoughtful present, perfectly suited to my needs, and costing twice what my grandparents had collectively given me, it was interesting to see my grandmother scurry into her bedroom to give me some used plastic earrings.

        Signed - Eternally Grateful For My Own FIL's

RESPONSE:  Eternally Grateful For My Own FIL's
I was really interested to read your post - heartwarming to read of your future ILs.  Sorry about your grandmother.  She sounds like a real penny-pincher.

RESPONSE:  Eternally Grateful For My Own FIL's
We could almost be related!!  When we got married, my ILs changed their wills to accommodate any future children of DH, etc., etc.  They also put in a clause stating that, in the event of our splitting (in their dreams!), I would not have claim to anything.  Don't get me wrong, I don't care what they do with their money.  And, I wish they'd go and blow the lot rather than keep on telling me that it will all be mine one day.  The inference being that I only married their son to get my hands on their money.  What really gets to me is that they feel the need to keep harping on about their wills, money, etc.  As far as I'm concerned, it's their business, no one else's.  My parents are like your FILs - they don't have much, just about make ends meet, but they are always generous and kind.  I always feel that we could turn to them for help and support.  Oh, and while they have made wills, they choose not to bang on about what's in them!!

RESPONSE:  Eternally Grateful For My Own FIL's
Some people are just cheap.  They may have a 7 digit income, but a poor, miserable mentality.  And, they will never know the joy of giving.  I'd chalk them up to experience to learn from it (i.e., resolve to never be like that when you're they're age!).

Worst gift:  As usual, I do all the gift buying in our little family, including buying for DH's side.  I usually ask if there's anything in particular that the person wants for their birthday/Christmas etc.  Sometimes, people (with the exception of MIL) give me ideas, which I find really helpful.  It's a difficult task to come up with something different each time the event rolls around.  And so to help out the other gift buyers, I try to make a list of what I would find useful when it's my birthday or Christmas.  I make it clear that nobody has to choose from the list if they would prefer not to, it doesn't bother me if they don't.  As mentioned, MIL always tells me that she either doesn't want anything (yeah right!) or that she's easy to buy for (rat poison springs to mind!!).  It really pisses me off that she can be so difficult.  So, one particular year, I thought I would go without my list and see what she ended up buying me.  Well, amongst other things, the gift that really stands out is my toilet roll holder with teddy bears painted on the front.  Woo Hoo!!!!!!  I didn't know whether to laugh or cry at that one!  Every time I go into our toilet, I'm reminded of her.  I swear she's a witch in disguise.

        Signed - She Never Ceases To Amaze Me!

RESPONSE:  She Never Ceases To Amaze Me!
Well, maybe that is a good thing that you are reminded of your MIL every time you go use the bathroom.  That is probably where she belongs.  She is a piece of cr@p!  LOL!

RESPONSE:  She Never Ceases To Amaze Me!
I have the same problem with my MIL.  Gift certificates - lots and lots of gift certificates.  I usually get them for her to go out to eat at a place which might contribute to her high cholesterol.  God forgive me.  LOL

RESPONSE:  She Never Ceases To Amaze Me!
That's funny.  Every time I go into our toilet, I'm also reminded of my MIL, although she's never given us a gift for the bathroom.  I think it's just because she's full of - well, you know.  J.

Worst gift:  First of all, I have to say that this is not to demean my FIL in any way.  I spent the past Christmas at my SIL's house, with my DH and my IL's for the first time.  My FIL always chooses his gifts separately from his wife, so we got some gifts from FIL and some from MIL.  As for MIL, she spent more on me than probably anyone else that year, which made me very uncomfortable.  It was almost like she was trying to buy me over, especially since I had only seen/talked with her two or three times prior to Christmas.  Getting on to the gift, though, MIL had told DH that we would be very surprised, and we would really like what FIL was giving us.  We opened it up - it was a two foot high bird made completely of metal strips.  I tend to show all my emotions on my face, while DH was exclaiming how much he liked it.  I just about died inside, trying to hold the laughter in.  It was the funniest thing ever.  To top it off, SIL's toddler came over and started poking at it, calling it fish.  It was so hard to keep a straight face, and I didn't want to make a bad impression.  Luckily, the camcorder batteries ran out just before we opened our gifts.  It stays in the guest room.

        Signed - This One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

RESPONSE:  This One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Could the metal bird be yard-art?  Do you have a house with a garden?  I've seen a lot of those metal sculptures that are meant to be put out in your yard, with plants sort of twining through or around them, and they look really neat.  Give it a try out there in the summer.

Worst gift:  My MIL paid for our wedding pictures for our Xmas present.  She was to pay for the pictures anyway.  Merry Xmas!!!

        Signed - She Was To Pay For The Pictures Anyway

Worst gift:  My MIL is always buying me a lot of presents.  Every time I see her, she gives me a present and then she goes to her family and friends and tells them that she has to buy me things because I am greedy, and otherwise I won't let her see her son.  She harasses me and harasses me for a Christmas list.  But, the one time I gave her a suggestion, she told everyone that I was demanding that she buy me things.  Everything she buys me is something I don't want and didn't ask for, but she tells her sisters and family that she is going broke trying to buy me off.  She invites me out to dinner.  But if I go, she says I am forcing her to take me out to dinner and she can't afford to take me out - but what can she do?  It is just "the mother in her" trying to get close to me.  Then, her family gets all mad and gives me sh!t, saying that I am breaking up their family just because "we didn't buy you the right thing".  I am allergic to peanuts.  My MIL is always buying me candy and making a big deal about how she checked it for peanuts, and I never have to worry about eating anything she gives me because she always checks for peanuts.  Well, for Valentines Day, she had a big box of all peanut candy delivered.

        Signed - Going Nutty

RESPONSE:  Going Nutty
From now on, do not accept any of these gifts or offers from your MIL.  That way, she can't turn any of her words around to benefit her.  What does your DH say about this behavior?  I would cut her out of my life if I were you.  Good luck.

Worst gift:  For Christmas, my MIL gave my husband a check (in his name only) for $500.  My check was for $50.00.  Now, the amount does not matter - I would have been happy to receive a check for $5.00 for the two of us (if both of our names had been on the check).  The fact that she had to give us each such a different amount on separate checks really hurt my feelings.  After years of subtle insults and put downs from my MIL - I no longer have anything to do with her, and neither does my husband.

        Signed - Another Subtle Insult

RESPONSE:  Another Subtle Insult
Good for you!  Exclude her out of your life if she can't see you and DH as equals.  What a witch.

Worst gift:  My MIL never thought I was good enough for her son.  I'm from the wrong side of the tracks.  She and my SIL actually had enough nerve to say that our daughter wasn't my DH's.  Anyway, last Christmas I received 2 books from darling MIL.  One was a book on "How to be Grateful", and the other was "How to be Giving".  I guess I'm just not grateful or giving enough for her.  Needless to say, she didn't get a thank you note for them.  Also, she shops for my kids at discount department stores (because we "are used to that, and shouldn't expect any better"), but ALWAYS buys SIL's family name brand, expensive clothing (because they need to "keep up appearances").

        Signed - Insulted And Not Gonna Read The Books

RESPONSE:  Insulted And Not Gonna Read The Books
Start now, and don't give your MIL anything ever again.  Show her what a b!tch she really is, and give up on trying to please her with gifts.  What does your DH say about all this cr@p?  I would cut her out of my life completely if I were you.  Good luck.

Worst gift:  My relationship with my MIL has been rocky since I married her son, but it hit a new low at Christmas.  I have been working hard to lose weight, and have lost over 80 pounds.  For Christmas, MIL gave me the popular indoor family size grill.  I was thrilled, until I got home and opened it.  When I was looking at it, I found something sticky under the handle, and realized it was grease.  It turns out that she had bought it during the summer, and used it until Christmas.  Then, she cleaned it up, wrapped it, and gave it to me.  She also left the receipt taped to the bottom of the box.  My DH got one flannel shirt (which he will never wear), while the BILs got new BBQ grills, and the SILs got new denim jackets, silver earrings, and bracelets.  My DH said that's the last Christmas we will ever have to spend at MIL's!!

        Signed - No More Xmas's For Me

Worst gift:  Hello, Everyone!  I've been reading these stories for a while now.  Some were sort of funny, some were very painful.  Anyway, this is a gift story.  My boyfriend's (of 3 years) mom bought him a birthday present, and said, "This is for you and your girlfriend."  I was standing right there.  The present was a new hard disk for his computer.  For Xmas, she gave me some pretty things for my hair that 10 year old girls use (bought at the dollar store).  I am 43.  I always bought her things she likes, and they cost a lot.  Once, she took me out to lunch, bought me a 2 dollar burger, and said, "Well, now you cannot say that I never bought you lunch."  Plus, she had the nerve to boast to her son about doing it.

        Signed - She Had The Nerve To Boast To Her Son

RESPONSE:  She Had The Nerve To Boast To Her Son
She's cheap, and proud of it, it sounds like.

Worst gift:  The worst gift I have ever received (which just so happened to come from MIL) could have actually been a really nice gift.  I was due to have a baby in the first part of January, so for Christmas MIL decided that she would buy me a really nice gown to wear in the hospital.  First of all, let me just say that I am very cold by nature, and it would be during the middle of winter.  Plus, hospitals are usually cold.  So, I had already picked out a couple of sets of warm PJs, and my mom had purchased them for me already as a shower gift a couple months before.  Anyway, I was at the in-law's for Christmas and MIL handed me my gift.  Everyone stopped to watch me (at MIL's request).  Well, I opened it up, and in the box was a silk, leopard skin see-through gown.  It had thin spaghetti straps, the back was open all the way to my waistline, the front was low cut and had a "hole" in the top center.  The gown was long, but both sides were slit to my hips.  Of course, when you are pregnant, your breasts tend to grow a little, and this gown (actually lingerie) did not fully cover me because the "hole" would gape open, and the sides were meant to show a little "skin".  Don't forget, it is see-through!  She also purchased a robe with it, because she said she knew I was often cold.  Well, the robe was also see-through, and it had short-sleeves.  It was actually a nice looking set (for a honeymoon), but there was no way I was going to wear it in the hospital after having my baby.  I waited until she came to the hospital (I even took the trashy thing), and told her that I tried it on and it wouldn't fit, so I had to wear something else.  She got so mad at me, and popped off, that I could just have the receipt and take it back if I hated it so much.  It is still in a box under my dresser at home.

        Signed - Leopard Mommy

RESPONSE:  Leopard Mommy
What a Loon!!  What were you supposed to do?  Flash everyone in the maternity ward??  Personally, I wouldn't/couldn't wear it for a romantic evening - not from a MIL like yours.  I would take her up on returning it, and get something appropriate.  Maybe then she will learn.

RESPONSE:  Leopard Mommy
My response to my MIL would have been something like, " Gee, I can't wait to have this baby and slim my body so that my husband can see me in this.  This is so nice, I can't wait for hubby to see me in this."  Then tell MIL, "Thank you, this will be nice to wear for my husband."

RESPONSE:  Leopard Mommy
First of all, that's just creepy.  The last thing I want is my own mom buying me lingerie.  But my MIL?  Gross!  What was that woman thinking?  Yuk!  You were too polite!

RESPONSE:  Leopard Mommy
She probably got it for herself for some big night of seduction - and got stood up or rejected.  This sounds suspiciously like a pass-it-on gift!  Or, she's incredibly insensitive.  Or, she is full of spite, and wants to get a "message" through - perhaps that your "sexiness" got her son to get you, ahem, in the "family way".  She sounds obsessive.  Yuck!

RESPONSE:  Leopard Mommy
Good Lord!  What did your DH say about this nonsense?  Surely, since she was a mother, she knows that a woman can't wear something like that after having a baby.  She is just stupid, or needs help.  I think I would have laughed at her and said, "MIL, did you forget to take your medication again?" or I would have said something like, "MIL, you are mistaken.  This is what I wore the night the baby was conceived."  Maybe that comment would have embarrassed her so much that she would never try to be "helpful" again in getting you clothes.  I say, throw away the gown.  You can't wear it now for a romantic night with your DH because it would remind both of you of your MIL!  EWWWWWWWW!!!

Worst gift:  My MIL sent me a box of tampons last year.  She actually mailed it to me.  I made sure to send her a long gushing thank you note.

        Signed - Box Of Tampons

RESPONSE:  Box Of Tampons
What a truly thoughtful gift!  I think you should reciprocate with a box of douche.  I think that is what the etiquette experts would suggest.;-).

RESPONSE:  Box Of Tampons
OHMYGOODNESS!!  I liked your reaction, BTW.  LOL!  But, it may be time for the "Geriatric Basket" for this MIL.  Take a basket, put some Easter grass in it, then put in some gifts for her - like wrinkle cream, wart remover, corn pads, denture cleaner, etc.  In fact, I recommend this gift to all the MILs who have given hurtful and awful gifts.J

RESPONSE:  Box Of Tampons
Maybe you should send her a package of adult diapers for her birthday or Christmas.  Or, better yet, Rogaine for Women.

RESPONSE:  Box Of Tampons
Tampons?  I can't even begin to image how to respond to something like that!  Why would ANYONE in the world give someone a gift like that?  If I got something like that, especially from someone older than me (and especially a MIL!), I would wait until her next birthday or Christmas, and give a package of adult diapers!  I mean, it makes as much sense as tampons, for crying out loud!

Worst gift:  When my husband and I got engaged, my FMIL said that she would give the glass cookware that she got for free with her microwave to us as a wedding present.

        Signed - She Got For Free

Worst gift:  For Christmas, my MIL gave me samples that she had received in the mailbox.  That was it!  She didn't even remove the envelopes or labels from them.  She just scratched out her name on the front, and wrapped them in gift paper.  My husband received a pricey gift, and BIL's girlfriend received something pretty nice.  It sounds like she doesn't like me, huh? My birthday is soon.  Maybe she will wrap some coupons from the paper for me.  Oh, boy!

        Signed - Sampled DIL

The story posted right above yours, i.e. the gal who stood up to her MIL, is great advice.  Your birthday is coming soon.  Why not PRE-EMPT the b!itch and tell her "not to bother" giving you a gift, even a token one?  Be sure to tell your DH before you do this.  Say what you have to say in front of him (on the phone is fine - but keep it on speakerphone so she can't put words into your mouth later), and tell him why you don't want gifts from her.  He may, in a private moment when she's pissing him off, bring it up.  And, either she'll get pissed (who cares?), or she'll decide to give you gifts that don't insult.

Worst gift:  The worst present my MIL (should be "outlaw") gave me was a used t-shirt that she has worn many times.  She has even worn it in front of me!

        Signed - Obedient DIL To A Domineering MIL

Worst gift:  I have so many horror stories about my in-laws that I don't even know where to start.  One year before I was married, I developed papillary cancer of the thyroid and had to have an operation to remove my thyroid.  I didn't receive a get well card or even a kind word from my husband's family.  They knew what I was going through, and we had already been dating for over two years at this time.  Since the thyroid regulates your metabolism, this caused me to gain weight.  I went from a dress size six to a ten.  I have a SIL who is very weight conscious and works out all the time (my husband tells me she was a heavy teenager).  She makes snide comments about overweight people all the time.  She also gets this from her mother, my MIL.  This Xmas she gave me a size extra large, sleeveless, thin, see-through, knitted blouse made out of a net like material.  I didn't know how to react, so I just said, "Thanks," and placed it back in the box without trying it on.  I have gained weight, but I still fit a size medium or large.  It was not necessary to purchase a size extra large.  I know that it was her snide way of telling me to lose weight.  I eat a balanced diet and run at least 2 miles, three times a week.  My health is more important to me than my dress size, and I am not about to let her project her own insecurities unto me.  Luckily, my husband was with me when I went to exchange it.  He was able to hear the salesperson say, "I can't believe how ugly some of the things we carry are."  P.S.  The blouse only costs $9.99 and my SIL drives an expensive, imported car, and wears only designer clothes.

        Signed - Too Numb to Care

RESPONSE:  Too Numb to Care
At any rate, anyone who acts like this to anyone suffering from a health related problem, or any weight problem at all, should be disdained.  Every normal human being would be ashamed to be caught acting like that in the middle of the night, let alone in the presence of all the family at Xmas.  Cheer up!  Do not let boars give you pains.

Worst gift:  My MIL always stocked up her goodies (abalone, expensive cookies, chocolates, etc.) in her cupboard, which she claims will make useful gifts when she is in a hurry.  But, these goodies never seem to be given away!  This afternoon, with a number of relatives around, she was extremely generous in giving out her goodies to my sons.  We later found out that they had expired more than a year ago!

        Signed - Expired!

RESPONSE:  Expired!
OH MY GOD!  THIS IS MY STORY!!!  You know what I do?  I inadvertently leave the box of "goodies" on the toilet seat at some point during our departure.  As if to say, "Get the clue", this stuff belongs in the toilet with the rest of the @%&*.  A few times I have made a b-line for the expiration date and mentioned that the "goodies" were old, and that I thought I saw mold on them.  What do these MILs THINK????  How BIZARRE!!!!

Worst gift:  My MIL often offers us junky stuff, and brings old and sometimes unsafe baby items for my baby daughter.  This is not heirloom or family hand me downs, but stuff from garage sales and junk heaps.  I should say that they are reasonably well off, and have several houses, etc.  She once offered to sell us her 12 year old car.  She said that it leaked exhaust, so you could smell it in the back seat.  And, the hatchback tailgate tended to fall suddenly.  I refused the offer, pointing out that it wasn't a desirable thing for us, as we had a new baby who sits in the back seat.  And, I do not want her breathing exhaust or having the tailgate slam on her head.  But, this incident annoyed me.  She should have thought about our needs as a young family, and simply not offered the car to us.  The whole offer sounded like, "this car is not good enough for us, but is good enough for you."  Sigh.

        Signed - Not Good Enough For Us, But Good Enough For You

RESPONSE:  Not Good Enough For Us, But Good Enough For You
I know exactly what you are talking about.  When DH and I were buying our house, his lovely parents tried to talk us out of the house we wanted by saying that it was too nice for such a young couple.  We should have settled for some cr@p shack instead, because they had to at our age.  Heaven forbid we do better than that.  Also, now MIL is trying to pawn off her junky old furniture on us so she can buy new.  No thank you!  I know exactly what you are talking about.

RESPONSE:  Not Good Enough For Us, But Good Enough For You
And, on top of it, she didn't OFFER it to you, she offered to SELL it!  What a cheap, nasty b!tch.  Avoid at all costs.

Worst gift:  My MIL is a complete nut.  And if her antics weren't so hysterical, they would be quite sad.  For Christmas this year, she gave me a sprinkler.  It was shaped like a sunflower, and still had the 75 cent mark down sticker on it.  Before I even had it completely unwrapped and knew what it was, she started bragging about how she got it even cheaper than that!  I was stunned, but I started laughing my butt off when I looked at it, her, my equally stunned husband, and my SNOW covered front yard!  I think that she was trying to say something, huh?  Ha,ha,ha.

        Signed - Sprinkled Upon Again - ha,ha,ha

RESPONSE:  Sprinkled Upon Again - ha,ha,ha
You have a good sense of humor.  It sounds like your MIL needs psychotropic medication.  Not unlike mine!  Thanks for the laugh!!!

RESPONSE:  Sprinkled Upon Again - ha,ha,ha
I think your reaction was the best.  Whatever her reason for that gift, you showed it didn't "get" to you.  Way to go!!

Worst gift:  Both my MIL and SIL are slightly nuts, but that's a different story.  I don't know how my hubby turned out so wonderfully.  Anyway, for Christmas, he always buys lots of presents for his sister and BIL, and totally spoils his nieces.  What did he get last year from them?  A CD.  But not just any CD!  You see, hubby has been looking for a certain version of his (very hard to find) favorite song from when he was younger.  So, his sister burned the song onto a CD.  Yes, a CD with one song on it.  And, guess what?  It wasn't even the right song!  My bad gift was from his mother.  Hubby is 41 and I'm 28.  It's a pretty big age gap, but it doesn't bother us one bit.  So, what did dear old MIL get me?  All in one box, I got:  Crayons, markers, a pad of colored construction paper, and a pad of tracing paper.  All were from the dollar store.  And, the funny thing is that she likes me!

        Signed - Can't Figure Them Out For The Life of Me!

RESPONSE:  Can't Figure Them Out For The Life of Me!
I think a crayoned Thank-You card is in order.  And, I hope she never gets to the point where she doesn't like you.

RESPONSE:  Can't Figure Them Out For The Life of Me!
Are you sure she likes you??  The gift appears to be saying something about your age.

RESPONSE:  Can't Figure Them Out For The Life of Me!
Well, it's great that she likes you, anyway.  Maybe they're just gift-giving impaired.  Some people are incredibly lousy at giving gifts.  If they're nice in other ways, that's great!  The only bad thing is when people are actually trying to be mean when they give gifts.  If you don't sense that, you're probably ok!  Maybe your MIL thought you might like to do some creative stuff, but didn't have a clue!!

RESPONSE:  Can't Figure Them Out For The Life of Me!
I think you are wrong in assuming she likes you.  The way I understand it, her gift was meant to tell you that you are a kid and her son is mature.  Why don't you return gift her with artificial teeth (to subtly tell her that she is old).

Worst gift:  Okay, here is a MIL from the dark side story.  For Christmas 2001, my MIL gave me a rather unique gift.  When we were sitting at her house opening the presents, she handled me mine.  It was in a medium sized box that was wrapped in cartoon paper from the Sunday comics.  I opened the box, and was in total shock and amazement.  My MIL had given me a picture in a silver picture frame.  "Not too bad" you are thinking, right?  Well, guess again.  The picture was of my husband and his first wife on their wedding day.  I was just about in tears when I looked up and saw her sitting there with a "cat that ate the canary" grin on her face.  I didn't know what to say or do, so I wrapped it back in the funny paper and pushed it to the side.  I looked at her again and asked her why THAT as a gift.  She laughed and explained that she needed me to know that the ex was still her DIL.  I got up, put my coat on, and my husband and I left.  We have not been back to see her since.  And, when she calls (got to love caller ID ), I do not answer the phone.

        Signed - The Other Daughter-In-Law

RESPONSE:  The Other Daughter-in-law
That is incredibly awful and inappropriate.  Truth is stranger than fiction!

RESPONSE:  The Other Daughter-in-law
Oh, Hon - how awful!!  I just hurt inside when I read about your MIL's absolute cruelty.  You and your DH handled it very well.  I take it that DH was upset at what his mother pulled.  Maybe he should have told her off, but at least he walked out with you.  And, you not going to see her since she pulled her nasty and uncalled-for stunt is just what she needs and deserves.  Why not consider coming over to the spam-free MIL boards?  You surely have a horrible MIL!

RESPONSE:  The Other Daughter-in-law
Unbelievable!  I am so mad for you!  What kind of decent person would do that?  Well, since your MIL isn't decent, and is a horrible human being, I guess we can't ask that question.  I would not allow her back into your house, nor would I go to her house until she apologizes with sincerity.  Since most MILs do not know how to apologize with grace (I know mine doesn't), then you will have a nice break from your in-laws.  What does your DH say about this?  My FDH has been married before, also.  If my FMIL did something like that, I would never speak to her again.  Good luck.  Keep your ground about this, and don't back off until she is sincere in her apologies.

RESPONSE:  The Other Daughter-in-law
You poor thing!  Your MIL is truly 100% evil to do something like that.  I'm glad that you and your DH walked out on her.  She has made it loud and clear what her feelings are.  Giving her the cold shoulder is what she deserves.  Thank goodness for caller id!

RESPONSE:  The Other Daughter-in-law
Okay, my husband and I have read nearly every Worst Gift story on this Board (the archives are therapeutic) and we both agree that this is the WORST gift ever.  At least your husband didn't sit there, or expect you to sit there, but there is nothing that can excuse her maliciousness.  I can't imagine the hurt and pain that she inflicted on you.  I hope your DH has agreed that holidays are not an option anymore.  You should not set yourself up for more abuse - and, he shouldn't expect you to.  If you must see her again, do it on your own turf, with your friends and family around you.  Good Luck.

RESPONSE:  The Other Daughter-in-law
What a Witch!  I would have been so tempted to smack or maybe punch that grin off her face.  If I were you, I would never speak to her again, or have any contact.  Since she doesn't consider you to be her DIL, what does it matter?  By the way, there is a lovely feature on the phone that allows you to completely block calls from coming through.  Block hers!

RESPONSE:  The Other Daughter-in-law
God Bless you.  After reading that, I would not talk to her again.  Next Christmas, I would not open her presents or even buy her a thing.  That is the ultimate in insane behavior, if you ask me.  That story infuriates me.  Remember, you are a great person, and she is the one with the problems - huge problems.  She has to live with the thought that she did that to you, and, someday, she'll have to answer for it.  What comes around, goes around.  Keep your chin up!

RESPONSE:  The Other Daughter-in-law
What a b!tch your MIL is!!  It sounds like your DH was supportive of you.  It totally serves your MIL right that you are not talking to her now.  DO NOT give in - otherwise she will "win" and will not stop her antics!!  She has a lot of nerve!!!

RESPONSE:  The Other Daughter-in-law
That is sick and evil.  My heart goes out to you.  I think you handled it very well.  For me, there would be no going back.  That would have to be the very end of that relationship, for good.  No one deserves to be treated like that.  That makes my MIL look like a saint.

RESPONSE:  The Other Daughter-in-law
I would have thrown it right at her head and said, "I see why you wrapped it in the comics - real funny, b*tch!!"

RESPONSE:  The Other Daughter-in-law
That is the worst thing I've ever heard.  You have every right never to speak to her again.  I hope your husband stands next to you on this one, forever.

RESPONSE:  The Other Daughter-in-law
HOLY COW!  I think that's the worst gift I'd ever heard of.  It takes the cake.  Good thing you left.  Don't go back.

RESPONSE:  The Other Daughter-in-law
What an evil witch!!!!!  I am glad your DH left with you.  That is just the most ugly thing I can imagine a MIL ever doing!  Kiss the b!tch good-bye, and don't even give her a second thought!

Worst gift:  Well, not even 2 weeks after receiving MIL's Christmas gift (a scarf that I wore maybe 3 times during that period), it unraveled and fell apart.  It is now in the trash.  She told me that she got the same one for my SIL.  It must have been a "2 for 1" deal at the dollar store that day

        Signed - Cheap Gifts Are Her Specialty

Worst gift:  Okay, this isn't really a MIL story from my OWN experience, but my friend's MIL gave him a gift one year that takes the cake.  It's not insulting, really.  It's just funny, more than anything else.  First of all, my friend is completely and totally bald (he shaves his head).  His MIL gave him the most thoughtful gift one year - SHAMPOO.  Enough said.

        Signed - Got A Good Laugh

RESPONSE:  Got A Good Laugh
It sounds like that particular MIL was trying to (here comes a pun or 2) "rub it in" while "getting the point across".  Poor guy.  He should reciprocate with a tube of cellulite cream, or suppositories, or ?????

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